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The story revolves around the lives of two individuals who are connected by the same desire: to find the people who murdered their parents. Leonardo Spencer, 29 years old guy who lost both his parents at the age of 10, in a plane crash. He was taken to an orphanage and later adopted by the famous businessman, Diego Rodriguez. He changed his name into Leonardo Rodriguez. He never knew that his adoptive father was not only a businessman, but also a Mafia Lord. At the age of 16, he was trained to be like his father. He knew how to use guns, knives and how to kill a human being. At the age of 26, he lost his father. He made a vow to himself that he'll take revenge to those who killed his father. He took over the clan and became the boss. He was feared because of how he used to kill people without showing any mercy. He became popular among the police. He used to do his missions knowing that the police will be after him, but despite all of that they'll never catch him. ***** Lyra McCoy, a 26 years old lady who also lost both her parents at the age of 10. The only difference, they were killed and that to, infront of her. Since then she's always been obsessed with being a police officer. She wanted to take revenge and kill those people who killed her parents. She prioritized her responsibilities, and that is to protect the people. She dealt with lots of criminals but Leon was a difficult task. She hated him more than anyone else but when she found out that he also felt the same pain she felt when she was 10, she decided to work with him to find hers and his parent's murderers. * * "Let's make a deal, you help find my parent's killers, I'll help you find yours. Do we have a deal?" Stretching her hand for a shake, she asked. "Deal" He received the handshake.

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In a bar, loud music played as the people kept moving to it's rhythm. A neatly and stylish dressed young man sat at the far end of the bar. He kept on glancing impatiently at his wrist watch, it was like he was waiting for someone.

In less than a minute, a couple of people entered. They looked around and spotted him. Without waiting they walked up to him.

"Sorry to keep you waiting"

By hearing a female voice, the man looked up. A hint of disappointed flashed through his eyes but he later replaced it with a graceful smile.

"You guys came, sit"

He pointed at the empty seats. The lady smirked mischievously as she slowly sat down.

"Were you expecting her?"

The man sharply faced her.

"Dana come on" he groaned.

The Dana lady sighed.

"Don't worry Lucas, she's here"

Just then the bar door opened. The noise died down as everyone focused on her. Her heels clacked along the floor as she made her way inside.

Her glinting blue eyes squinted as she looked around hoping to see someone she's familiar with.

"Hey Lyra, over here"

She looked at the direction the voice came from. A set of dazzling white teeth gleamed as she broke into a smile revealing her dimples. She waved at them.

Her Raven brown silky hair swayed side to side as she gracefully walked towards them. She wore a red tight- fitting dress that show off her compact figure and curvy thighs.

Lucas swallowed really hard looking at her. His eyes scanned her body. Dana chuckled looking at him, she shook her head and faced her phone.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting"

Her voice came out soft. Lucas got lost staring at her that he didn't realize she was already standing before him.

"Lucas, you're making her feel uncomfortable"

Lucas cleared his throat and averted his eyes.

"Sorry, it's just that she's just too.. too beautiful" He muttered.

All the girls exchange glances and laughed. Lyra also chuckled.

"Thanks I guess"

Dana giggled.

"Sit down Lyra"

She patted the chair that was beside her. Lyra slowly walked closer to her. She pulled the chair and sat down.

"But seriously Lyra, why did you wear such a pretty dress just to come to a bar. Look now every guy is lusting over you" said Jennifer, one of the girls that were sitting with them.

Lyra sharply faced Dana, who immediately looked down.

"Aren't you guys thirsty? Let's order something"

Jennifer chuckled, shaking her head. They later called over the waiter, they ordered their drinks. After few minutes they were given their drinks. Lucas was the first take his glass, he raised it high "let's make a toast"

Lyra confusedly raised her glass, and slowly asked,"What are we celebrating guys?"

The friends exchanged glances. Dana mouthed 'tell her' to Lucas as she noticed Lyra was looking at her.

Lucas exhaled.

"We came here to celebrate you"

Lyra chuckled confused.

"Me? But I haven't done anything worth celebrating over." She simply said.

"You caught the kidnappers and saved young kids. So it's worth celebrating over." Dana chirped in.

"I have a very big unsolved case on the line, celebrating is what I don't want to do."

"Lyra, come on"

"The day I catch him, will be the day I celebrate."

Lucas scoffed and placed the glass back on the table.

"Lyra stop obsessing over that man"

Lyra released an exasperated sigh.

"He's not just a man Lucas, he's a criminal, a murderer. He's a devil."

All of their friends stopped drinking as they noticed the atmosphere in here is changing drastically.

"Lyra come on" Dana groaned

Lyra sharply faced her.

"Dana don't 'come on' me. You know how wicked that person is. He ruined many lives, took many souls. Does that person deserve to live at all? " She asked.

Dana shrugged and sipped from her glass.

"I know you simply want justice for all the people that died because of him. But first you need to think before you do anything." She said.

Lyra scoffed.

"What's there to think about? That man needs to be punished and I swear I'll be the one to do so."

The other friends shrugged before facing their drinks. They continued on whatever they were doing.

Lucas kept looking at Lyra not knowing what to say, he wanted to support his friend but whatever he's heard about Leonardo, made him rethink everything.

He knows how dangerous and cunning Leon can be, and going against him will surely be bad for you.



The room was dark and he was sitting at a corner, with his legs crossed. He held a glass of whiskey and a pistol on the other hand.

His alluring grey eyes were fixed on the guys that were kneeling before him, with their hands tied on their backs.

They were blindfolded and they could barely see anything. They could only hear the sound of the classical music playing on the background.

Leonardo averted his eyes, they landed on the guy who seemed like a henchman. He was standing at the closed door.

"Turn on the lights"

By hearing his deep and husky voice, the guys who were kneeling down shivered. Sweat began forming on their foreheads.

The guy on the door nodded. He stretched his hand and pressed on a button. It made a click sound and the lights went on.

The room had no furniture. It had only one chair and guns, knives hanging on the wall. Different weapons were on the table that was in the middle of the room.

"Remove their blindfolds"

The henchman nodded, he did as he was told. He removed the blindfolds from their eyes. When the guys regained their sights, a pair of gray eyes was looking at them.

They shivered and tried moving backwards but it was hard. Leonardo exhaled.

"It's good to see you both, I actually have to admit that I missed having you around"

His voice sounded as if he was pissed but he had to maintain his cool tone.

He stood from his chair. The man's height was about 6ft. He wore a tuxedo suit that showed off his wrestler's shoulder that were part of his beefy physique. His Viking- gold hair covered half of his left eye making him look extremely sexy.

He placed the glass and pistol on the table and walked towards them. He squatted to their level.

"So tell me, didn't you miss me?" He asked.

None of the guys replied, since they were too frightened to speak. One of them opened his mouth to say something but words got stuck on his throat.

"You wanna say something?" Leonardo asked leaning over to his face.

The guy opened his mouth again, even though it was inaudible, he managed to mouth it to him.

"You're sorry?"

The guy nodded quickly. Leonardo exhaled, he stood up and went to the table. He took a blade and went to them again.

"Bo.. boss.. please.. please forgive us. " One of the guys stuttered as he began sweating profusely.

"What is it that you're sorry for? Is it for betraying me or is it for not running away in time?" Leonardo asked moving around them.

"Please forgive us for everything everything boss. We didn't mean to steal from you, we never intended on doing so" another guy said.

"But you did steal from me, didn't you? I'm afraid I have to punish you for that, no one steals from Leonardo and escapes" he raised his voice this time, his eyes began to turn red as anger took over.

The guys shivered and wiggled, trying to break free from the ropes they were tied with.

Leonardo stopped moving around them, he faced the henchman. He motioned him to leave the room, and as told, the henchman did so.

"We have the room to ourselves now, I suggest we play a game. What say?"

The guys shook their heads knowing they'll surely die now.

"Fine since you don't want to play with me, how about you play it together. Just the two of you." Leonardo said pointing at them.

The guys exchanged glances, it was evident in their eyes that they were both frightened. They were scared of him and death.

"I'm giving you 3 seconds to decide. 1..."

He began counting. The two guys swallowed really, sweat began dripping down to their cheeks.


They exchanged glances again. The first one kept shaking his head telling the second one not to do it.

But he decided to ignore it. He faced Leonardo and without thinking he shouted.

"We'll play the game!"

Leonardo smirked.

"Very well then"

He went to the table and placed the blade on it. He took a plyers and faced them again.

The two guys gasped when they saw him holding a plyers. In all their 5 years of working for him, they've never ever witnessed him punishing someone.

They've only heard screams and cries of people begging for forgiveness. They knew whatever it is that he was doing to them was painful as h**l.

And today it's their turn to experience the pain and die crying in agony.

"Now I want you to take this plyers. And you'll be the one to decide whether you want to break your friend's 3 fingers or remove 3 front teeth"

The guys instantly bowed their heads continuously.

"Please forgive us boss. We won't repeat it" they cried, begging him but he paid no heed to them.

"I'm afraid I have to punish you." He simply said.

He went behind them and squatted.

"Now I'm going to untie you, don't do anything stupid coz I'll cut your balls and feed them to you myself.." he said seriously.

Despite all the tears the guys have shed, he didn't even show any mercy towards them. He untied them, the guys sat up straight and massaged their wrists.

Leonardo stood before them and stretched out the plyers to them.

"Now who wants to go first?" He asked.

The door opened and a girl around 19 years entered.

"Brother!" She called.

They all turned to face her. The girl looked at her brother and back at the two guys kneeling before him.

"Don't you think it's too early for you to kill?" The girl asked walking deeper inside the room.

"Ms Maya please save us, please!" They guys shouted falling on her feet.

Maya moved back.

"Hey!" She looked at them and back at her brother.

"Amaya what are you doing here?" Leonardo asked.

"Brother Leo you can do the killing later, we're getting late." She said.

Amaya is still studying in the University of Italy, she's doing her first year in medicine.She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. It's quite funny because her family kills people but she has to save those people.

"I told you to ask Paxton, he'll accompany you. I'm busy at the moment." He said and faced the guys again.

"But I want to go with you" Amaya whined with pouted lips and puppy eyes.

Leon looked at her and exhaled. There's one thing he can't say no to: Amaya's puppy eyes. She's his younger cousin sister, but he loves her like his biological sister.

"Fine I'll go with you"

Leonardo faced the guys. He handed the plyers on one of them and squatted. He held their cheeks squeezing them with his fingers.

"When I come back, I want to see blood in the floor, I want to see blood on your hands and mouth. If not so" He paused and suck in a deep breath.

"You'll be the dogs meal for the night" He added and let go of them.

The guys swallowed really hard and reluctantly nodded. Leon and Amaya both exited the room leaving the two guys looking at each other.

Amaya kept looking at Leon as they both made their way out of the Mansion. She kept on asking her self as to why is he this evil to other people but kind towards his family.

He has never thought of hurting his family members but when it comes to outsiders, he kills without showing any mercy.

"You're starring Amaya" he said without looking at her.

"What are you? A witch?" She asked as they both stopped in the car.

"I'll take that as a compliment"

He opened the door for her and flashed her a light smile. Amaya rolled her eyes and slide inside the car.

He also entered on the driver's seat. He didn't wait any minute before starting the car and left.


The ride to the University was long, only Amaya was talking through out the entire ride. She's a blabbermouth, and not everyone can tolerate her talking.

"We've arrived" Leon said as he stopped the car on the entrance.

Amaya scoffed as she took her backpack.

"You'll come fetch me when I'm done?" She asked.

Leon shook his head. She rolled her eyes.

"I'm leaving, bye"

Kissing his cheek the girl bid goodbye and got down the car. She closed the door and waved at him with a smile. He returned and zoomed off.

Amaya looked at the car and sighed. She turned and entered inside. Two girls were already waiting for her and she walked to them.

"Was that your brother Leon?" One of the girls asked.

"If you must know, yes"

She led the way and the two friends followed her.

"I heard his company is looking for a new model, I'm thinking of auditioning"

Amaya stopped and faced her friends. She exhaled.

"You're my best friend Cindy, and I love you. And as your friend I don't think you should."

"What? You think I can't do it?" Asked Cindy.

Amaya sighed deeply. She shook her head and continued walking.

"No it's not that." She paused and exhaled, "just don't do it"

Cindy looked at her as she walked away. She then looked at her other friend who shrugged before rushing after Amaya. She scoffed and also followed them.


Lyra and Lucas were the last one to exit the bar. What they argued about earlier made Lyra lose interest in all the celebrating stuff.

Lucas looked at her as she continuously checked her wrist watch.

"You wanna go somewhere?" Asked Lucas.

Lyra looked up and sighed before replying, "not really. I'm just waiting for a taxi"

"I can drop you at your house if you want"

She quickly shook her head,

"No, I'll just continue waiting for it"

"I insist Lyra"

When seeing there's no way he's gonna give up, she decided to give in. She nodded her head. Mentally, Lucas smiled, at least she agreed. That's all that matters.

"Hey come on guys, hurry up" They both turned to that direction only to find Dana waving at them.

"You guys carry on, I have to drop her off to her house"

The other friends exchanged glances and then nodded their head. Dana sighed and looked at them, "don't take too much time"

Lucas nodded. They all entered Dana's car, in the matter of minutes, it zoomed off. Lucas turned to Lyra who was also looking at him.

"So shall we?"

"Yeah sure.."

They both entered his car. He ignited the engine and zoomed off after few minutes.

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