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In the aftermath of the [redacted], there were many questions but few answers regarding those most affected by the tragedy and resulting [redacted]. One researcher took an interest in eight—The rest of this note is smudged with what looks like blood but given the special occasion, this note is acceptable-

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This note is intended solely for professor [redacted] and no other parties until the results of my research have borne fruit. This note is only a notice of research because I do not need permission to conduct my research on the grounds of Article B, Section 1 of the Watchmen’s Handbook. None of the subjects will know of my existence and I shall not intervene in their development in any way. I will only document and periodically report my findings.

While I cannot give specific details of the subjects as of yet, the methods I use to observe them are the same used to observe subject -0-, also known as [redacted], albeit adjusted to meet the standards of the Watchman’s Handbook. Any questions or complaints about my methods should be directed to doctor [redacted], doctor [redacted], and professor [redacted] of the Watchmen Council since they were the originators of these methods.

Here, I will give a brief overview of the subjects and what I hope to find in my research. There are 8 subjects and all currently live around [redacted], an outlying state of [redacted]. All of them have awakened as various types of Wielders as of the writing of this note. Until now, I have been only periodically watching over them between my normal duties. I must now take an extended leave to follow their progress more closely. There are still many questions regarding the growth and development of Wielders, and I believe documenting the growth of these 8 subjects will go a long way to answering those questions, or maybe even cause us to ask the right questions. Of this, I believe the likelihood is high.

I would like this note to be included in the subsequent [redacted] of this research, of course, with certain elements redacted. My reasoning is that I would like this data to be used as less discrete learning material than the traditional [redacted] model we currently use. The rest, the [redacted] should be able to figure out on their own and apply the proper [redacted] methods to achieve this goal.

Please do not attempt to contact me, it will only hinder my research. If I do not report back for a year, assume me dead.


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