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Twin babies appear on the Adalien shore. The Elder of Magic Raynor was alerted to shadow magic in Adalie. Little did he know these two events were connected when Raynor found the babies and brought them to the Castle to try to find out more information. When he could find none, they were put in an orphanage. What will be the outcome for these children’s lives? Where did they come from? Who are they? Find out in—The Sanguinus Twins: The Story of Siles And Anaemia Sanguinus.

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A Suprise At The Shore

Many stories have been told throughout the realm of Faenbel, but the Sanguinus Twins Siles and Anaemia’s story would change the realm as we know it. It all started one day when Raynor, the Elder of Magic, practiced spells in his workshop. He was trying a new spell when his magic staff whirled and flashed purple and black. He ran to the staff and saw shadow magic appearing in the Kingdom of Adalie. He used his magic powers to narrow down the location to the shores of Adalie. Raynor collected his things, told his apprentice, Bernhard, he was going out, took his horse, and rode as fast as he could to the shore. As he rode through the trees, he finally ended up at the shore. Things seemed alright when he got off his horse. He wandered the beach for a while. He did not sense any shadow magic anywhere on the shore. Then he saw a purple light flash in the corner of his eye. It came from over the hill, close to the end of the shore. Raynor ran over the hill toward where the light came from. As he ran to the bottom of the hill, he heard a strange noise. It sounded like a baby crying. He continued to go down the hill, where he found something surprising. Two babies, twins at that! They were each wrapped in a brown blanket with a gold medallion wrapped around them. Raynor first picked up the crying baby. He was a boy. His medallion had an “S” on the front, and on the back, it said “Siles Sanguinus.” He then put the baby down and checked on the other baby. Now this baby was different. It wasn’t crying and just stared at Raynor in its blue eyes. He picked up the baby’s medallion. It had an “A” on the front. On the back of the medallion, it said, “Anaemia Sanguinus.” She was a tranquil baby. As Raynor looked into the baby’s eyes, he saw that her eyes had purple spots. Raynor looked around the ground for any other sign to see if he could find out who the twins belonged. As he was about to take the babies to Papa Nikolai, he saw a note on the ground. It was short but very touching. It said, “To Siles and Anaemia, I will always be with you. You will always be loved. love, Mama.” He then wrapped the babies to his chest and rode straight to Papa Nikolai’s court. When he got there, he walked into court. He showed the babies to the king. Papa Nikolai smiles at the site of the babies. He and Raynor did their best to find more information on these babies but couldn’t find any. Papa Nikolai looked at Raynor sadly and told him to take the babies to the nearest orphanage so they may find a home one day. Days went weeks to months, and finally years. Siles and Anaemia ended up living in the orphanage for years. Even though they were twins, they grew up having very different lives. Siles had a very happy upbringing. He had many friends and was very outgoing. While Anaemia was a timid girl and was picked on by many children in the orphanage, she was too timid to defend herself, so her brother would have to sometimes. Both children stayed in the orphanage until their teens. After all, no one wanted to adopt them because no one knew the origins of their lives. Many thought they had shadow magic in their veins due to the girl’s purple spots in her eyes. One day when the twins were 15, Siles went out with his friends to play in the forest while leaving his sister back in the orphanage in her room, reading quietly. Siles, outplaying children from the orphanage, marched up the stairs to harass his sister. They took her book and threw it out the window. The girls began to pull her hair and taunt her. Calling her a freak and for being too timid to defend herself. Anaemia ran down the stairs to get the headmistress to help. One of the children tripped her, and she flew down the stairs. Anaemia lay there and cried. One of the girls from the orphanage came up to her and said, “oh, poor Anaemia, her brother is not here to help her. She would probably get home if she could only stand up for herself.” With those final words, Anaemia stood up. Her whole body started shaking purple sparks started flying. She levitated into the air, her eyes turned purple, and in a moment’s notice, the entire orphanage exploded. Everyone in the orphanage, the children, the cooks, and the headmistress, were killed. Meanwhile, Siles heard the explosion in the forest and sensed something was wrong. He and his friends ran back to the orphanage to find the remains of the orphanage in purple flames and Anaemia lying on the ground shaking. Siles ran to his sister to see if she was all right. He picked her up and carried her to a nearby tree. He held her and cried because he thought she was dead. A little while later, Raynor, who heard the explosion, came to investigate. He asked Siles what had happened. He said he didn’t know and returned and found his sister like this. The other boys said the same. Anaemia woke back up and tried her best to explain what happened, but all she could say was that it was her fault magic shot out of her, and she destroyed the orphanage. With the only information that rain or was able to get. Anaemia was brought in front of Papa Nikolai. She was tried as a user of shadow magic. She was put in the Ravenswood prison until her trial could be completed when Siles and the other boys, who survived, testified for Anaemia that she was always bullied. She was a kind, shy, timid girl and would never purposely hurt anybody. Papa Nikolai and Raynor decided that with her mental state, she would do best in the shadow realm asylum for the time being. Anaemia was sent to the asylum where her brother could visit her. She would be there till her 21st birthday. Now for Siles, he could take an apprenticeship, learn a trade, or go to the EverPine Academy of Wizardry. Raynor was that Academy’s headmaster, so he could keep a good eye on Siles. Raynor researched how a shy girl like Anaemia could produce so much shadow magic that it would destroy a whole orphanage. He remembered the day he found the twins. He went back into the census of each kingdom to see if he could find where they came from. He spent hours searching through books with names after names. He finally stopped at the book of the census for the Isle of Raedon. Raynor flipped through the pages and ended up on a page that showed a twin boy and girl born on the Isle of Raedon that ages match Siles & Anaemia. When Raynor flipped the page to see who their parents were. The book burst into flames and turned into ashes. So all Raynor knew was that the twins were born in the banished kingdom, and that’s all. Raynor knew he had to find out more. But school starts soon, and he has a lot of things to do. After Anaemia’s destruction of the orphanage, Siles Sanguinus will be monitored as long as he is in the realm of Faenbel along with his sister. We will see how these two Teenagers will do this in the future. May the spirits bless us and be in our favor.

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Kathryn McGregor Stories of Faenbel is a series of short stories about the magical world of Faenbel. From mermaids to fairies to dragons and gnomes and more, Faenbel has a vast amount of magic in Its beautiful realm.

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