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My Faith

Understanding where we come from and the belief we should decide or even choose to be religious, but I found my true peace when I was saved by an Evangelist. Her name is V and she’s the blessing who said the prayer if accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I went to Templo La Hermosa Evangelisté Christian Church and her husband A is the singer in the Christian band and he’s singing Spanish music and he had asked me if I was new and I said yeah and he asked if I would like to stand and say a recent blessing that happened in my life and I was stuck in-between a level of harmony and divine preset I was unaware of his question. Another person had stood and said her blessing in Spanish. Well V was playing the drums and after the lady had said her story V sang a song I’m Spanish. That song changed the way I actually accepted the balance of my religion by the harmony I received off it. I stood a little bit before the song in respects of the song and the level of respect I have for the drum player lol. She’s my nephews grandma and she’s the one who also saved me. She’s cool. But I lived a whole different type of life. One caring but my beliefs were in Lucifer and I spent my whole life beleiving a lie and reliving my nightmares over and over if demonic possession by Lucifer. At the age of 6 I was sacrificed on an upside cross with the seal of Lucifer in a pentagram underneath the cross. The pentagram was in pig blood and the designs of the seal was in the bones if a rooster. There was two sacrifices that was made and the ritual was done by some Indian witch doctors in Iemito reservation in New Mexico. The rituals was read in Latin and the doctor was translating it in Native American. They rose something inside me and the balance of energy and darkness that the soul carried broke me in so many ways. I fed him with so much pain he was never satisfied. He was still hungry. I was recently released from prison. I’m 35 years old and spent my life serving the wrong person. I was about to make a drastic decision because a woman had gave me an STD. Something I’ll live with for the rest of my life. This woman, who I choose to keep her name silent in respects of her, is a blessing. Because at that moment when I was going to put her life to an end I was given a mental blast of a Title that changed my life forever. I lived my life undisputed. I was the most violent person at my class. I was a smart and very strategized person and knew person from person before they knew me. I was very calculated and understood everyone before they understood them selves. Cared beyond anyone’s limit and would give my shirt off my back. I always respected women, children and elders as well and would give to the needy all the time. My known sin was adultery. I was respectful about it and was just I guess too smooth to pull off my flaws. But my violence was pressed against bad people and my heart pure, but served the wrong belief. When I caught that STD I vowed to Lucifer that I’ll never sleep with another woman. In respects to my daughter, mom and the woman of society. To spread something like that is wrong. Still to this day I haven’t slept with a woman. And I won’t. I will not have sexual relations at all.

As I sat there, I was gone. God showed me that I can be more here on Earth and in Heaven if I followed Him and believed in Him. To bring that escaped terror back to be defeated again. He showed me how defeated I really am with the wrong guidance. He showed me a beautiful and most peaceful but dominating feeling through His Faith and I continue to feel it. When He made His presence known the demon inside if me went quite. Complete sound. I felt that and I changed my beliefs and followed God. I feel more positive for those around me. I ended up leaving that woman. A couple days after I was sleeping. A week after I was sleeping and I was having a crazy dream. There was only one darkness like that, that I recognized and it was the pained soul inside. When I woke up I felt my head pressing against the ground and I pressed against the hold and brought my head up. I started praying and that petty force went away. The next day I studied on Trust and Faith. Every day I’ve been getting signs from the Holy Spirit and studying up on it. See with the acceptance of Jesus Christ it’s 3 different things. Belief, Prayer of Acceptance of Jesus Christ and Faith in God. See knowledge in faith comes with study. Knowledge in your God comes with spirit and Faith.

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Colby Forbes Colby Forbes
Amazingly born again. I was a sinful demonic person before swearing and such, And then God completely changed my heart one day and I felt like a had a new spirit. I have never been the same and I have had overwhelming peace since then. I loved happy faces because of that actually. And I was also changed by God to do online schooling for myself. God is great and powerful and amazingly good.
June 24, 2023, 15:22


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