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A group of Children, on their way to an ordinary school camp, but then, there is the unordinary, it smiles, it lurks, it kills. There has been tons of missing posters scattered around canada everywhere, on the posts. Everyday adds more. And never stops . . . It all began, by a photo, and it lives, and crawls out into reality. But, there may be something bigger than that clown, possibly the clown isn't the main reason of why there has been missing posters. Something bigger, that lives among the tunnels, and the home of darkness. Something more terrifying awaits. But what is it? Competition Story | Feedback will be needed with this story, considering it is a compition story. Tell me what you think, what you like, and what you didn't like, and then I can change it. "No matter what Noah Writes, I am in with both feet. He knows, And can deliver the darkness" -M.J Romo

Korku 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil. © -No Copywrite unless granted permission. -Noah Rowlands Original work.

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Chapter 1 SMILE

We, my mom and I are in a forest, getting a photo done quickly before I go to camp. I am standing still, looking at my mom’s camera, preparing not to blink from the light of the camera. ‘Smile!’ My mom said, looking at me smiling. I smiled for the camera, looking at it. Trying my absolute best not to blink from the shine piercing my eyes like a laser. I then saw the picture roll out of the camera like a CD coming out of a CD player. My mom grabbed it, I marched towards mom on the soft, spikey rich grass. ‘Look at this photo! It’s a good one, right?’ said Mom while simultaneously lending the photo to me. I grabbed the picture and looked down at it. I saw the picture, and there was a clown peeping behind a tree on the right side of the picture behind me. The clown was peeping like a stalker, hand aggressively grasped tightly around the tree trunk of the conical needle-leaved tree, The clown was nine-feet tall, rectangular-shaped body (Mesomorph body-shape), he had pale-white skin, as white as milk, he had cracks on his forehead, it looked like as if it was dry clay crust that you see on the desert floor, he had no hair, oval-shaped head, a Brobdingnagian smile across his face, earlobe-to-earlobe, no eyes, and a white flat ruffle around his neck. It was quite hard seeing what he was wearing, considering he was behind the tree, but he was wearing a yellow shirt with red stripes white on the end of the sleeve. I couldn’t see what pants he was wearing because of him being behind the tree.

 ‘M-Mom, there is a C-Clown in the photo!’ I said to her. And then she said... ‘What clown?’ I got confused. What? Is it just my imagination? I thought to myself. It would have to be my imagination, because mom would’ve seen it either on the camera, or when she was looking at me, I grabbed my bags and I began marching to my class while dragging my suitcase on the grassy floor that has my sleeping bag on top of it leaning against the telescopic handle (A handle that extends and retracts at the back of a suitcase or wheeled bag). I then saw my friends Summer and Autumn sitting next to each other. I walked up to Summer and sat down next to her, on her right, crossing my legs as if I was in primary school sitting on the floor. ‘You came!’ Summer began also with pure excitement. ‘Of course, I did. I didn’t want to miss the camp. I love canoeing!’ I said. We all sat patiently for our names to get picked. Maybe not everyone gets to be with their friends. It would be way more fun being with your friends. Man, the kids don’t like when they’re not with their friends, sure they can keep you awake and such, but hey, friends are fun. I was praying in my mind that I get to be with my friends. ‘Eva, Daniel, Zoe,’ said Mr. H. ‘Summer, Autumn and Austin,’ said Mrs. Oz. ‘Yes!’ Said Autumn and Summer. ‘Let’s go!’ I said. I walked up to Mr. C with my suitcase.




 ‘Morning Mr. Carter. What’s our room number?’ ‘Room fourteen down the path there,’ He said while concomitantly pointing to my left as I see a path leading into the forest. ‘Thank you,’ I said. Me and my friends Dawdled towards the path, and we began hiking down the gravel path. As the forest trees are covering our surroundings as the birds sing in the rooftops and the smoggy clouds comfort the wind howling in the cobalt-blue sky. ‘Looks like we are exploring!’ Said Autumn. When Autumn said that, I remember two years ago when we were exploring in forests we had our LED lights and everything, it was Autumn’s idea, his dad would always come with us and tell us some hilarious jokes as we trot our way down the forest’s path. Unfortunately, in the future at forty-seven, he died. Autumn didn’t go to school for a month because of that. Summer and I were worried about her, and we were texting her if she was okay; She left no answer, so we just let her do her, basically. We didn’t want to spam her messages. Because we didn’t want to be annoying.

‘You guys brought some lollies?’ Asked Autumn. ‘Yup, I got a bag of Mars Bars,’ said Summer. ‘Ooh, I got three bags of jelly beans,’ I said. ‘Nice, what did you get, Autumn?’ Summer questioned. ‘I brought a massive packet of gummy bears,’ she said. ‘Looks like we are going to have a party,’ I giggled. We continued our walk down the crunching path. As we were walking on the path, it sounded like as if we were walking on a path of chips because of the crunching noises as we walk on the gravel. In the distance, I saw a glimpse of what is seemed to be a structure, the roof had boreal planks in an upside-down V-shaped roof (Gable roof), as well as the walls stacked with boreal tree logs, and twenty-four-paneled windows on the side of the walls.

We dawdled towards the cabin and stood in front of it. There was a four-paneled wooden glass door, walnut stairs leading to the walnut wooden veranda. We marched up on the stairs and made it up the veranda to the front of the door. I put my hand on the cold-metal handle I turned it around, and the door opened. I pushed it as it creeks siding to the left, hitting the door stopper making a bang. We glanced down the hallway, seeing red carpet covering the floor of the hallway, with circular lights on the ceiling going down the hallway, licking the room with light. Taiga wooden walls, and doors with numbers on it starting with one. And a group of kids down the hallway finding their rooms. ‘What’s our room name?’ Asked Summer. ‘Room fourteen,’ I said. Summer walked past me as I feel a gush of wind from her walking past me wandering down the hallway looking for our room seeing her blondish brown wavy hair spilled half-way down her back…

‘Found it,’ Summer said. I walked up to the door, I put my hand on the silver doorknob and I turned, opening the door, creaking again. The cabin room had a Cedar-wooden floor and a blue-rug in the middle of the square-shaped room, one bed on the left the back of the bed against the back wall with a window next to it on the right, a bunk bed on the right the back of the bed against the back wall, and one circular ceiling light in the middle of the room.


We all walked in. Autumn walked into our room. ‘I call top bunk,’ said Summer. ‘Okay, I will go bottom,’ said Autumn. I put my suitcase under my bed and took my sleeping bag out, laying it flat on my bed. I walked up to the door we have come from and closed it, hearing the door slam gently. ‘Pretty cozy room,’ said Autumn. ‘Yeah, I like this room,’ I said. ‘Same,’ Summer said. We heard three knocks on our door. ‘come in!’ We said almost at the same time. The door didn’t open... I walked up to the door and opened it. There was no one. ‘Who is there?’ Said Autumn. I turned around to my friends, and I said, ‘No one.’ ‘Ugh, it must be Billy and his ding-dong-ditch pranks,’ said Summer. Billy Errs, he is the annoying prankster, he enjoys pulling off pranks on people. He can be really annoying. No one really likes him and his friends at all. Because they do pranks, which in pretty much everyone’s eyes, is that it’s immature. Some other kids, also ding-dong-ditch for jokes and stuff. I like him more than Jack, and please, if you don’t know Jack, he is the worst kid ever; he bullies people at school, and somehow, he can still get out of trouble by blaming it on others. No one likes him at all; Eva, who wants to be an artist, Jack, ripped her art piece and scrunched it up in a ball and then he did a basketball shot throwing it in the bin. Once he revealed Hailey’s crush at the lockers and she got embarrassed. I don’t even think that she even had a crush. I think it was just Jack being rude and assuming out loud that it was. Despite it being her crush or not, he doesn’t know.

I closed the door and walked to my bed, and I sat down on the soft, bouncy mattress… I stood back up and turned to my left, looking outside the window. I saw a clown standing outside staring at me . . . I fell backwards onto the floor. Frozen in fear at what I have seen. ‘Are you okay Austin?’ Said Summer. ‘There is a clown outside!’ ‘Huh, you mean the bully, Jack?’ Summer says as Autumn and Summer laughed while sitting on their beds looking at me and Summer’s arms crossed resting on the guardrail. And Autumn sitting on her bed looking at me. No, I am serious. I really saw a clown outside! My look said. I stood up and looked outside the window again... Nothing, no one was there... ‘What? It was just here.’ ‘I will be back,’ I said. I wandered over to our room door, and I opened it. I walked out of the room and closed the door. I looked left, seeing a clown through the window of the door of the cabin entrance. I saw the door handle shaking vigorously as I walked backwards, slowly down the hall... The door opened. I kept walking backwards, faster and faster. And the clown came in the Cabin. I then bumped into someone. I turned around, and it was Miss Monroe. She had red curly hair, brown eyes, thin lips, Senna coloured skin, a heart-shaped head, blue pants, black jacket, and black glossy shoes shining in the light. ‘Are you okay Austin?’ ‘Y-yeah,’ I answered. I turned around, looking at the door. The door was closed, as if it never came in, or it just disappeared mysteriously. I looked back at miss Monroe, and she said, ‘You should be in your room where are you going?’ ‘Uh, I am going to the toilet.’ ‘Okay, but then go to your room after.’ ‘Yes, miss Monroe.’ I walked down the hallway, walking past Miss Monroe. I turned left, walking into the boy’s bathroom white tiled floor, white walls, five sinks on the right side on the long bathroom counter, and five toilet cubicles on the opposite side. I marched in front of the sink and turned on the faucet, bending down, slapping my face with water, and rubbing my face. Trying to refresh my mind so it doesn’t play tricks on me.



I wiped my hands on my shirt and pulled a paper towel out of the dispenser and pressed it against my face a bit, still leaving it wet. I walked out of the boy’s bathroom, going back to our room. I opened the door and walked in, followed by shutting the door behind me. ‘Are you okay?’ Asked Summer. I refused to answer. I trotted to my bed and sat on it having a curved back position, putting my thighs and my hands on my forehead, as if I was frustrated. ‘Are you Okay Austin?’ Asked Autumn. ‘Yeah, I am fine. I think it is in my head,’ I said. ‘Yeah, I think you’re right,’ Summer says. 'I will close the curtains so you don’t see whatever you saw outside.’ ‘Good idea Autumn,’ said Summer. Autumn put her hands on the curtains and pulled it in front of the window. It dimmed the room quite a lot. Summer wandered up to the light and turned it on. Making the room much brighter than it was before. ‘Would you like a Mars Bar?’ Asked Autumn. ‘Yes please,’ I said. Autumn gave me the Mars Bar by hand. I took it and teared the plastic and took the wrapper off, biting half of it on my first go. When I first bit into it, the flavors shot me like a bullet; I could taste the rich and the very sweet taste of the caramel, tasting the sweetness of the milk chocolate in it and the smooth texture and chocolate of the mars bar dematerializing in my mouth.

I am a massive fan of Mars Bars. Ever since I was little, I can’t eat any of the chocolate bars that contain peanuts in it, because I am allergic to those. Summer, Autumn and I, like chocolate bars and other lollies. We all seem to like the same. I don’t like the liquorish ones though. Summer and Autumn, likes it. Seems like I am the odd one out. But we all do different things. I am more of a sporty kid, going around at school playing whatever sport related. It doesn’t matter what it is; I am just naturally good at it. Swimming is my favourite. Summer enjoys going from places to places by foot. She doesn’t enjoy going on a bike ride as much often, but sometimes it had been dangerous for her… Autumn, she is more of an explorer. We haven’t explored in a while though. I don’t really know what she does in her free time now.

‘Have you seen those missing posters on the post’s lately?’ I asked. ‘Yeah, I have, I think it might have to do with kidnappings of children,’ said Summer. ‘Yeah, they are all kids, and mostly usually kids would've been kidnapped more than adults,’ said Autumn. ‘I find it terrifying for me, I have to walk back home from school,’ I said. ‘Yeah, I understand, but girls pretty much our age get more kidnapped than boys,’ said Summer. ‘Yeah, but there have been a lot of both, like tons!’ Autumn said.  

There have actually recently been twenty-three kids missing from our school. And they never came back. It was as if they gotten erased from this world. The cops are trying to patrol areas of the streets and stuff, but whenever they do, kids still go missing. Which is terrifying in its self. Especially kids. We began hearing commotion in the hallway, tons of screams. ‘What the hell is that?’ I said.



‘I’ll check it out. Stay here,’ said Summer. Summer put her feet on the ladder of the bunkbed and hopped down making a thump she then trekked towards the door and opened it, looking to her left, while seeing her hair flick to the right. She then slams the door, blocking the door with her body in a star-shape. Guys, we need to get out of here,’ she says intensely. ‘What?’ Said Autumn. ‘Its–It's the clown, he’s here...’ said Summer. ‘Wasn’t it in my head, though?’ ‘Austin, it isn’t in your head!’ Summer said with tears in her eyes. We tried looking around for a place to escape. We couldn’t hide in the rooms because he could check all the rooms. Couldn’t go out the window, since it is four-paneled. We need to run and get out of here as fast as possible. Our best bet was to just run out of the cabin. ‘We need to run out of this cabin. We can’t just stay here!’ I said. ‘Yeah, we have nowhere else to go. Let’s get the hell out of here!’ Said Autumn. I ran towards our door getting followed by my friends behind me. I opened the door a bit, looking through the small crack of the door with my right eye closed. Seeing on the left side of the hallway, a clown, he was holding up a kid by the top of his front shirt, and he threw him into the wall next to the clown on the left side, hearing a massive bang like a gunshot from the kid’s head colliding to the wall. Rag dolling on the ground with extinct movement. He threw him so hard at the wall that all the kids gotten a fright from that unexpected sound. Lying on the ground with pools of blood added to a collection of scattered body parts covering the ground. I opened the door wide and ran down the right side of the hallway opposite of where the clown was. There was a whole horde of kids trying to push their way out of the building at the exit. Everyone was shoving, which is making them take even longer. Everyone had tears on their faces, running down their cheeks with a terrified look.

We began pushing in the crowd of kids. I was getting pushed out of the way by the kids being desperate to get out. I got pushed all the way behind. The clown was getting closer and closer... towards us. It is almost where we are now. I ran in the crowd, pushing and shoving my way through with my friends, and we finally got out. I stepped on the damp grass that tickles my ankles as we ran into the forest away from the camp. I hope that the kids in there are okay; I did witness someone die, it’s terrible and very grewsome seeing a kid dying. Especially if it was from a murderous clown. I went down the forest with my friends, not glancing back at what happened back there. It was tremendously grewsome. And a very troublesome situation to be in.

The trees comforted our surroundings by hiding us from the clown, like a child hiding under the covers. We ran past countless dark green-leaved-trees as fast as possible to get away from that murderous place. By the looks of the trees, it reminded me of Christmas; I didn’t get any coal. I was a good boy last year. I bet Jack gotten like ten-kilograms of coal last Christmas. I got a sketch book for Christmas because I was getting pretty interested in art lately. I didn’t want to do it in class free time because of Jack and his friends would do what they did to Eva. I saw a glimpse of two kids in the distance in front of us we ran towards them despite how tired we were from running. Eva and Jack, he has black hair swooped over on the left, white shirt, a black vest hoodie, white pants, and black shoes. He picks on people for entertainment and beats random kids up who are in our grade.


One of them Including me; he hates me. I am his number one enemy to him. I don’t know why, I just am. He ripped my Humanities test, and I got zero percent from it. And if I would’ve told my humanities teacher about it, I would get a massive punishment from Jack, he would beat me up. I didn’t want to tell my mom or either wise she would phone my teacher about it, and then I would get beaten up. Like all bullies; he thinks he is tough. Even though he is fifteen; one year older than our whole grade. He talks back with rude comments as well. It doesn’t make him “Cool” at all. And there was

Eva, she is pretty close to being Autumn’s friend. They’re bonding out very well with each other. Sleepovers and everything. She and Hailey act anxious around me, like shy. They stutter around me and when they’re talking to their friends; they don’t at all. It’s when we are together doing a project in pears or every time we talk to each other that’s when she stutters. But she is usually very nice to me and my friends. She rarely hangs around me often that I know of, but she is very kind.

‘Are you guy’s okay?’ I asked. ‘Y-yeah, are you guys okay?’ said Eva. ‘Oh, not you imbeciles again!’ Said Jack. I looked at Jack next to Eva. He had a brown dot as a birthmark in his eye on the white part, which is actually pretty common. ‘How are you guys alive?!’ He said, as if he wanted us dead. ‘Shut up, Jack!’ Said Eva. ‘Jack, I would suggest that you put an imaginary duct tape over your mouth and just follow us so we don’t die from this clown!’ Said Summer. We walked in the forest, deranged at not knowing where to go. We were just walking in the forest, hoping to find a road or something for us to actually find a city. I hope someone can drive down the road and just help us go into the city away from that clown, a trucker, a driver, anybody, as long as we get help from someone.

I then heard cracks, like someone cracking their knuckles. It was Jack. I always hate when he cracks his knuckles. It gave me an unpleasant feeling and a sensation of chills dripping down my spine. I don’t know why I hate it; it is something that I got naturally. Autumn and Summer don’t mind it much, but they find it quite annoying; since Jack does it every time in class, I can vouge for that. He can be pretty annoying. Sometimes very. Some people are more annoying than him, Billy Errs and his friends, And Jack’s friends as well. One of Jack’s friends has a mullet; in me, Autumn, and Summer’s opinion, we find it the ugliest haircut in history. Every time me and my friends sees it, we literally almost puke from seeing it.

‘Summer, the missing posters, and that clown… Do you think it was him?’ Autumn asked. Right when Autumn said that, it made so much sense. I forgot we were talking about that at camp. But how did it just teleport, then? ‘Yeah, it has to be. That makes tons of sense!’ Said Summer.



‘When are we going to get out of here!?’ Said Jack. We all stopped walking and stood in front of Jack. ‘Jack, shush, the clown could hear us!’ I said. ‘Shut up Austin, like you know anything of that clown!’ said Jack. ‘Yeah, but we don’t know if this clown has great hearing or not,’ I said. ‘Yeah, Austin is right,’ Eva said. ‘Fine!’ Said Jack. Jack can be a waste of time being impatient. He doesn’t have manners, because he is impatient when he goes up to the teacher for something and someone is talking to the teacher. He just says, ‘Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss.’ Until he gets attention. He is a bit of an attention seeker. He does that on purpose. He makes fun of teachers behind their back, and disrespects them. We only know this, because of rumors of other kids, we don’t know that he actually does that. It could just be kids trying to get him back for what he has done to others. We don’t know what Jack has done, though. He probably went into Juvenile prison before. He was also in my primary school. He used to be the sweetest kid ever, nice to everyone; the boys and girls, but ever since he turned fourteen, he turned into a “Demon.” Like what parents and possibly teachers say, ‘Teenagers change a lot,’ like a click of a finger. We continued walking in the forest's deepness, under the cloudy-blue skies.

 However, as I was trotting behind everyone, I saw something on the corner of my eye... I thought it was the clown; I turned to my left... And it was a floating-red-glowing orb in the woods. I stood still when I saw it. I began walking towards it. I found it so alluring, as if it hypnotized me. I trotted into the bushes of the forest and followed that orb. It was as if it possessed me or something, or I am a video game character getting controlled by a gamer. Like, I wasn’t controlling myself, something was controlling me. It felt as if I was meditating. I was completely leaving the other group walking away from them. It is going to be extremely dangerous when I am alone.

Summer | 2008

 Autumn is leading the way bravely as I am following behind her, and the others behind. We were trying our best to not make loud noises, despite our feet making crunching noises as we venture on deeper into the woods, as the sunset-coloured leaves decked some of the boreal leaves at the top of the trees. And the bleak breeze blowing against me the wind, doesn’t affect me much; I am used to the cold. Because I live here, technically my entire life, I will say ninety-five percent of my whole life so far. I moved here to Canada because we had to live somewhere else, because my dad goes on the airplane to work. And he finds it very difficult constantly going. I remember when I was in my bed listening to them arguing in the bedroom that is next to mine, with voices muffled, but still clear enough for me to understand what they’re saying, when I knew what they were talking about; tears slid down my face because we were going out of the country. While we were walking in the forest, I had a very eerie feeling about this place. I don’t know what it was, I suddenly felt nervous when I was walking in the forest. I didn’t feel like I was getting stalked or anything, but it was sure an eerie feeling. I know what it feels like when you get stalked, not like I searched it up or anything. I don’t need to search it up.



As we were walking, we have realized that Austin was gone; we didn’t know where he went. He wouldn’t run away from us, possibly something took him or something. But we heard nothing behind us, and if he was getting kidnapped by the clown or whatever, he would’ve screamed for help. Something is up, something is greater than that clown. We gathered around in a circle like a cult. ‘We should go into groups and spread out,’ I said. ‘Groups? Are you deranged?’ Said Eva. ‘Eva, we have no other choice, we can’t spread out all by ourselves he will just go for us one at a time,’ said Autumn. ‘True, that is the best thing we can do at the moment,’ said Eva. It was the best thing I can come up with, we can’t go alone. The clown would cherry pick us and be part of his human collection. ‘Okay, Autumn, you’re with me.’ ‘Eva, you’re with Jack.’ ‘Summer, I don’t want to be with Jack!’ ‘Nobody does, it's fine,’ said Autumn. We all walked away from each other, spreading out. I understand why Eva doesn’t want to go with Jack.

I feel sorry for her. I should’ve gone with Jack. I hope she will be just fine with him though, and hope he doesn’t bully her. We have to find him before it is too late. He is probably being held captive right now. We can’t let him get tortured or whatever that clown wants to do with us. It is horrifying going into the woods with only me and my friend. And looking for our other friend by knowing what is out there. My heart began racing to the point my chest hurt. I have a feeling that he is dead. I brushed it off and ignored that feeling. I treated it like adrenaline as if I was going down a scary ride, ignore it, and that’s exactly what I did. ‘Should we call out his name?’ I asked. ‘Yeah, I think we should, the clown kidnapped him, right?’ said Autumn. ‘Don’t think that was a clown, if it was then he would’ve been screaming us for help, whilst he is getting grabbed,’ I said. ‘What else could it be? He probably gotten one of those syringes that makes you go to sleep then.’ ‘True, I think it might be best to call out, anyway.’ We began calling out his name out loud, hoping he could answer back. There was nothing, as if he disappeared or something. He must be really far away to the point he can’t hear us, or he cannot speak? I hope we can find him until it is too late. ‘Austin!’ Autumn yelled. We heard nothing, again. ‘Hello? Austin!?’ I yelled using all the oxygen in my lungs to make the loudest possible yell I can, I yelled so loudly that I was gasping for air after the yell. Again, nothing. Something is up. I don’t know what it is.


‘How can we find him?!’ I said. ‘I don’t know, just stop calling out his name, clearly he won't answer.’ ‘Yeah.’ We stopped yelling, and kept walking in the woods. I felt of getting followed, or getting stalked. I turned around, but there was no one there. It was weird, like an energy making me feel like something was following us. I don’t feel safe walking in these woods. ‘I am feeling we are getting followed.’ Autumn turned around, and there was nothing. ‘Well, nothing seems to be there. I don’t see any movement.’ ‘It could be nothing, no need to worry about it.’ ‘Okay,’ I said. We have been walking for quite a long time; twenty-six minutes so far. The time doesn’t seem long, but the distance is just insane; we have walked above one mile; My legs aren’t that sore, it’s getting sore, it’s quite tired as well, but it doesn’t feel as tired as my legs are complete noodles. As long as we find help and shelter, we are fine. I ignored the feeling of paranoia, haven’t felt such a strong sense of paranoia since I was twelve-years old. When we were walking on our left, we saw a tree in the distance; no ordinary tree. It wasn’t normal, well it was, but there are some things on it that don’t make it normal.

The tree was like the odd one out. We are in a boreal forest, and this is the only oak tree we have seen so far in the forest; it wasn’t a normal oak tree... Well, at least mostly it was This tree was fifty-foot in the sky, grey tree trunk, no leaves, the branches spread out like a hawk’s wings and there were fifteen dead kids, scattered on the branches hanging off the tree by a rope around their neck. They were around our age; they look like teenagers; some weren’t, some looked thirteen to twelve. But that wasn’t just kids hanging from the branches. There were arms, legs and other body parts hanging from a rope tied around it, dangling like crib mobiles that a baby sees when they’re going to bed. My heart was racing as fast as a bullet when I saw it. I was so scared that I couldn’t talk, like I had a zip on my bow-shaped lips.

We walked towards it and saw that there were missing posters taped to the kid’s chests. And the missing posters are their photo’s… ‘T-these a-are the missing k-kids?’ said Autumn. There are way more missing posters, though, of different children, and the news said once that there were one-hundred kids missing. But there are only fifteen on this tree, doesn’t that mean there is more than one tree that has kids hanging on them? ‘Oh, my god!’ I said. Seeing the flies storming around the dead bodies sounding like a hive of bees buzzing around the nest, some of them weren’t rotting. And the smell is unbearable, smells like rotting meat. ‘That’s so gross,’ Autumn said. ‘D-do you think that the clown done this?’ I said. ‘What else could have done this?’ said Autumn. I don’t know why I have asked the most stupid question when all the paths connect. From looking at the arms dangling from the branches. It made me think this clown isn’t just murderous–but cannibalistic. Unless the clown just ripped their limbs out of their body and hanged them like a hanger in a wardrobe. We didn’t feel safe, so we ran away from the tree. And we went to find Austin. We didn’t have any part of us to give up, not until we see him alive or dead. 




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Noah Rowland A young author Who writes, horror, paranormal horror (ghost stories), Action, and fantasy. I am a fan of horror, but mostly ghost stories and the paranormal is just my place. Cant wait for all you amazing people to read my stories, and to see my insane progression over the years.

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TH Trel Homan
Man, that clown was creepy, I thought my clowns were creepy but yours...huh... I would enjoy it if you could write a book called, Ox, where a demonic ox goes to a wooden house and haunts a family. This book was so enjoyable by it's eerie and scary good descriptions🤡🤡🤡 Sincerely, Trel
May 21, 2023, 19:18

  • Noah Rowland Noah Rowland
    Thankyou so much, as I am in a bit of a writer block, that wont stop chapter 2 for coming out. Thankyou, your comment really made my day. I was thinking of making a paranormal story of what you've actually said. So, keep a look out, I usually tell my fans of what I am doing and when is coming out. May 22, 2023, 05:56
Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
Wow! What a chilling piece! Gave me goosebumps all the way😱 I loved it! Congratulations on being number 6 what a great accomplishment 🏆🎉🎉
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  • Noah Rowland Noah Rowland
    Thanks for the feedbaack, yeah, I thought hard of how to make my story amazing which made me improve. And everytime I write, the closer I get the more confident. May 07, 2023, 03:49
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Well done Noah! Very descriptive writing
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    It truly is amazing writing. I really love his style May 06, 2023, 10:15
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