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One explanation of many, given to explain the origins of one of many worlds.

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Twin Gods

There once was a pair of twins born from the stars. The older brother was in charge of light and life, while the younger sister was in charge of darkness and death.

The older brother created things based on how he wanted them to look, as he was only concerned with the appearance of his creations, while the younger sister gave them life and purpose as she knew that greatness comes not from looks alone.

After centuries of crafting planets and creatures, the brother found himself bored, having stretched his imagination and unable to create something of true perfection. The sister, however, had grown fond of watching over her brother’s creations as their few imperfections withered them away and took it upon herself to retrieve the life she granted them to prevent great suffering.

The brother, now pained to see such imperfection in his creations, decided to destroy all of them and start anew, but his sister, now attached to her brother's creations, wouldn't have it.

Finding his sister reluctant to allow him to destroy his creations, the brother explained that he must, in order to create something of true perfection. The sister, in turn, explained to her brother that his creations were already perfect and that if he watched over them as she had, he'd feel the same.

Unswayed, the brother went on to make the most imperfect creation he could think of and presented it to his sister in a bid to get her to agree to destroy all of them. This failed, however, as she granted this creature life like she did all others and watched with glee as it came to interact with her brother's other creations.

Frustrated, the brother asked what he could do to convince his sister. She told him to join with his creations and interact with them for a time. If he thought they were still imperfect in the end, she'd allow their destruction and even destroy them herself.

The brother agreed and lowered himself onto one of the worlds he sculpted with his own hands and populated by the creatures granted life by his sister. As soon as his feet touched the ground, the sister took all of her brother's creations into herself. Being created of darkness, she was able to dim the divine light of her brother, making it impossible for him to escape.

Angered by his sister's trickery, the brother split himself into innumerable pieces and scattered himself across the darkness of his sister to find a way out, never to succeed. The sister, saddened because she no longer has her brother by her side, now watched over him and all of his creations.

This is why the night sky is so dark and the stars shine so brightly.

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J.J.J. W I'm just your average writer trying to get my name out there... Well, maybe not average, but I do what I like and odds are, you'd like it too.

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