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The stories about the first supernatural, how they became who they are. this story follow the story of Anniessa the queen of vampires. The life that she wants and the life her grandmother wants.

Fantastik Kentsel Fantezi Sadece 18 yaş üstü için. © Attribution-no dervis

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Chapter: One

As I lay in my bed, as the sun shines in my room. I could hear footsteps coming down the hall. I know its morning time and I must get up, but I don't want to. All I want to do is lay in my silk royal golden sheets. The softness of them as they rub against my legs and arms. Kind of remind me of the time I kept going into my parents' bedroom when I was a child. The way the sheets just wave as I move her, I used to play hide and seek with my father. My mother would come in the room with a smile on her face. She would just look at us as we play. I heard the foots steps stop at my door. I know they are about to bust in my room and get my day started. I hate when they do this, just for God's sake let me sleep.

I hear a knock on my door as I am waiting for them. "Your Majesty it's time to get up and start your morning." My maid Ariel had said through the door. "Go away I want to see more!" I yelled back. She turns the nob to the door and bust right on in. "I am sorry Your Majesty, but we have a busy schedule on her hands." I gave her a glare as I she walked around my bed. Ariel have been my maid since I was a baby and that I have been about 25,000 years ago. She was a flare skinned woman with beautiful locks that hangs down her back. She has a more on the right side of her lip that makes her smile more beautiful. Her green eyes glowed in the sun as she stands by the curtains. "You know where I came from if you didn't get up on time then no breakfast for you." She said tapping my nose like a child.

"Don't do that to me I am not a child I am a very powerful woman; a Queen I might add." I spoke. She chuckles a little. "That you are but at the same time you need to get up for the day, your grandmother is coming." She said as she lifts her left eyebrows up. "Lilith is coming really. I am having seen my grandmother in a thousand years." She winked at me. I jumped out of bed and rush pass ariel and the other maids.

My grandmother Lilith is the first and was the first vampire\demon. Everyone knows her as the queen of demons, which is true she is. But what they don't tell you is Lilith was African, and Adam first wife. They tell you about Adam and Eve but about What happened in the Eden Garden. But that is another day. Anyway, to girl a little bit well my mother was the first child of Adam and Lilith, but because how Adam curse Lilith so she won't have no kids, he did know she was pregnant already.

That's enough about my grandmother, about me. I am the Queen of Vampire; I was giving that title at the age of 15,000 years by my grandmother because I was her favorite grandchild out of all my parents biology children. My mother is the Empress of Supernatural and my Father is the Emperor of Supernatural. Funny story my father is Korean, and my mother is African. Really my father chose to be Korean. I know that sound a little bit confusing trust me I'll explain later.

Both of my parents have consort and concubine. My father has over a few 100,000s and my mother have 7,000. Yes, I know that sound crazy but that what happens when your family is a Blood Royal Family.

Enough about my family I'll tell you more about them later. I as I came out of my bedroom, I saw my mother standing at end of the hallway. The hallway is mad out of pure gold, everything you see is gold. We have portrait of every one of my family. My brothers Damalis, and Arimond. They are my younger brothers; they are both are brutal killers. They never show mercy to the prey. As I looked at their portrait, they both looks so much like my father. Damalis has more of a brown skin complexion, He looks like a dark skinned Asian, but you can tell that he is not. He has short curly hair that shows if the sharp jaw born. His ears are slight pointed. His golden red eyes let you know he not so nice but can be charming. His smile or more like a smirk shows he a con man and love to play with whoever. Arimond portrait shows different, his skin is more yellow like an Asian person. He looks like a K-pop star if you ask me. His long black hair that hangs over bother side of his shorts let you know he more of a fashionista. He likes to always look good, his brown golden eyes like you know he more sinister then nice. He has this smile that makes girls want him but also know he is dangerous.

I looked away from their portrait and walked towards my mother. Her dark caramel brown skins that would glows in the sunlight if she stood in front of it. She reminds of an Egyptian queen. She has the most beautiful hair, it's so long that it hangs down to her feet and drags. She wears her as a crown with all the hair accessories. She had the most beautiful eyes that you could ever see. They are light brown with a hit of gold. Her lips her a full but soft touch. Her makeup that makes her look more beautiful. Her oval shape eyes with the light pink eyeshadow that brings out her eyes. The pink blush that's shows her high cheek bones. I swear my mother is the most beautiful woman in the world.

"Why do you stand there and look at me? You are not going to say hi to your mother? Is that how you greet your mother?" Her African-British accent is so lovely, soft, and stern all in one. "No mother I was just admiring your beauty, wishing I was as beautiful. She lifted her head and walked towards me. "Oh chile, stop that, you are as beautiful as the rising sun. My baby is always beautiful." She caresses her hands against my cheek and smiled. "Why aren't you dress? You know your grandmother is coming today, right?" I looked down at what I had on and realize I haven't even taken a bath. "Oh, Shit when ariel woke me up about grandmother I just got up. I didn't even realize I wasn't." I chuckle. My mother shook her head. "What am I going to do with you, my child?" I smiled at her and ran toward the bathroom. "Ariel! I'm ready for my bath." I Yelled

After the bath I went back to my room to get ready. Ariel pulls out an elegance royal blue dress. It was strapless, with royal blue diamonds going down the sides. The bottom was cover is all diamonds. It's hangs and flows behind you as you walk. It had a slant opening on the side that show my coco butter skin. She picked out the best royal blue heels that was nothing but royal blue rhinestone. The heels make my legs looks classy but sexy. The top part was like a fitted part while the bottom was a flowy with grace. The dress like fitted for a queen that is ready to rule the world. As Ariel is getting the dress ready the other maids started on my hair. They start to comb my beautiful curly hair to get it straight. The length of my hair is past my feet like my mothers. We wear our as crowns because how long it is. She started to twist the front part of my hair in a halo at the top of my hair. Then she puts little twists in the middle of my halo into a crown shape. As she had got my hair to the shape it needs to be. The she put a royal blue hair piece in that is shape like my hair. Finally, at las they put the hair pins in. Royal blue and gold. The pin of a Toscano that dangle on the side of my in.

I looked in the mirror at my hair and how I looked. The makeup that they did was beautiful. How the golden eyeshadow on my oval shape eyes matches my hair pins, also how the royal blue lipstick on my full juicy lips makes my face looks more complete. I don't need to much make as my dark skin makes up for it. My coco butter skin that is smooth as baby bottom that can make a man wants me at any time. How my long round face looks perfect with the shape of my crown. How my hair makes me look so elegance.

I finally put my dress on, Ariel helps me sip in to as she works making sure I was look good and perfect. She stood back, went around me a couple of times. "Your Majesty you look perfect, you look like a goddess." I chuckle at what she said, "I am a goddess, I a vampire goddess." My eyes glowed a dark purple. I looked at myself in the mirror one last time.

I walked down the golden hallway towards the stairway. I have my maids walk with me as I'm heading towards the grand hall to meet my grandmother. I have twelve maid and six eunuch that follows me wherever I go. We practice Asian culture in our house because of my father. He loved Asian culture so much that he became Asian his self. A lot of people asked how did that happened? Especially the younger supernature. I say that my father was born from the blood tree that my grandmother created. He was African that fell in loved with my mother at first site. He knew that he couldn't be with anyone else but her. They married about seven million years ago. As humans evolve my father started to explore the world and learn different culture and races. But the one he loved was Asian. He fell in love with the way they view the world and how they have their royal dynasties created.

We have two stairways that curl as you walked down the stairs. The grand hall was as elegant, beautiful, and of royal energy. I could see all the elite of the supernatural here. The grand hall like a big ball room. The golden chandelier hangs from the ceiling. The golden red curtains that hang on the side of the walls. We had acrobatics dancing from the ceiling. I looked up at them and notice they was northern fairies from the land of Switzerland. They dance to the orchestra playing classical and classical Asian music. The doors to the grand hall were open with golden red dragons on it. Those are to symbolize my father culture. I walked into the grand hall where I was announcing to the audience. "Her Majesty Queen of Vampires Anniessa" everyone turns towards me and bowed. "Greetings Your Majesty, may you live long." They said in harmony. "You, my raise." As I command

"Auntie Anniessa! Anniessa!" my niece called my name. She ran straight to me and hugged my legs." My little niece Annabelle, she is My older sister child Africa. She is my favorite; she is such a little child with braids that hangs down her shoulders. You would think she looks about 4 years old but, she is about fifteen-hundred years old. She is older than she looks. She can make herself look like a cute little toddler. No, she is not a mature immortal yet. But she doesn't look like she four, in her true form she more if a teenager. But that a power of a dragon goddess. She has the most beautiful coco brown skin that looks like you can just eat her up. She is such a prize in the family. She smiled up at me, she gestor her hands out to me to pick her up. "Why if it isn't my little Dragon baby." I said kissing on her cheeks, she laughs with so ease and it makes me happy. My older is Africa is the goddess of Africa and humans. She is not a vampire but an immortal. She married her husband, Ayub; He is a dragon god. He rules over all the dragon of the legends. It doesn't matter which legends that you talk about dragon he rules.

Me and my sister are very close, she is over two million years older than me. She has the body of a Nubian queen, her curls that shows her lovely full hips and thighs that would make any black man what her more. Her flat stomach that she her beautiful body, her breast that are full but a nice size that a man cannot stop looking. Last her hair of the trees, and the brushes of Africa. She is the queen that you don't want to mess with. Her lovely indigo skin that shines in the sun make every one fall for her grace.

"Auntie I'm happy you're here, I have been waiting for you! Mother said today is a big day for you." I looked at her holding her in my arms confuse with a smile. "Wh...What do you mean a big day for me. Isn't grandmother supposed to come today? That the big having grandmother here?" I said back to in a sweet but loving voice. She nodded her head, she smiled with the most beautiful smile you could see on a child. "Yes! But that why she is here for your big day!" she pulled my head closer to hers and whisper in my ear. "I overheard great grandmother and grandmother talking about announcing your engagement to the world. She said that you're going to marry Lee Jong." I looked down at her with the most shock in my eyes. This couldn't be? How could this be? I never wanted to get married until I was ready! Why would they do that? Huh? All the confusing that is running through my head me realize this party wasn't for my grandmother arrive but for my marriage.

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