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Writing is my refugee. I love writing about everyday life. Writing has always been essential to me, although I never shared anything related to it. I feel like sharing now and it’s personal and weird to be doing so, but I find peace reading other’s stories and making others feel identified with my thoughts is the reason behind posting. Writing is awesome, I enjoy it and admire those who express their thoughts and themselves through words.

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Mirror conversations

Looking at the mirror, I wonder what my life is driving me to, either if I am going to achieve what I have in mind at the moment or if changes are going to step by my path and do something completely different than expected. Everyday, I look at the mirror wondering-myself "How is my life going to be meaningful?", and latetly I believe there’s something so much bigger than I could have ever dreamed of waiting for me. I mostly find my thoughts complex, confusing and unexpected. I constantly think of everything that surrounds me and I am almost sure that it does not makes me special. I feel everybody does the same, but nobody talks about it. Looking at the mirror, I continue wondering, "why is it so difficult to open up to others?", I think we are all so worried about what others could think of how we think that "the conversation we want to have, does not even happen". My mind goes blurry and my heart is thrilled when I find somebody I can have those conversations I would always love to have. The craziest thing is that those ones who have given me a spark of life through looks of curiosity and intentional words have been people I met unexpetedly; at the bus station, random people walking by I talked to and so on. I love meeting new people because it gives me the chance to discover a different lifestory, how people feel about their life so far and how they describe the ones they share their life with is just so interesting and wonderfull it makes me feel present and alive; the feelings I am always searching for.❤️

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