kelly-alice Kelly Alice

Kincaid Oakley, Kinny, a bubbly blonde finally makes her way to Reno, Nevada after having dealt with the darkest demons the world has to offer. She's desperate to uncover things about her mother, and even more desperate to bake the memories and the pain away. Her mask of bright colors, and smiles melts away the instant a chocolate chip melts in the mouth of sexy nomad, Twelve.

Romantizm Genç Yetişkin Romantizmi 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

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Charlotte knew when the mountainous man came barreling through the door. She knew when she looked into his bloodshot, crazed eyes, that this was not going to end well. End, well, yes it would, and she had come to accept that for herself. Time had already blurred, and the engraved tallies on the concrete wall were the only indication of the years that had crumbled beneath her.

Four thousand, three hundred and eighty tallies total, each one signifying a day had passed. Twelve years had come and gone, there would be no rescue in her future no matter how often she cried to the universe. It refused her call time and time again.

However, as she peered over at the sleeping girl beside her on the bloodstained mattress, she vowed that she would have a future. it would cost her, her own life, but it was a price she would pay twice over if she could. She'd given her daughter everything she could, in the form of survival, and she'd give her last breath for just a sliver of hope in that precious girl's life.

With one angered, incoherent shout, the man grabbed her by her golden locks, and yanked her forward. She knew not to look directly into his eyes, but she did anyhow. She already knew what was going to happen to her, so she would remain true to herself in her final moments. Charlotte glared into the demons eyes with a fire she'd long since forgotten she had, and with a small smirk on her face, she leaned back, his grip loosened just enough, and she snapped forward with all the strength she had left in her malnourished body. She was going down, but she was taking him with her.

What she didn't know was that would be her worst mistake, second only to trusting him.

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