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Ever wished something or someone would STAY - JUST A LITTLE LONGER?

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Just a little longer

Everyone was dancing, drinking and enjoying the last dance of senior year, except for her, she was taking pictures of happy couples. Couples that promised each other to say together forever, knowing exactly that everything is going to change after summer.

Her plans were different, she was planning a trip to Europe, not for fun or vacation, she wanted to help out at a shelter somewhere in Greece and maybe catch a glimpse of the beautiful nature everyone was talking about.

Nobody but her best friend asked her to go to the dance right when the date was set, but the declined with a smile on her face. The inside looked different, she wished some guy would have tried to ask her, but she knew nobody would. She was the girl with good grades and a stable connection to almost every teacher.

While other girls her age went to parties or afternoons by the lake, she used to walk around with her camera to catch memories, in her ripped jeans and a t-shirt of her favorite band.

The night of the dance was the only night we decided to wear something else, maybe because it was written in the invitation, dress code. She knew the other girls would talk about her and probably laugh behind her back for showing up in a dress, but knowing the year will be over soon kept her going.

One picture after another was taken until she finally got a moment to breathe. Quietly, she was watching her schoolmates party until the music slowed down for just couples.

She decided to turn the camera to take some pictures of the dancers when out of nowhere a young guy in a suit stood in front of her. In shock, she almost dropped the glass of cheap champagne someone handed her while walking by.

" Are you only taking pictures of couples, or do I have the chance of one too?" He asked with a smile on his face.

A little confused by the question, she nodded and got the camera set up, trying not to stare at him, looking like the suit was made just for him. She didn't have to tell him what to do or how to pose, everything was just natural, perfect. She turned to the small table to her left to hand him one of her cards with her email address and the information of where and when to get the pictures. When she turned back he was gone, Again, confused she was looking around and spotted him standing close to the dance floor.

She wasn't sure if she should walk over, a guy like him here alone wouldn't make any sense, there must be a girl waiting just for him somewhere, but no one showed up.

Two girls of her class came closer and scanned her from top to bottom before looking around like they were looking for someone.

" Hey Hannah, nice dress, where did you get it from?"

" I ... it's from… . " She started as the other girl crossed in.

" It must be from your grandmother, that's how it looks like."

" Why do you have to be so mean?" Hannah asked silently.

" Me? Mean? No girl, I'm just..." This time she couldn't finish.

" Here you are, I was looking all over for you." The guy said while softly placing his hand on her waist.

Both girls stared at the young man with huge eyes, wondering who he was and where he suddenly came from.

" I thought you wanted to dance, why are we still standing here?" Gently he leaded her away from the girls onto the dance floor where he placed her hands up on his shoulders.

" I… I can't..." She whispered.

" What? Dance? I don't believe you." His smile became even softer while he pulled her a little closer.

" You didn't have to do that." She said, as she was looking into his eyes.

" How else should I get the chance to ask you for a dance?"

She felt like she has to look away before turning red all over, but something kept her looking at him even deeper. The music switched to another slow jam couple dance, and it seemed like everyone around them slowly disappeared, leaving just her and him dancing.

Her heart was beating faster ad faster with every second, and she just wanted to stay at this moment. Just a little longer, she said to herself.

Suddenly everything changed, the lights and music turned off and for a second there was no sound, until some fireworks light up the glass ceiling of the gym. People started screaming and running outside to watch the night sky filled with all the colors. Smoke was crawling into the gym and the sound jumped from wall to wall. She had to cover her ears because it was almost unbearable when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her with him.

Instead of following everyone to the front door, he pulled her towards one of the backdoors, where she stopped.

" We can't go this way." She said, trying to stay in place with him softly pulling.

" Can't, like in ' I can't dance' ?" He pulled again, and she took a deep breath before she followed him, smiling.

She followed him up the stairs to the rooftop of the gym, with the sky still filled with all colors above them and the sounds of the people beneath them. Smoothly, he made a step over one of the glass windows, reaching out for her hands to help her over.

" I.." She started but stopped right away because she knew he would say the same thing again. She took his hands and kept following his steps, careful until the end of the rooftop that wasn't made out of glass.

The air was filled with the smoke, but slowly the sound of the firecrackers disappeared, and the music started to play again. She was looking up catching the last lights while he held out his hand again bending over a little like in a princess story she liked to read and watch. She took his hand again and both started dancing, not letting go of each other. As the song ended her heart was almost racing as before but this time she wasn't alone, she had placed her hand on his chest feeling his heart racing the same before he leaned in to kiss her. For a moment her eyes were wide open before she fell fully for the feeling and gave in. She closed her eyes, holding him close.

Just a little longer went through her head when she was walking with him hand in hand and some ice cream in the other. The lake was surrounded by people, and she took her chance to take some pictures sporadically.

The camera followed her in every second with him, before watching a movie at the mall or their date at the fair after they kissed in the Ferris wheel, their night by the lake with nobody else but them watching the sunrise and their kiss on the backseat of his car before they forgot everything around them and gave in again but his time even deeper. The night became darker and longer until both fell asleep.

Never before, she's been so close with a boy, and she never wanted it with anyone else ever again. No one else would ever give her the feelings he could, and never ever she's been feeling this kind of love and freedom before.

Slowly she was opening her eyes looking into the bright light above her head, what was making it even harder to get a clear vision. A hand was reaching out for her cheek, and a soft smile appeared on her face. The lights above her head looked like they were moving faster and faster.

" Hannah, my angel, stay awake, please. Keep your eyes open, please." A familiar voice came out of the bright light followed by the face of her mother with tears running down her cheeks.

Someone in white clothes pushed her mother and the hand away, telling her to wait here because she's not allowed to enter.

" Not allowed to enter, what and where is he?" This question took all of her energy she had left.

" Shhh, please keep your power, you'll need it, honey. " A calming voice said while other hands touched her taking off the dress she was wearing at the dance.

" What happened? Please, where is he?"

" Oh honey, you don't remember what happened? You climbed up the roof of the gym, and it wasn't as stable as you thought. You could've been dead without him." The nurse said sadly.

She wanted to ask again, but no sound came over her lips.

" Sweety, he stopped you from crashing on the ground with using his own body as a shield."

All words she was about to say were now covered by the sound of herself crying as she realized everything was a dream, and he's gone.

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