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Hello, im Megan. This is how I got my inspiration, my ideas, and, of course, inkspired! Any questions or comments? Feel free to ask! Crossed out followers of the month: Shaun Waller Michael Nichols Kinga

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Hi. Im Megan Tumor, author of Emily. I know, my book, it's not the greatest. Honestly, I think its horrible. But I don't write books just because I want to be famous. I write it for fun, its basically one of my hobbies. But my goal is bigger than THAT. My true goal is to share my books with the world one day, and I guess I finally did it. Except for one thing.....I want to share them in real life. I guess this wasn't enough, and so ill try to create books in real life. But I definitely have a long way to go because:

I am actually only a -- year-old.

So yeah, these aren't my greatest ideas.

I work best with genres that have romantic and dramatic scenes. But I can work very well with thriller/mystery and horror, too.

Some other genres that I try to work with don't work as well. I can't make childrens books, nor can I make LGBTQ books. Its just not my thing.

There is one thing I always take no for an answer in books.

Writing in third-person.

I hate writing in third-person. Even if the character is male or "trans", I would never, and I mean never, write it third person. I hate to say it, but I always write childish books. Yeah, even if I don't work well with it. I don't like it, because my main targets for age is usually 13 or up. I also loose confidence when I see all of your amazing books, all of them are very detailed and more adult like. Mine, however, are all so childish. I do really try to avoid that, but I also try to avoid inappropriate things for kids like achohol, drugs, etc. So that's why my books are a little childish. Im sorry.

If you have any questions or comments, please do say.

Also, if anyone wants me to make a book based of of their idea, ill make one. I'd love to!

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