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An lgbtq++ story/voice acting

LGBT+ 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

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Parts 1-10

Today is the first day of school for Annie and she barely knows anybody because she is going to a new school because of something that happened in her old school.

Annie was born with special powers and she was LGBTQ+ and when she found out that she had special powers she was scared that everyone would find out. When she was at school she was bullied and one of her bullies would beat her up because of the fact that she is LGBTQ+. Her parents then got mad because she kept coming home beat up. So they decide to give her a fresh start at a new school.

Annie Zoe Randall: Ok, new school, new people. Let's have a great school year this year, no bullies.(Hopefully) -Smiles as she walks into the school-

Annie walks into the school and goes to the principal's office to get her schedules for her a and b days. She enters the principal’s office and sees that the principal and another student were waiting for her.

Annie Zoe Randall:-Comes in and bows- Hello… I am Annie Zoe Randall..

Principal Ben: Hello Annie.. I am the principal.. You must be here for your schedule, you can come by later to get your dorm key and number.

Annie Zoe Randall: Ok, and who is that?

Principal Ben: Oh this is Sky Pickett.. She is going to be showing you around the school and where your classes are.

Sky Pickett: Hello, Annie, I am Sky Pickett as the principal said. You want to start if you want.

Annie Zoe Randall: Ummm…. Sure we can start..I guess.

Sky Pickett: Ok, let's go…

After Sky showed Annie around.

Annie and Sky: -Stands in front of the lockers-

Sky Pickett: This is where the lockers are at, what is your locker number?

Annie Zoe Randall: 307 and it says a huge locker on it since I have a lot of classes this year from all of y’all..

Sky Pickett: Ok, so you have a big locker and the number is 307, let's go.

When they found Annie’s locker.

Sky Pickett: Here we are, you would have to go get a lock but you can still put stuff in your locker. What is your 1st hour class?

Annie Zoe Randall: -Looks at schedule- I have intermediate honors geometry 2nd hour. I have intermediate for the 3rd hour.

Sky Pickett:Ok, I am going to give you the map. It says the classes on it and the teachers you have with it should be on the schedule and it will say it on the map so good luck see you later. -gives the map and leaves to go to her class-

Annie Zoe Randall: -Looks at schedule and then looks at map- Ok, here we go let’s not get lost this time -gets to her first class after 15 minutes of trying to find it-

Annie then enters the class.

Ms. Alien: Hello, are you Annie Zoe Randall?

Annie Zoe Randall: Yes, I am but please call me Annie.

Ms. Alien: Ok, class.. This is Annie plz treat her well.Annie go sit behind Harriet Flora Blast plz raise your hand.

Harriet Flora Blast:-Raises hand-

Annie Zoe Randall: -Goes and sits behind Harriet-

Ms. Alien: Ok, class.. Open your geometry books to page 22.. Annie you can follow along with Harriet Flora Blast.

Annie Zoe Randall: Ok. -Moves desk next to Harriet-

After class

Harriet Flora Blast: Hey, if you can remember me I am Harriet Flora Blast but you can call me Harriet, the person you sat next to and read in the book with.

Annie Zoe Randall: Hey… I remember you from Geomenty class, oh well I am Annie Zoe Randall but call me Annie. What class do you have next?

Harriet Flora Blast: I have History next, what about you?

Annie Zoe Randall: Oh we have the same next class together -Smiles-

After classes and at lunch

Luke Cameron Plumb: Did you guys see the new kid?

Sky Pickett: Oh was it Annie?

Luke Cameron Plumb: Yeah them.. They are nice.

Sky Pickett:Yeah, I met them this morning.. Guys is it just me or do y’all get this weird feeling that they are also like us?

Luke Cameron Plumb: Yeah, I was getting that weird feeling when we were partners for Science class.

Harriet Flora Blast:Yeah,I noticed it during Geometry class today.

Luke Cameron: Let’s go find them.

They all then go and find Annie.When they find her she is on the rooftop sitting alone.

Sky Pickett: Hey Annie -She waves at Annie-

Annie Zoe Randall: Hey Sky! -They look up at Sky and the others- What’s up?

Sky Pickett:Well we were wondering why you transferred to our school. I mean our school is great and all but like why?

Annie Zoe Randall: Oh… -Looks down towards the ground again- Well you see when I was at my old school, I would get beat up a lot, and you see there were two reasons why they would beat me up. One is because of my special power that I have, but I’m not going to tell the other reason why. My parents got tired of it and transferred me to this school..

Sky Pickett: Omg, I am terribly sorry that happened to you, but what is your special power?

Annie Zoe Randall: They are powers. The powers are shapeshifting, X-ray vision, Invisibility, and telepathy. Basically, I am able to shapeshift into anything. I can see through basically anything when I have my X-Ray vision. I am able to go invisible when I want to. If I think of going invisible I will be able to go invisible. I am able to talk to people through my mind whenever I have my telepathy on.

The whole group except Annie: -Shocked- Jesuses, how the heck do you have so many powers?

Annie Zoe Randall:What do you mean? I was just born with powers.

Sky Pickett: Oh.. You're not alone tho. Everyone that is up here as special powers.. But I think I know the other reason… Is..Are.. Are you LGBTQ+.

Annie Zoe Randall: -Starts crying a bit and without the others noticing- I am… The other kids at my old school wouldn’t understand me… They would always make fun of me… No one really cared about it… Since my parents didn’t know about it all I told them was that they found out about my powers…

Luke Camerion:Look, Annie you're not the only one here at this school that has powers you know.

Annie Zoe Randall: -Crying even more- You don’t understand then…-Runs away back into the building-

Sky Pickett: What does she mean? We need to talk to my dad.

They went back into the building and went to find Sky’s dad which was the principal so they went to the office

Sky Pickett: Dad? I need to ask you something.

Principal Ben: Yes, what’s up?

Sky Pickett: It’s about Annie…

Principal Ben: What’s up with Annie?

Sky Pickett: She was acting… weird…

Principal Ben: What do you mean?

Sky Pickett: I.. I think she is like us…

Principal Ben: You mean she might be lgbt?

Sky Pickett: Yea… I could tell when we were talking to her… She was on the rooftop when we found her and we were talking to her and we asked why she moved to this school and she said that it was because of the fact that she has powers and the other reason she didn’t want to say what the other one was but she said that both of them were the reason why, because she was also being bullied at her old school. After we talked she ran back into the building crying and we didn’t want to chase after her.

Principal Ben: Oh… Ok, we need to find her.

They all then go and find Annie. They found Annie in the gym next to the swimming pool getting ready for her swimming class.

Principal Ben: Hey Annie, are you ok?

Annie Zoe Randall: .. -Thinking while saying- Yes, I am fine.All I am doing is getting ready for swimming class.

Principal Ben: Annie, we know something is wrong.

Annie Zoe Randall: -Gets in the water- Ok, I don’t really care right now… -Starts swimming- and besides I don’t really care what is the matter with me because I am just going to be happy and hide it anyways.

Principal Ben: You guys go get changed into your swim suits ok

The group goes and gets changed.

After they got changed they came back.

Sky Pickett: Ok dad, you want us to get in the water now?

Principal Ben:Not yet. I am going to get the swim teacher. I will be back.

By now Annie was on the other side of the swimming pool already and was sitting on the other side and she saw that they had their swimming suits on and they sat down on the other side of the pool waiting for the swimming teacher. Once Principal Ben got there with the swimming teacher. The teacher was literally ready for them to swim.

Ms. Wolf: Ok, guys are you ready to swim? Also who is the girl sitting on the other side of the pool?

Principal Ben: That is Annie she is new here and is in your class. She is having a rough day and guys did she do anything before we came back?

Sky Pickett: Not that we have seen except the fact that she just got back into the water again. I don’t know what is going on with her tho…

Principal Ben: Ok, will I gotta go bye. -Leaves the swimming area-

Ms. Wolf: Ok, I will go talk to her -Gets in the water- you guys can get in the water and start doing the normal exercises while I go talk to her. -Starts swimming over to Annie and gets there in a few minutes later- Hello, you must be Annie?

Annie Zoe Randall: Yes, I am. How may I help you? -Gets out of the water and starts walking to get a towel-

Ms. Wolf: Oh yes, I am your swimming teacher -gets out of the water and follows here-

Annie Zoe Randall: Mmm… nice to meet you I guess. So why are you following me? -Grabs a towel and starts to dry off-

Ms. Wolf:Oh, because I wanted to know why you were upset.

Annie Zoe Randall: It’s none of your business… Besides it not important either way -Leaves the pool area-

Ms. Wolf: -Goes back into the water and swims to the group- There is definitely something wrong with her but I couldn’t tell what it was.

Sky Pickett: Obviously, we know that… But what is it?

Annie Zoe Randall: -Watching them talk from a distance- If only y’all knew.

Sky Pickett: Does she take meditation? Father!

Principal Ben: What’s up?

Sky Pickett: Does Annie have to take meditation?

Annie Zoe Randall: Why do you want to know -Walks over to the group-

Principal Ben: We are only trying to help you…

Annie Zoe Randall: -Clearly mad- I don’t need help… I am perfectly fine… There is nothing wrong with me. -About to cry and run away-

Everyone: -Notices that she is about to cry and run away-

Annie Zoe Randall: -Starts to have a breakdown- You guys don’t understand the stress that I am going through… FLIP I basically lost a lot of my family. -Runs away crying-

Everyone: -Runs to get changed- -After they changed- -They then go and find Annie- Annie! Where are you!

Annie Zoe Randall: -Runs into the art room and didn’t notice the art teacher- Ugggggh… Why does this have to happen and even at a new school. You know what it is fine as long as they don’t figure out everything that has already happened to me everything will be fine.

Ms. Ace: Hello, are you ok?

Annie Zoe Randall: Oh ummm… Yes, I am -They then hear people shouting Annie’s name- Oh no, ummm… Is there anywhere I can hide?

Ms. Ace: Yes, go hide in the closet.

Annie Zoe Randall: Ok -Runs into closet-

Gray Andrew Gump: -Runs in and shuts the door- Hi, do you got somewhere I can hide?

Ms. Ace: Yes, go hide in the closet

Gray Andrew Gump: -Runs into the closet-

Everyone: -Runs into the art room- Have you seen Annie? Have you seen Gray?

Ms. Ace: No, I have not… Try searching somewhere else maybe?

Everyone: -Leaves the art room but just stands out there out plain sight so that they can see if Annie and Gray is in there-

Ms. Ace: -Sighs- You two can come out now.

Annie and Gray: -Comes out of the closet- -Looks down- We are sorry… We didn’t mean for them to come in here…

Ms. Ace: It is fine… -Sees that they are still out there- You guys want to leave right?

Annie and Gray: -Nods-

Ms. Ace: -Points to a door leading outside and that was in the closet- Go through there and then you can leave… Also here are your dorm keys…. -Hands them their dorm keys-See you guys later… -Waves to them to go-

Annie and Gray: -Takes the dorm keys- Waves back and leaves before they leave the room- Bye! -Leaves and goes outside-

Once they are outside

Annie Zoe Randall: Ok, follow me… I know this place and how to get off the property without getting caught..-Starts to run towards a fence-

Gray Andrew Gump:-Follows her to the fence- Ok, so we are going to jump over the fence?

Annie Zoe Randall: Yes, we are going so let's start climbing the fence and jump over it and we need to do it fast because they do have cameras and the principal will be alerted when we leave so let's go.

Annie and Gray: -Climbs the fence and jumps down- -Starts to run away from the school grounds even more-

When they got to the highway

Annie Zoe Randall: -Looks behind them- They just got the alert so we need to keep going -Texts Annie's mom to come pick her and Gray up at the highway-

Annie’s mom: -Pulls up- Hey guys! Get in-

Annie and Gray: -Gets into the car- Hello. -Looks at each other and then laughs-

Gray Andrew Gump: Opps, I guess we forgot to introduce ourselves.. I am Gray Andrew Gump, I am a class rep and have a boyfriend.

Annie Zoe Randall: I am Annie Zoe Randall, I am also a class rep, I have played every single sport and I am single. -Upset face-

Gray Andrew Gump: You will find someone soon, hopefully..

Annie’s mom: Ok, guys where do you want to go, since technically you left school property.

Gray Andrew Gump: I think we are going to go to the dairy queen…

Annie and Gray: -Both nods- Yes, we are heading to DQ.

Annie’s mom: Ok -drives to DQ and stops- Here we are. Bye guys..

Annie and Gray: -Gets out- Bye thanks for the ride.

Annie’s mom: -Drives off-

Gray Andrew Gump: Ok, what do you want to do?

Annie Zoe Randall: Idk, I know that they are tracking us, mainly because we are still in the school uniform.

Gray Andrew Gump: Oh yeah, I just realized that, -points over across the street- There is a clothing store across the street that we can go to the clothing store and get new clothes and just put our uniforms in a bag.

Annie Zoe Randall: Sure, let's go because of the fact that I need new clothes anyways.

They then head to the store across the street since they are getting tracked down by their school.

Their school is hot on their tail..

Annie Zoe Randall: We should really check to see where they are at.

Gray Andrew Gump: Yea, I mean we don’t want them to see us, because we don’t really want them to find us and then ask us questions.

Annie Zoe Randall: Why not get a disguise so then they won’t find us?

Gray Andrew Gump: Actually that is a perfect idea.

They then see Andrew at the shop as well

Gray Andrew Gump: Hey Andrew!

Andrew Pillip: Hey Babe!

Gray Andrew Gump: How are you? -Goes and hugs Andrew-

Andrew Pillip: -Hugs back- I am fine, who is this? -Points towards Annie-

Gray Andrew Gump: Oh, they are Annie.

Andrew Pillip: Hello, Annie! I am Andrew! I am Gray’s boyfriend -blushes-

Annie Zoe Randall: Hello, Andrew! I am Annie! And I'm single.

Andrew Pillip: -Goes up to her and whispers- Don’t tell him what I am going to tell you… I am transgender.

Annie Zoe Randall: I won’t tell, anyways I got to go before I am late to my photoshoot.

Christiana Smart: Annie! You are going to be late!Hurry up and get to the car before I get you to the car myself so that you aren’t late to the photoshoot.

Annie Zoe Randall: Ok, I am coming. Bye guys, see you at school Gray -Waves bye to them-

After she left

July 24,2022

Annie walks up to the school

Annie Zoe Randall: Ok, new school day. Let’s get this over with.

Annie enters the school and heads to her locker

Sky sees that she is here

Sky Pickett: Annie!

Everyone in the group that was searching for Gray and Annie heard Sky and ran over to her

Everyone: Annie!

Annie then runs away from the group again but this time runs to the other side of the building away from where the group was at.

Annie then stops at the music room and decides to go in there.

Annie Zoe Randall: Oh, this is a nice room.

Annie than sees a bunch of instruments and stuff and decides that she is going to sing

They all then hear some music going on and they decide to check the music room and they see that Annie and she is getting ready to sing.

Annie Zoe Randall: I wear masks with a smile for hours at a time.

Everyone is shocked at the fact that she can sing and they didn’t know about it, not even the principal knew about it.

Annie Zoe Randall: Stare at the ceiling while I hold back what's on my mind.

Everyone looks confused.

Annie Zoe Randall: And when they ask me how I am doing, I say, “I’m just fine.”

Everyone is still confused

Annie Zoe Randall: And when they ask me how I’m doing, I say, “I’M JUST FINE!”

Everyone is then shocked because they haven’t seen her yell that much before.

Annie Zoe Randall: but the fact is I can never get off my mattress.

Everyone is just like watching and can’t say anything

Annie Zoe Randall: And all that they can ask is why are you so sad, kid.

Annie than looked down

Annie Zoe Randall: That’s what the mask is. That’s what the point of the mask is.

They all than feel bad for Annie

Annie Zoe Randall: -Looks up- So you can see I’m trying, you won’t see me crying, I’ll just keep on smiling i’m good. And it just keeps on piling, it's so terrifying, but I keep on smiling. I'm good.

Everyone starts crying a bit but not very loud for Annie to hear them.

Annie Zoe Randall: I’ve been caring too much for so long, been comparing myself for so long, I’ve been wearing a smile for so long it’s real, so long it’s real, So long it’s real.

Everyone is now realizing what was going on.

Annie Zoe Randall: Always being judged by a bunch of strange faces, scared to go outside,haven’t seen the light in ages, but i’ve been places, so I’m ok-ish, So i’m ok-ish , yeah I’M OKAY B*****, but the fact is, I need help. I'm failing all my classes. They think that I need glasses, I just really wish that I could pass this.

Everyone is now very worried about Annie.

Annie Zoe Randall: That’s what the mask is, that’s what the point of the mask is, so you can see I’m trying, you won’t see me crying, I’ll just keep on smiling I’m good, and it just keeps on piling, it’s so terrifying but I keep on smiling, i’m good.

Everyone is now crying and is worried even more than before?

Annie Zoe Randall: I’ve been caring too much for so long. After comparing myself for so long, I’ve been wearing a smile for so long it's real, so long it’s real, so long it’s real.

After that Annie then broke down into tears.

Annie Zoe Randall: Damn, I haven’t cry this much since my last school hurt me.

Sky Pickett: Annie?

Annie Zoe Randall: -Shocked- How much did you guys hear?

Sky Pickett: … All of it.

Annie Zoe Randall: Oh… I am sorry… for not telling you guys… I was just scared about how people were going to judge me…

Sky Pickett: We would never judge you!

Annie Zoe Randall: Sure, you won’t? 😒

Sky Pickett: Yeah, we will support you anyways for whatever you are.

Annie Zoe Randall: Uh huh that is what everyone say and then they turn their back and I don’t want that to happen

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