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The quiet sound of a piano slowly filled the space in the almost empty café at the end of the street. Nobody had seen someone walking in and nobody saw who asked to play the lonely piano, at least nobody of the few guests. Just the guy at the coffee machine who decided to give the young man in hoodie and cap a try.

After some notes, a few people turned away from their table to see what was going on. Once he started singing he had the full attention not only inside the café, even people who just walked by came in to listen.

His face was well hidden, with his cap pulled deep, but nobody wanted to interrupt, everyone was lost in his play and voice. One young couple what was passing by got irritated by the crowd slowly entering the small room. In rush, she started searching for her phone in her huge bag while her boyfriend had his ready to record. With a slap on his shoulder, she took over his phone to record what was happening. In the next second, she was sending it to all her social media followers.

Before anyone had the chance to talk to the mysterious piano player, he was gone without knowing where he went. The only thing he left were the chills all over his audience spines and the young couple staring at their phone. They weren't the first people to post about him, he showed up before and disappeared like this time.

Out of sight out of mind wasn't the thing, everyone started talking about him and nobody knew his name or what he really looked like. There was only one thing that was always the same, his cap and hoodie, some people even called it his cape and mask, he also appeared and disappeared like a hero or a cloud in the sky.

No surprise that people would start to see him in every young man with a cap or a hoodie. Fans started searching information about him all over the media they could use, and of course there were some already famous people who became fans quickly after noticing him in posts.

Soon some of them shared about him in their own posts, admiring his talent, or even asking him to sing with them or meet up for a later collaboration.

There was one young woman, named Alexis, who just gained a huge amount of followers through her recent role in a series. Her career as an actress just started, but people fell immediately in love with her skills and looks. She loved going live and shared her experience during recordings and her daily routine before and after filming. Not long ago, she started to talk about him and his musical talent and like everybody else she was curious about him. Now she was clearly a fan, reposting videos and playing his music in her live's. Some fans even noticed a picture of him on the piano as the screensaver on her phone.

If fan or not, all of them had one thing in common, nobody knew his name or where he would show up the next time, until one day.

It was in a small bar, when he appeared again, asking to play the piano. Once he sat down, a young boy sat beside him and started to play the first four notes of the well known song the mysterious piano player always used to play. Not also the crowd but also the mysterious young man was surprised by the play of the little boy.

He knew some phones or even cameras would be pointing at him in every small thing he would start right now, but he also knew that each person would respect him enough to leave him in peace. Nervously getting their recording ready, none of them noticed him talking to the little boy who was still sitting beside him, except for the owner. He had started a live to share this very rare moment with the rest of the world. He couldn't believe that this would happen to him and his small bar. The count of viewers grew as fast as the line of kids behind the ice cream truck.

As the song was finished the little boy asked the mysterious guy for a picture and as soon as he saw him nodding he ran off to this father to get the polaroid camera. All phones and cameras kept recording during their moment, but the boy got an even bigger gift than everyone else, he got a small note on the back of the picture.

Signed by the young man who just left the bar, seeming not to worry if someone would be following him. He was filled with the emotions that came up every time he got the chance to play for people and leave them with smiles all over their faces.

Just before he made it around the next corner, he heard the little boy's voice.

Thank you, Skye!

Even though he heard the people around him whispering his name, he went on and disappeared, in a black sports car parked around the corner.

Some hours later his name was all over social media and made it into the news with videos of him playing on different channels in the country. Of course, it also made its way to his fans, who showed their love for the picture he had just taken with the boy. His face was still well hidden even in this picture, you could just see him smile with his new friend.

It didn't matter anyway because his fans were happy with what the just knew, finally his name. Finally, a name to share along the stories they post or a name to write down on your notebook at school. In a heart in crimson red, if you wanted to.

The new hashtag became trending along with the picture of him and the boy.


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