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EmmaLee Timbers just turned 14. Her sister passed away due to a tragic space accident as a astronaut. EmmaLee got invited to the 14 to 18 NASA space camp in Washington D.C. and gets launched into space! EmmaLee finds secrets about DiAnna and has a life changing experience.

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Birthday Wishes

It was EmmaLee Timbers fourteenth birthday. Emmalee wasn't very excited for this birthday because her favorite person wasn't around to see it.

EmmaLee's sister DiAnna was a astronaut, one of the most successful astronauts, Her rocket crashed on her last mission and DiAnna didn't make it. DiAnna was EmmaLee's best friend, they did everything together. When EmmaLee found out her sister didn't make it EmmaLee changed and has never been the same since.

"Happy Birthday Em!" yelled her mother from the kitchen.

EmmaLee walked into the kitchen, grabbing a granola bar.

"well... aren't you excited?!"

"I mean... it's just another birthday"

EmmaLee's mom knew what this was about and she felt terrible but if she brought up DiAnna before EmmaLee did, there was no way she'd be able to cheer her up.

Her mom sighed

Em... your fourteen! what do you want to do today?

"nothing" replied EmmaLee

later on that day, EmmaLee's parents made her favorite meal, sushi. EmmaLee barely ate the sushi and was very quiet. Her dad, Christiano, was a professional baker. He is the most popular baker in all of their town, Eserino Valley. Her dad made her a triple decker fudge brownie cake, EmmaLee cracked the smallest smile for the first time all day. Her parents sung happy birthday to her and for the first time all she could think sbout was finally eating the brownie cake.

There were fourteen candles on the cake to represent all fourteen years of her life. When EmmaLee looked at the candles she became sad again. She looked around the room and reliezed that for the rest of her life she would never see DiAnna again, she would never get to watch movies together again, or have sleepovers at DiAnna's apartment, she would never go to the NASA Station again and be called "Little Timbers" by all of DiAnna's co-workers, but most of all DiAnna would never be with her again.

EmmaLee watched the fire on the candle sway back and fourth. She felt the heat of the fire on her face. Her parents told her to make a wish, EmmaLee knew that DiAnna was a touchy subject, she tried hard to keep back the tears amd think of something else to wish for but it was impossible.

EmmaLee started crying and yelled out "I want DiAnna back!"

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Lyra Auburns Lyra Auburns
This... Is heartbreaking. I seriously love this <3
December 23, 2022, 20:27

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