Iqra Toqeer

Set in 17th century AD in Persia. 12 year old girl named Sheeva was going to mosque for Jummah prayer for the first time, when something glowing district her and she founded herself in brand new world.

Tarihi 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

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Sheeva was a naughty but also charming 12 years old girl. She was born and raised in Esfahan in the year 1605. Esfahan was the capital of Persia since 1592.

She has an olive and pale skin, an almond shaped and large dark eyes. Her hair was black as the night. She has a very small mouth. She wore a robe called ghaba. She wore a multi-layered pleated skirts with tunics that slit on both sides, and long scarves that are fastened with buttons. Her galesh, a traditional footwear are always handwoven and with specific fabrics.

Sheeva was the most well-respected and well-heeded girl. She was kind, smart and funny. She was always honest, but most of her honest words are brutal. Sometimes she can bit sour and little bit bad tempered when things gone wrong in her life or when people did something that made her annoyed. Like one time, she shouted a teacher for spelling her name wrong. Her teacher spelt S-h-i-v-a. Her name does sound like that.

Her father was wealthy businessman man, who travelled many Arab countries and outside such as India and other parts of Europe to do some trading. Her mother was nurse and look after babies and little children when parents aren't able to.

She doesn't go to school, her mother hired the best and qualified teacher, Emily Dickens, half English by her mother Mary and half Scottish by her father Henry. She was made Emily mad and miserable every single day, due to her behaviour, like one time she uses bad names for her and she threw her father's money. That was 3 years ago. Now her behaviour has changed to much kinder, gentle and well mannered.

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