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In this world there is powers & when people don't get powers they have to go into hiding. There is a group of people that go into hiding what will happen? Read to find out.

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Chapter 1: The past that still haunts me

Annabelle didn’t get powers. Annabelle was really upset when she found out that she didn’t have any powers. When I woke up I fell out of my bed, not knowing what had happened before I went to bed. When I got up I saw that my room was a mess but then I realized that I was the one that made the mess because of my angry issues. As I walk to the kitchen I get greeted by my mom as usual. Annabelle’s mom, “Good morning Annabelle. How are you feeling?” I just looked up and said, “I am doing fine, mother, what’s for breakfast?” Annabelle’s mom, “The usual pancakes and egg sandwiches.” When I heard that I just sighed. I left the room not wanting to eat that even though my mom took her time and patience to make it. I went and got dressed and looked in the mirror, “You got this Annabelle! Do your best every single day!” That’s what I say to myself every single day and I love to say it to myself because it lets me keep trying at having a good day. When I was done with that I went downstairs and said goodbye to my mother because I needed to go catch the bus. When I got outside I saw that all my friends were waiting for me. We all walked to the bus stop and just waited for the bus to get there. When the bus got there we all had assigned spots that we had to sit in. I just so happened to sit next to Annie. When I sat down Annie sat down after me.

When Annie sat down we started talking about random things like how we were doing and everything else. Then we started talking about our crushes and of course I had a crush on her. When we got off the bus we went to our friends and I whispered to one of them, “I almost told my crush that I like them.” Angel said, “How??” I told them, “ I guess we were talking about our crushes and I guess I told them that I had a crush on a person but I almost told them that I had a crush on them.” Angel looked at me and said, “Let's go to the library and we could talk there.” Me and Angel left and I think the others were wondering because they looked at us as if we were leaving to go make out. Annie said, “Do you guys think that they are going to go make out? I think we should follow them.” The group followed us and we didn’t know.

When we got to the cafeteria I sat down and said, “Ok, I am going to ask this once can you help me ask them out.” When I said that I felt so relieved from asking them that. I am glad I asked that because I didn’t know what I was going to do. When I asked, Angel looked shocked. Angel said, “You actually want to ask them out?!?” I just nodded not knowing what to say. Angel said, “Ok, so why do you like them?” I looked up and said, “Well because they are really nice and they don’t hurt people and that is what I like about her. I really like her music taste is really cool and I really like that about her.” Angel said, “That is a good start. Maybe, you could write a poem.” I looked up and said, “How am I going to do that if they even barely know that I like them.” Angel looked at me and said, “Have you ever heard of a person that is a secret admirer and they write letters until valentine's day giving clues on who they are and that they like them, but also putting their initials in their letters.” The group was listening to the conversation. Angel grabs a book. I looked up and said, “Yeah?” Angel gives me a book. Angel said, “That should help you with writing your crush letters until Valentine's day.”

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