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High school love is always wonderful and spicy if you are with the right people but with the wrong ones leads to regrets in the future . Hazel a young girl joins new school hoping to start over without any drama but Will she when love is right at the corner

Romantizm Erotik Sadece 18 yaş üstü için.

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First day

After a whole life of single sex school , finally Hazel was going to a mixed school ."Eagle Gates " a school that was in the woods . Looking at her mother ,she wondered if she was just trying to punish her for disrespecting her the other day ."Mother are we almost ."

"You should be reading the rules and regulations of your new school Hazel ." she uttered with her eyes focused on the road.Yes ,this was why she is being sent to this new school .

She sighed and looked at the paper that she a signed when they were home but was it willingly ,she clicked her tongue none of that mattered now . Biting her lower lip ,she wished that she could turn time back and fixed things before it getting to that point.

Mixed school ,she felt her heart beating faster in her chest just at the thought ,it was not even in her wildest dreams that one day she would be in one ,her eyes opened widly with many thoughts running in her head . Finally turning her head to the window ,she placed her left hand on it as she saw them approaching a bridge ,it wasn't old at all .She narrowed her gaze as she got lost in deep thoughts . Many people had many things to say about the school but from the looks of the bridge by what she is seeing it wasn't as old as people were saying .

Really people had many things to say or was it just rumors that people got and spread it like wild fire.After all they were human ,she saw the beautiful forest that was along the path as if making it's own road which led to a huge gate that made her jaws drop , turning to look at her mother many things in her mind but she couldn't voice it.

"Mother are we ?"

"Yes ,we are here ." she replied with a shushing look when she saw the gate keeper approaching their car ,Hazel rolled her eyes, at that point their was no use in talking to her mother to change her mind .She had already tried to change it but .Now ,her eyes stared up at the building when the gates were open ,she stared at the statues that were at every corner of the entrance of the room. The walls were in grey giving it a grippy look but apart from that it was a nice school at least Hazel was praying and hoping that it was . Poking her head from the car window ,she saw a few of the students who were standing at the balcony which made her tilt jerhead to get a better look at their uniforms but she couldn't .

"Hazel ." she quickly turned her head to look at her mother who was approaching the car ,she smiled at her with one of her fake smiles which meant be nice and play along . Hazel smiled back at her mother and opened the door .But before she could utter a word , her mother held her by the shoulder and turned her to face some man ,she looked up at her mother wondering why she wanted her to befriend such a person by the looks of it he looked to be a pervert .Not like he had said it but it was written all over his face .

"This is my daughter , Hazel ." she said with a jolly laugh to break the ice between Hazel and the man before them .He looked at Hazel from her head to her toe as if analysing her in his head.

"Hmm,." he smiled before saying ."Nice to meet you Hazel ,am your headteacher Mr.Mike . Well ." he placed his hand on Hazel's shoulder showing that now she was his responsibility ,her mother was taken aback by the care shown by this man that she forgot that her daughter was standing there .

"Well I think little miss here needs to go and get a uniform ." Mr.Mike looked at Hazel who felt like throwing up in her mouth which she actually did but didn't let it out on his dirty face.She grinded her teeth together not knowing why she was getting anger . Feeling like a monster for hating Mr Mike for no reason ,she wrapped her arms around her chest as they walked to Mr. Mike's office which was not so far from where they were standing . Walking few steps , Hazel caught site of many students but they seemed nice ,she closed her eyes and opened it as they walked to the office Maany things ran threw her mind and left one question.Why ? why was she hoping that the school was good ,oh how desperate she wanted to have a sense of belonging here.

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