ali_b Alica Brown

When Karl wants to go home after a night of drinking, he hits a young woman. He commits a hit-and-run, and although no one suspects him, the fear and guilt drives him insane. I welcome feedback in the ratings and comments.

Gizem/Gerilim 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

#fear #anxiety #insanity #paranoia #accident #crash #responsibility #Delusionsofpersecution #hit-and-run-driving
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Piccolo's Bar


Karl staggered out of the bar. The neon sign above the entrance flickered and two letters had already given up completely.

He leaned against the wall of the house while his friends and the stewardesses followed him outside.

He leaned his hands on his knees, let his head hang and tried to suppress the nausea.

Tom was flirting with one of the women and apparently barely noticed what was going on around him. Ben put an arm around Moritz, who kissed him and they said goodbye to the others. Andreas had two women in his arms, he was talking to them while flagging down a taxi.

Finn put a hand on Karl's back and tried to get a look at his face, "Well, everything okay?" he asked, he was only a bit drunk and tried to hand a water bottle to Karl, but he was concentrating on not throwing up.

Andreas got into the taxi with the women and Tom was busy tie his tongue with that of the last stewardess.

Finn helped Karl sit up "Are you okay?" he asked, this time more clearly. Karl nodded and gave a thumbs up for additional confirmation, "It's alright." he said mumbling. he took the water bottle and drank a few sips, the nausea subsided and his head felt a little clearer.

Finn looked at his phone.


"I have to go. Klara has to get up early tomorrow and the little one keep her awake." He looked at Karl skeptically, "Can you make it home? Take a taxi. And remember, your boy is coming tomorrow.". He patted Karl on the shoulder, raised his hand as a taxi passed and got in.

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Helen Kolesnikov Helen Kolesnikov
I will subscribe and then read, the story is interesting.
May 18, 2023, 16:48

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