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AA Paylaş

For the ones

For the ones who only see the darkness,

give them their lightness back.

For the ones who didn't see the right road,

make a wish for them.

No one deserves to be alone,

No one in on this planet.

For the ones, who have more luck in life,

you just deserve it, you did everything

you could do.

For everyone on this planet, wish them

all the good things in this life.

For people who fight to survive fighting

for their place in this world they deserve

it, think of them too, that they deserve better

than the situation where they live in at this moment.

For all these people, try to hold on, your life goes on

too, there's something inside of you that's so strong,

Respect is what I wish for them, nothing more and

nothing less, life is one big lesson, learn and try to

grow, you never can't have the answer for everything.

That's where you are a human being for it can be so

difficult to try, don't lose your hope for better days,

things can always change, in so many ways.

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