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We enter the life of a private eye; the most disturbing murders that beckon his calling. David has to be careful not to mix up family life and work with this new killer scaring the streets; lucky for him, the people around him should keep him sane from the killer's insanely mind. The legacy will forever be sealed as greatness.

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I will play my part in parental responsibility. This book isn’t for children to read. Adults only, please. 18 and older. With that out of the way, we can begin. How are you, my friend? Nice to meet you if you are new; good to see you again if you are not new. We are standing in front of the Icicle Child front cover; we step through; let’s delve into this one; I rub my hands together.

Before I start, I want to say rest in peace and love to my mum and grandparents, the people who raised me—all my love to my family and my last name, which I carry with pride. We can’t control who we are born to, but we can change who our children are born to. Life, for me, stands for Learning Information For Everything, so make sure the lessons that you have learnt are not wasted. We are the next generation of teachers, so my mission is to break the system and ensure the shitty cycle gets replaced with a better one. If you are a good person, I wish you all the best—love And Peace to the world and the Inkspired family and the Inkitt family. Inspire to be better. Love And Peace to my city, Cambridge.

We appear to be in the living room of the town's best private eye. We look around, noticing the black patterned glass coffee table in the middle of the white fluffy carpeted floor. Hearing the sound of ticks coming from a flowery porcelain clock that is situated in the middle of a hanging shelf, a framed picture on either side of the ticking clock. The rising sun is peeping through the partially open curtains. It’s morning, the clock hands are telling us the time is half seven. Hearing faint snoring coming from what I would think is a bedroom, upstairs.

An alarm sounding within the dark upstairs bedroom, causing sleeping David to stir from a peaceful sleep. He rolls over to turn his phone alarm off, pressing snooze, rolling back over cuddling up to his wife. Their baby is cooing in his cot beside Gemma, that’s still half asleep she reaches out, putting her hand through the cot bars. Their babies little fingers grip onto his mums soft fingers, while Dave kisses his wife’s neck a few times, his hands wandering over her soft bum, giving it a couple of taps under the duvet. Trying not to be a mouth breather, morning breath can really kill the mood.

David says, “Time to get up, before the bloody alarm goes off again.”

A sleepy “Mmm” comes from Gemma, as David sits up yawning with a stretch.

David is standing in front of their toilet; you can hear the splashing of urine hitting the toilet water. Still wearing his black pyjamas bottoms without a t’shirt on.

David is thinking, ‘The last case took a lot out of me, nearly ended my life, he was such a dangerous bastard to capture.’ As his fingers pass over the bullet wound scar on his shoulder, you can see the scar on the back of his shoulder where the bullet once ripped through his flesh. David shakes and puts his private part member away after washing his hands too leave the bathroom.

The kettle is boiling, hot water spitting out from the spout. David now dressed in his dressing gown is getting the blue top milk out from their fridge, closing it behind as he walks back to the boiled kettle, two cups in front of the kettle. While he is pouring the hot water too finish making the coffee’s for himself and his wife. His mind drifts off thinking about what the criminal in his last case said as he was getting cuffed. It is something that has bothered him since. I mean what does he mean and I quote “He is on his way to get you.”

“Who is and why?” That’s the question David keeps asking himself.

David walking into the living room, with two steaming cups of coffee in hand. The news is on the television, which is hanging on their wall. Gemma is doing the nappy up around their baby’s waist, while he puts the cups down on the coasters which are situated on their coffee table. Before he sits down to roll a cigarette, he gives Gemma a kiss on her head while she is popping the buttons on the baby grow.

Hearing the running water coming from the shower. Reflection in the mirror is David, naked with shaving foam smeared all around his cheeks, his face ones not bum, you cheeky bugger, razor in hand to shave. You can see on the sinks ledge, toothbrush also a tube of toothpaste along with bottle of mouthwash, that David will use after shaving. I will tell you what that is something I wish my ancestors was the first to create, would have been forever millionaires, everyone has got to brush their teeth or shave, the same as toilet roll, everyday essentials that are global. David running the razor head under the tap water, cleaning the chopped hairs off.

Now showered and fully dressed, ready for the day, seeing Gemma breastfeeding their baby. David walks over to them giving his wife a kiss then their baby one on the forehead, he sits down beside them. The news still playing in the background, the news reporter talking about the strikes that are happening around the country, I mean you can’t blame people for striking, the cost of everything going up apart from our wages. Anyway don’t get me started on how I think the government run the country, because they don’t care about the working class, you know the people who have built this country and keep it running. Let’s get back to the story in hand.

David asks, “What’s the plan for today babe?”

“We need to go shopping, pick up some stuff then we can visit family hun.”

“Sounds good to me, after little man has had his breakfast, you can jump in the shower, then we can go.”

While they are sitting there chatting, the mobile belonging to David starts to ring.

David answers the withheld call, “Hello?”

The deep muffled voice responds, “Meet me at ten tonight, there will be something that will peak your interest.” Before David can ask or say anything, the caller continues to give the address, followed by. “Also don’t be late and come alone.” The person on the other end hangs up.

David looks puzzled as he quickly goes onto notes on his phone writing the address down so he don’t forget.

Gemma asks, “That sounded weird, are going to go?”

“I don’t think I have a choice, don’t worry though babe I will wear my bullet proof vest after what happened last time.”

“Please be careful hun, that person didn’t sound friendly.”

Gemma puts her boob away after puts their baby in the burping position, beginning to rub his back waiting for the burps.

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Güzel bir başlangıç bölümü. Merak uyandırıcı.. Devam edip telefondaki adamın ne istediğini görelim bakalım! :)
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JS Jack Smith
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May 14, 2023, 17:20
JS Jack Smith
The story was really good, but the thing I'm confused about is, who is the icicle child?
May 14, 2023, 16:03

  • Shaun M Waller Shaun M Waller
    Hi Jack, how’s it going? You will have to read the future next chapters to find out. May 14, 2023, 16:38

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