Kısa Hikaye
okuma zamanı
AA Paylaş


I’m thankful to have loved you,

to have shared your DNA

to have shared half my soul with you,

And have a bond in every way

I’m thankful that when I smile I still see your face

I’m thankful that I grew up with you always by my side.

I’m thankful that we we’re twins

Our souls forever tied

Our bond is never broken

Even after you had died

I’m thankful I’ve been surviving

this agonizing pain

Even though we are apart

You exist in every tear that rolls down my face is my love for you

in every breakdown

I know you are nearby tho

Heaven seems so far away

But to you it’s a blink of an eye

I’m thankful that it hurts

It means our love was true and real

I’m thankful everyday

You slowly help me heal

without you

How heartbreaking this is

But i have to give thanks we’re thanks is due

I’m thankful you were my twin.

04 Ocak 2023 20:59 0 Rapor Yerleştirmek Hikayeyi takip edin

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