galovargas Galo A. Vargas

A survival story about crossing the fine line between realms...

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#mystery #survival #lost
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He who was awoken

A man woke up once in a cave in the middle of some misty woods. Solitary, embraced by a floating haze, he opened his frightened eyes with his heart rumbling like a drum and also sweating, even though his breath breathed cold. It was wintertime as seen outside through the entrance of the cave, but the man was only wearing a black tight suit that seemed too thin for the world's temperature, but that was not what mattered to him now.

The man stood up disoriented, looking around, scared as if he did not understand where he was, where he has been, or why he was there. Nothing came to his mind. His eyes moved in every direction seeking answers, clues, or something, anything, that could have given him an idea of what has happened or, even, who he was, as he did not remember. Then he realized that he did not remember anything at all, where he has been before, or even what he, himself, looked like.

The wind shouted outside, and the sky cried with trembling thunders. And the man finally tried a few steps, tumbling like a kid learning to walk, but with sharp pain in his neck and on his back. As he was moving around, he just discovered he had a mark on his forearm. A word has been marked on the raw skin, but it was written in an unknown language to mankind, although its sole strokes looked sinister.

The wind blew harder carrying inaudible voices and words, but he did not care. The man continued forward, still in pain, as he tried to leave the cave. He gazed upon the entrance, looking at the surroundings for any walkable path but there was none. And looking back inside in cave, there wasn't anything either other than his own rock bed, which also contained the same symbols he has been marked with; symbols that had some kind of faint phantom glow, like the dying light of the moon before dawn. There was also a line engraved in the ground dirt. It seemed to cross the cave, as drawn with a stick only, but it served no purpose or function, as it seemed; it was just a line on the ground traced a couple of meters beyond where the rock bed lay.

As time passed, and with futile thinking, the man decided it was time to try to discover what has happened. He feared for his life, thinking of the dangers that might lie ahead if he left the cave, but even though he did not know where to go or even whom to reach, he decided he could not stay there, as the darkness was growing stronger and the voices becoming louder. The journey to survive and discover was soon to begin.

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Lorena Purdy Lorena Purdy
Loving it, Loving it, Loving it!!!! It's got Interactive Chapters!!!
October 27, 2023, 00:13
Merve Gündoğmuş Merve Gündoğmuş
September 07, 2023, 14:15
Arthur Lake Arthur Lake
Interesting I like the chapter, lotta comma's at beginning and needed a word at inside in cave. But nicely wrote I'm enjoying and following can't wait to read next. 👍
April 08, 2023, 01:09

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