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This story contains complemental lore and worldbuilding for the setting of The Social Commentaries of a Villainess. As such, not all of the characters mentioned here will appear in the story proper. This got bigger than I had predicted, so I decided to share short bits of information; all of this is based on historical sources but has many creative twists, so it shouldn't be taken literally. Remember: this is a fantasy work.

Fantastik Epik Tüm halka açık.

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The Writer

Lady of water

strength giver,

strength taker.



Recorder of wisdom.

Ruler of flows:

water, wind and blood.

Weaver of life and death,

companion and reaper,

mother and crone.

To you, we dedicate offerings,

to you, the offerings march themselves.

Master of keys,

Mother Pora,

Reitia, the sacred writer.

Pora-Reitia, Friend of Wolves

Pora-Reitia, Master of Horses,

Pora-Reitia, the sage among the sages.

To you, we beg for guidance,

To you, we ask for healing and recovery.

Lady of weavers and sailors,

for safe journeys, we beg.

Lady of wisdom and records,

for sapience, we pray.

Lady of Wealth and Travels,

for proper choices, we implore.

Protect those who are alone:

spirits, animals and humans.

Guide those who are lost:

the mad, the ill, the unloved.

Care for those who are blind:

the mistreated, the ignorants and the haughty.

You, who drank with the one-armed,

and later, the one-eyed.

You, who rode with the Night and the Day

You, who loved the Horned one.

Pora, wisdom-provider.

You, who flew with the Owl,

Swam with the serpents

and danced with the Southern Thunder.

You, who sailed with the purple-garbed,

talked with the winged-ones

and read among the smokeless flames.

Sahnata, health and life-giver.

To you, we call, ask and beg.

To you, we offer, give and dedicate.

Reitia, divine of lore and magic.

From you, we take.

From you, we carry.

From you, we move.

Lady of Water,

May your flow escort us beyond.

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The setting of my isekai got bigger as the story and its setting got developed: now there are more historical facts and creative lore than I can take care of, which is why I decided to create a universe. I don't promise fast updates, since this is a hobby, however, I plan to deliver short tales not exactly related to the main novel and more lore. ''Pontibus'' is a Latin word that means bridges. My stories are about encounters between people belonging to different societies and the wisdom (and grief) they gain from those events. While the main inspiration for TSCOAV are the ancient Adriatic Venetic people, I took a lot of creative liberties here and there, so don't expect historical accuracy in my work. Hakkında daha fazlasını okuyun Pontibus.