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When love touches our heart, it opens up to new things , and every feelings becomes pure and real .

Şiir Tüm halka açık. © Alo Solomon

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I learnt that there’s a twist in love

So I found you hiding your feelings for me, from me, keeping it to yourself

I tried to make a move but my legs couldn’t carry me

We could see clearly the zeal, but our hearts seems shorter than our words

We buried sleep stalking ourselves

Warmed our hearts with our burning desires

Craving upon cravings

Attempts and futility

We stuttered l… L….. but couldn’t say further

You are Scared

And I’m Scared too

So scared to go first

Now, we stand at distance staring at each other

I wonder what happened last night that kept us awake

Each time you leave I feel empty

Whenever you are around I am whole

Do you feel the way I feel?

Or it’s just a delusion from here

I have miles to walk you down to

Would you mind sharing your heart with me?

I know how it feels to love and be loved

So whenever I gives you a perk

Don’t resist, it makes me look like a jerk

I wish I could take you near the riverside

Where we join in love’s tide

I wish I have a chance to say it out loud

That I love you, even in the midst of the crowd

I wish I just can do the things I feel to do

But……I’m just a friend to you

©️Alo Solomon (Asa Cl)


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Solomon Alo Alo Solomon is a prolific writer and poet with great passion for arts. His hobbies are writing, promoting works of art and traveling, with many quotes, articles and poems to his credit. His poems were published in New York by IHRAF in an anthology titled “Speaking Truth To Power” in march 2023.

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