zainab-syeda Zainab Syeda

Zainab has a strict family, who does not want her to be in live with anyone so they decided that Jk would marry her, but zainab is not ready for this cause they hate each other

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Chapter 1

Waking up by the sounds of bird charming, the sun hitting my face making it shine like there is no beauty but suddenly a bucket of water hitted my face.

Zainab = what the heck *breathing heavily *

Jungkook = that's what you get, you putted me in trouble right, this is my revenge

Zainab= shut up, you bast- cutted of by someone knocking on the door

Mom= what happened why your shouting?

Zainab = Mom look what he did *cries *

Mim= Jungkook *gasps * you should not have done that love

Zainab = Mom instead of scolding him, your just talking to him peaceful

Jungkook = *coughs * no one cares for you *saying that he left *

Zainab = Mom I'm gonna kill him one day MARK MY WORDS! *saying that she went toilet *

Mom=they both are so childish *smiles *

After that everyone were sitting on the table to have your breakfast and zainab and jungkook were glaring each like they are gonna kill each other.

Dad=I think zainab you should stop going now, we should arrange your marriage

Zainab= *coughs * what! I'm not ready for it

Mom= love please

Zainab = oh my god dad and mom can't you let me finish my studies just asking you for this *shouts *

Grandpa = this is not the way you talk to your parents!

*honestly the grandpa is like the king of our house, no one disobey him *

Zainab = I'm not going to marry understand, for God sake let me finish my studies! *shouts *

*a hard slap went on zainab's face, making her groan in pain, and her lips were bleeding *

Uncle =ypu have no right to talk like this UNDERSTAND!


*Everyone gasped and said zainab when she got a slap *

V=*Zainab's brother * Uncle stop it you have no right to slap her this way.

*zainab grabbed her bag and went outside even jungkook tried to talk to her but she just went away, she loved her brother the most cause he was the only one who can understand her *

grandpa = we should think something about this


Lisa = hiiii zainab, you OK and why are your lips bleeding?

*Zainab immediately hugged Lisa and cried and told her everything *

Lisa= you should stay to my hous for today?

Zainab = can I?

Lisa = Obviously, your like my sister 😊

*and they went inside, but suddenly zainab got stopped by her bully Sofia *

Sofia = where you going bitch!

Zainab = my name must taste good cause it's always in your mouth 😒

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