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Amalia loved baking in the kitchen with her Abuela. She knew all the steps of cooking, but she couldn't make the perfect chocolate cookie. But her Abuela knows how too, but a tragic event happens. And the real magic starts cooking.

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Crack the egg softly

Amalia was on her way home, enjoying the breeze. When she got a call from an urgent call from her Abuela, ‘Cookie, can you get me some eggs, not the store bought eggs. The unicorn eggs, from Mrs. Oprah? The store bought doesn't have the right kind I want. Please and thank you.’ Amalia's Abuela hung up before Amalia could answer. Although Amalia knew her Gramila wasn’t taking no for an answer. Because her Abuela was always right. And never got normal store ingredients. They were more like dragon milk, and unicorn eggs. Like, how does a magical horse lay eggs? She sometimes thought, but all her Gramila said was that it wasn't important. Horses are mammals, so how do they have eggs? But she trusted her Abuela, even though the ingredients were weird.

On her way to Mrs. Oprah she saw Timothy. He was sweeping the fallen leaves of the porch. “Hey, Timmy,” Amalia waved at her friend. Tim smiled and waved back, and went back to sweeping. “Amalia,” Mrs. Oprah said, opening the door for her. “What will it be this time,” she asked Amalia, “uh, my Abuela needs unicorn eggs. Which is kind of weird, because how does a magical mammal horse lay eggs?” Amalia asked Mrs. Oprah “well, it’s quite simple,” Mrs. Oprah said, “unicorns have magic, and sometimes that magic is too big or too bad.” Mrs. Oprah said in a way to Amaila, gave her old grandma telling stories vibe, “and,” Amalia asked, “it’s disgusting for a good girl like you. I’ll go in my pantry and get the eggs,” but Amalia stopped her before she could get up. “No, I want to know, even if it's,” Amalia stops so she can swallow the throw up she was about to throw up, “disgusting.” She finally said, saying it made her feel icky and made a shiver go down her spine. “ok, so the unicorns either throw it up or poop it out.” Amalia let go of Mrs. Oprah’s hand then said, “oh, that’s not that bad.”

It was 5:30 P.M. Amaila was struggling. The unicorn's eggs weighed a ton! Timothy cared for two of them, while Amalia cared for four! “These eggs weigh like two hippo’s Ami.”

Amalia and Timothy made it to Amaila’s house, Amaila’s Abuela was waiting for them on her front porch. Amalia could tell she was using Calm Seeing Green Tea to see when they were coming, Abuela always used that on her. “Well, it took you long enough,” she said. “Well, this egg's way a ton Miss Casita.” Timothy said struggling. "Ohh that's because you don't work out," Abuela said, taking the three. "Amalia," Her grandmother said. "Could you please get my glasses from the library?" She asked, Amalia nodded and walked up stairs to the attic which was where their library was.

Right when she grabbed her grandmothers glasses a purple book started glowing in the history section. She turned around slowly and approached the book carefully. She placed her palm on the bar of the book and pulled it out. It had wings with a spoon and fork making an x. She opened it to see four names disappear and only one name appeared . "Amalia Fresa Casita" She crunched her face as she turned the page to a recipe. "Unicorn Haystone Cookies?" She queried. "Amalia!" Her grandmothers face startled her has she dropped the cook book and turned around. "I said grab my glasses not start reading!" Her grandmother said, Amalia quickly kicked it to the side. The book slide underneath a table with the cloth not showing underneath it.

"Sorry Abuela...Sometimes the books are just....Distracting." She smiled, trying hard not to act suspicious.

"Hmm..I guess that true...I would read books all night if I didn't need sleep. Now do you have my glasses?" Abuela asked. "Oh! Yea! Here.." Amalia smiled, taking the glasses from behind her back. Handed over her Abuela her glasses. "Thank you..Now come along...You need to crack some eggs." She said turning around fining to walk out until she immediately turned around which startled Amalia because her gaze was at the table which the book was under.

"And crack the eggs..Softly.."She reminded, occurring to the first time she cracked eggs. It was a giant mess.

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