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This is a story about a man going on a business trip and the plane he was on suddenly crashed and he has no way out of this island, he needs to survive and stay alive and also find a way out of this island.

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“ Hey Fred are you working on it.” Said Markov.

“ Yes I’m working on it, I will get the results when it’s done.” Said Fred.

Markov is a businessman, soon he is going on a business trip to visit a CEO of another company. He is going on that trip tomorrow.

“ I’m home, and I got pizza.” Said Markov.

“ Yes, I don’t know how long I have to wait for pizza when dad is gone!” Said Markov’s daughter.

“ How’s it going.” Said Markov’s wife.

“ Fine, and how are you.” Said Markov.

“ Good.” Said Markov’s wife.

They didn’t wait any longer and then had pizza and went to sleep, he had a strange dream.

“ Don’t go, don’t go.” Said the dream.

“ Markov suddely woke up, he drank a glass of water and sat on his bed.

“ Don’t go, don’t go where. It could be anywhere, what is it warning about?” Said Markov worriedly.

The next day Markov woke up and was having his breakfast.

“ It’s good, the food is good.” Said Markov.

“ Thank you.” Said Markov’s wife.

Markov finished eating and prepared for his trip. He said goodbyes to his family and left. A few minutes later he got into the plane.

“ Attention dear passengers, we are now taking off. I request everyone to put on their seatbelts, have a great flight.” Said the pilot.

A few minutes into the flight the plane was trembling, everyone thought that it was because of turbulance until Markov looked out the window and saw one of the wings was on fire. Then everyone suddenly panicked, the plane was going down and crashed somewhere in the middle of the ocean.

“ Where am I.” Said Markov.

And then he fainted.

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