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A young man seeks solace in the depths of a serene lake. Struggling to find his place in a dark gray world, he takes a desperate plunge into the sublime waters, hoping to drown his sorrows forever. But what he encounters beneath the surface will challenge everything he believes. Will he find the strength to rise above his struggles and sculpt a life worth cherishing? Dive into this captivating short tale of hope to fish for the key to transcending despair. ... published May 26, 2023. Copyright © 2023 Kpeddeo.

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Sublime Waters: Transcending Despair

In the fading light of the drowning sun, Alex stood amidst the gentle caress of the sea while its freezing waters lapped at his weary thighs. A young man, burdened by the weight of a gray world, he found himself entangled in a web of despair, seeking denouement within the embrace of the cold waters. The suffocating feelings of hopelessness had pushed him to undress, to surrender himself to the waves, yearning for a release that only sinking could provide. In his mind's eye, the waters beckoned him, promising an escape from the cruel realities that had plagued his existence. The flow of the tides mirrored the turmoil within his heart as a tempest of emotions crashed against the fragile shore of his soul. But just as he prepared to descend into the abyss, a vision materialized in front of him — an apparition that defied the logic of his desolate reality.

Five ethereal hands emerged from the depths, in fading rays of light. They reached out to him, their touch gentle yet firm, as they echoed to him, “Hold on, young soul, for your journey does not end here.” His eyes widened with astonishment; first in fright and then in amazement; and his despair momentarily was suspended by this preternatural intervention. As the hands enfolded him, he felt an unexplainable warmth coursing through his veins. Whispers echoed in the corners of his mind: distant whispers of encouragement and understanding. Words of compassion and wisdom echoed through the depths of his soul, piercing the veil of his despair. These eerie voices loosened the intricate tapestry of his torment, undoing the knots of his pain with patient determination, and saying, “Go back home, young man. Do not let your misery mock you, for tragedy sits and watches your dreams dive into the blues of the deep trenches of this sea. Go back home, child, go back home.”

Alexander found himself amid these conversations with apparitions that existed only in the realm of dreams. He wondered if he had knocked on the doors of the underworld way too soon. The five unearthly hands spoke of his family: the very foundation upon which his despair was built. For his kin had been a tempestuous force of distress; their expectations and judgments like storm clouds casting a perpetual shadow upon his aspirations. He had yearned for their acceptance, only to be met with scorn and indifference. It was within the familial embrace that he found the cruelest form of rejection. But through these paranormal conversations, Alex fished out a truth that swam deep within his heart. The aspirations he had kept entrenched in him and the desire to sculpt his body into a testament of strength and resilience, held a key to his salvation. Amidst the sublimity of the waters, he realized that his dreams were not mere illusions but reservoirs of hope waiting to be tapped into.

Each morning, he rose from his slumber with renewed vigor, dedicating himself to the pursuit of bodybuilding. Weights became his allies and his sweat mingled with determination as he sculpted his physique, forging a path towards self-discovery. Alex sought solace, not in the bittersweet exit of drowning, but in the strength of his own body, transcending the limitations imposed upon him. And so, the grisly vision that echoed his threnody within the depths of the sublime waters became a guiding light in his rejuvenated life. It did not turn out to be a vision of a tragic end but a testament to the buoyancy of the human spirit. And as he awakened from his slumber, a flicker of hope ignited within his chest. Those ghostly hands that had appeared so vividly were nothing but phantoms of the mind. Yet, their impact was undeniably real.

With newfound determination, Alex inhaled the moist scent of the dawn of a new day. The burdens of his past remained, but he carried them with renewed strength, knowing that his dreams had the power to transform despair into triumph. The sublime waters, once seen as a sanctuary of oblivion, became a symbol of transcendence — a reminder that within the depths of despair, hope can be found, even if it is born from the ethereal realm of visions in the middle of the night.


Alex's footsteps echoed through the hushed stillness of his bedroom as he rose from his bed, his body tingling with the remnants of the illusion. It clung to him like a whisper, urging him to embrace the possibilities that lay ahead. He glanced at his reflection in the mirror, seeing a glimmer of resolution in his eyes that had been absent for far too long. And as the sun spilled its golden rays into the room, he felt a surge of vigor course through his veins, as if the sublime waters of the timely vision had seeped into his awakened spirit, infusing it with a renewed purpose. He knew that the path ahead would be fraught with challenges, but the weight of despair no longer bore down upon him — at least, for weeks to come. So he stepped outside, greeted by the soft breath of a gentle breeze… and the universe, once a monochromatic tapestry, seemed to shimmer with vibrant hues.

Nature beckoned him forward, inviting him to partake in its symphony of life. Alexander marveled at the delicate petals of a blooming flower, its springiness mirroring his journey. At that moment, he realized that his place in the world was not defined by the expectations of others, but by his indomitable spirit. And so, with his aspirations as a compass, he embarked on a relentless pursuit of self-improvement, and the weights in the gym became a metaphorical burden that he eagerly entertained. Each lift, each rep, became a testament to his inner strength, an affirmation that he could transcend the despairs of his disparaging past. Through the arduous progress he made while molding his physical form, he found solace and purpose, and his muscles turned into a canvas upon which his hopes and dreams were etched.

As he immersed himself in the world of bodybuilding, Alex discovered a community that embraced him with open arms. Fellow enthusiasts, driven by aspirations, welcomed him with open arms. In their shared dedication, he found camaraderie and support, fueling his determination to push beyond his limits. Conversations intertwined with the clatter of weights, forming a symphony of encouragement. He shared his story and opened up about the depths from which he had emerged. The whispers of understanding that once only existed within his dreams now found resonance in the real world. Others had also once confronted their demons and understood the transformative power of hope.


Alexander's journey extended far beyond the confines of the gym. He sought out new experiences for himself, venturing into uncharted territories with a newfound zest for life. The world, once a desolate expanse, unfolded before him with untold wonders. He reveled in the taste of exotic cuisines, saved money to one day explore distant lands, and sought solace in the beauty of art and music. Each moment became an opportunity for growth, an invitation to transcend the boundaries that had once held him captive.

The hands that had reached out to him in his dream may not have materialized in the physical realm, but their existence lingered within his heart. Their touch sparked a flame of resilience, igniting a determination to live a happy life worth cherishing. The waters that had once promised oblivion now symbolized the vast expanse of human potential, an endless sea of possibilities waiting to be explored.

However, Alex's journey was not without setbacks. There were moments when doubt threatened to eclipse his hope when the weight of the world bore down upon his shoulders. But in such tempestuous moments, he would close his eyes and remember the sublime waters; the conversations that had shaped his understanding of himself; and their echoes resonated within him, fortifying his spirit and reminding him of the strength he had found sinking within. And so did Alex walk forward, his gaze fixed upon the horizon. The once-gray world that had suffocated him now appeared tinged with hues of possibility.


As Alexander ventured further on his path of self-discovery, he encountered a lonely young man named Lucas, another aspiring bodybuilder seeking solace from his struggles. Their paths intersected in a gym, where iron clashed with determination and dreams merged like intertwining vines. Lucas likewise carried the weight of a turbulent past upon his shoulders. Hence, with Alex, he formed an alliance forged by shared experiences and a mutual understanding of the transformative power of physical and mental strength; and conversations became the bedrock of their bond, as they shared their darkest fears and deepest hopes, finding solace in each other's presence.

In their discussions, Alexander learned of Lucas's journey through the depths of despair. They spoke of the scars that lingered beneath the surface and remnants of battles fought in the shadows. They touched on the essence of forgiveness, both of oneself and of others, and the liberation it was likely to bring. Through these conversations, they discovered that healing came, not from erasing the past, but from accepting it as part of their journey toward self-realization. And as their friendship deepened, Alexander and Lucas devised a series of exercises designed to not only improve their physical strength but also to cultivate resilience in the dreary face of adversity. Together, they explored the power of meditation and visualization, using these practices to outstrip the limitations of their minds and tap into their inner wellsprings of hope in the ocean of the hearts.


In the early hours of each morning, as the world slumbered in silence, Alexander and Lucas stood side by side at the water's edge. They closed their eyes, inhaling the salt air that whispered of boundless possibilities. With every breath, they envisioned themselves as vessels of strength, embodying the resilience of the very waters that surrounded them. Via these routines, Alexander discovered that hope was not a fleeting illusion but an anchor that could ground him amidst life's tempestuous currents, and understood that while his dreams may seem distant at times, their essence resided within him, waiting to be actualized. The sublime waters of the lakes, both real and imagined, became his sanctuary.

Moreover, as the days went by, Alexander and Lucas became beacons of hope for others who yearned to transcend their struggles. They shared their stories, offering listening ears and words of encouragement to those who needed to hear them. In their presence, despair gave way to a glimmer of hope, and the world transformed into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors.


Alexander's family, once a source of anguish, gradually began to perceive the transformation taking place within him. They witnessed his unwavering dedication, and his refusal to let their judgments define his worth. Slowly but surely, their hearts softened, and conversations that had once been fraught with tension shifted toward understanding and reconciliation.

Therefore, dear reader, I beseech you, may this tale serve as a reminder in your mind that even in the face of despair, the human spirit is capable of remarkable transformation. The waters of life may at times be tumultuous, but they also hold the power to heal, inspire, and guide us to shores we never thought possible. Let us embrace the sublime waters, for within them lies the essence of our remedy, transcending despair.

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