Austin Davis

A young boy gets trapped on an island with only the death of his best friend to encourage him to go on and some furry Friends that depend on him.

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my best friend's death

It was a sad day besides the fact it was raining. It was the three year anniversary of my best friends death. He was walking home from school when he got hit by a minivan driver who was distracted because he was on his phone. The minivan driver lost his license for six months. The funeral went wrong in every possible way. Every one was crying and the dirt around the grave caved in filling it with dirt. They had to re dig him a hole but even still today the grave is dis formed but I don't want to think about that today. Today is the day I am visiting my grand parents in the Caribbean and I got to be happy since it has been for ever since I have seen them. I don't want them to see the sad me. Since I got to get up early to make my flight I was going to go to bed early but as I laid their I just couldn't. I just started crying and I couldn't stop It was just the first time I truly felt he was gone. Eventually I feel asleep but not at all near the time I had planed. When I woke up I saw that my clock said it was 9:30 My flight left at 8:00. I was so late that I immediately started getting ready without taking a shower . As soon as I got done I sat down and realized why didn't my parents wake me up. I went down stairs and saw my parents enjoying coffee. I asked why they didn't wake me up. They didn't say anything at first they just took another sip and said none nonchalantly said we didn't want to wake you so we are having your uncle fly you. I can not tell you how much I hated my uncle. He was a lazy good for nothing bum that has lived with my parents almost his whole life and blames all his problems on one of four people. The government, my dad,  god, or grandpa. I absolutely did not want him to fly me to my grandparents for to two reasons, he was bound to get into a fight with them like he always does when he sees them and because he is a horrible pilot. I cant believe my parents would even let him. He got his licence off of some website and he says it real but I highly doubt the truth of this. The second reason is he never takes car of his plane. Their is so much trash inside which he says he needs for emergency but I am pretty sure you don't need a box of chocolate for emergency. I knew complaining to my parents would only get me in trouble so I just stopped out to the stupid minivan he drove which had more dents than you could count. It stunk worse then It looked. I just kept my mouth shut the whole time because I didn't want him to get started on how the government screwed him because some how he always turned a conversation to that. I decided to take a nap because it was terrible boring and smelled and I just couldn't take it.

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