Sithmaith D

After examining a body with the most peculiar injuries Karin Gesner searches for answers to what could have caused it, but gets more that she bargained for.

Gizem/Gerilim 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

#mystery #cryptids # #murder
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Chapter 1 The cadavar

Pacing around the coroner’s office, I contemplate what could have been done and how.

The legs have been bent backwards at the knee and snapped as if someone had been using their hands to manually break his legs. The sides of the cadaver look like they have been pieced and sliced with a triangular-shaped blade. Despite how odd these injuries are, the weirdest thing is how this corpse has kilograms of flesh eaten off. According to how the bitemarks look, this could not have been done by any animal in the state of Maine. The bitemarks suggest the creature had very long and needlelike teeth, unlike anything I have ever seen.

The DNA in the hair strands found on the body was unable to be found in the database but appears to be that of a human male. The question is: why would someone kill like this.

After I had been questioning for hours what the motive could be, my coworker Adira walked into the room. "Any new information, Ms. Karin Gesner?"

"Well, suicide can be ruled out." I said, tittering.

"Very funny; now can you be serious?" Adira replied, irked.

"Well, whomever did this must have be unregistered, because I can’t find a match in the database."

"Unregistered, unregistered; why did I not think of that in the first place?" Though there is one more thing: why were there these bite marks on the body?"

"Maybe an invasive species is roaming the woods and decided to take a few bites out of this guy after death."

"The animal could not have been searching for long, or else the body would be in a more advanced state of decomposition. Perhaps our suspect is trying to frighten the police off by feeding victims to an exotic pet.

"Hmmm, good point. Tomorrow I’ll probably go to the library and check out a few zoology books to help me deduce the type of animal that did this.".

" we should also call in a zoologist to help you examine the bites."

After finishing our conversation, Mrs. Adira turned her head to the clock on the wall.

"7:45! You better leave immediately, as the boss does not like paying overtime!"

While I am clocking out of my shift for the day, I look to the side and see a very old newspaper on a desk, and out of curiosity, I decide to read it. The newspaper was from 1991, a full 14 years ago. The first story that caught my eye was that a park ranger named Adam Borgogni went missing along with several campers in the county where I grew up years ago. "How was this not bigger news when I was growing up?" I exclaimed. Gazing at the missing person's image, I ponder, "Where have I seen this man before?" Shrugging off that thought, I begin my commute home.

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