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I didn't plan to go to the Party, but my Friends thought it was time for me to enjoy College. My best friend Alex told me that it was going to be epic and that I would never forget this Night. Now I know that he was right, and I will always remember it, even though there were moments were I wished to.

Alex was so hyped about it that I couldn't be mad, not even when I knew whose party it is. Everyone was talking about him, I even heard Girls talking about him at the Supermarket. Luke, Captain of the Basketball team, tall, with brown Hair, Blue Eyes, and the highest-ranked Student in his Class. Girls loved him and he loved them, not the kind of Love you're thinking about. He loved them his way, and at that point, I was sure that I was the only Girl that wasn't under his covers. I never wanted to be one of them, used for one Night.

Music was filling the huge and wide living room that had even bigger Windows to the back of the House. When Alex spotted the Pool he was ready to jump in right away, the next second I found myself together with him in the Water. He was laughing and enjoying the moment, while I roughly pushed him away.

Why did I choose to wear the white Shirt today, I should have known better. Now I was trying to cover what was impossible to hide. I moved into the corner of the Pool, fixing my wet hair.

Someone behind me whispered, "Do you need help?"

"I don't need...", my heart dropped the moment I looked up over my shoulder, right into his bright blue Eyes.

He smiled and came closer, reaching for my Arm to help me out of the Water, "so you don't want a new and dry shirt?"

"No, I don't need anything, especially not from you!" The whole sentence came out of nowhere, I didn't plan to say it that way. I kept my arms tight around my chest and left to look for a bathroom.

My answer must have left him in shock too, I noticed his reflection in one of the windows when I walked towards the living room.

The only Bathroom I could find was locked, so I sat down on the stairs, hoping the door would open soon. Minutes went by without something happening and slowly I started feeling cold in my wet clothes. I decided to walk upstairs and have a look around for another Bathroom. There must have been another one in such a big house. I walked into the first room with an open door, some clothes were lying on the bed. I've never seen a room so clean and in a place like that, almost like out of a furniture catalog.

The water was dripping down my clothes all over the floor and I decided to take the shirt that was on the bed and change it with mine. My shirt was sticking to my skin when I slowly and carefully took it off and placed it on a chair next to me. I was grabbing the shirt from the covers and as soon as I lifted it to put it on a nice scent found its way into my nose. The scent made me feel comfortable in an almost scary way. I kept it close just for a small moment, drowning in the feeling it gave me.

I was jumping a little when I heard a small noise behind me, unable to move I kept the shirt even closer. My thoughts went wild and I tried not to flex any muscles because I knew I would start shaking when I do. Maybe it came from the next room or downstairs, not from this room. It couldn't be, it can't be. My heart started beating faster with every second I stood there motionless.

I held my breath when I heard his words, "so you want my shirt now?"

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