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Training, training, and you guessed it-training. that's all Siren Moonstone knows. After her twin sister was murdered and her mother was kidnapped, that's all her father, Alpha Lawrence taught her. I mean what better way to make sure you have a strong army than to raise your own General by hand? She had learned a lot from her father. Like how to twist an arm to cause excruciating pain without breaking it. But he did forget one thing. Mates. Cyprus Streamstone. An outcast. A loner inside his own pack. Despite him being the Alpha's son and one of his army's best fighters, Cyprus is still outcasted. He's quiet, shy, and reserved. That is until he meets the stunning and hot-headed Siren Moonstone. ____________________________________________ The pressure on my face only made my core heat up even more. He smiled, making me squirm beneath his touch. I looked away and another growl erupted from him, this one more threatening. "Look at me," he ordered. Quickly returning my gaze to his, my face flushed even more, or at least it felt like it. He chuckled deeply, "Now that's a good girl. You like to do what you're told don't you?"

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Rage, Fury, and Confusion


Sticks and burrs left deep gashes across my arms and legs as I ran for my life. Where was I? How did I get here? What am I running from? Shaking my head to clear my mind, I caught sight of a clearing, moonlight filtering into it. I dashed toward the light, skidding to a stop in the middle. I frantically looked around for whatever I was running from. There was nothing. Not even the rustling of brush. I took this time to catch my breath. The long grass was cool and relieving for my burning feet. It gently tickled my calf and I felt at peace. I looked up towards the moon, recognizing the faint features of our moon goddess. The wind blew again but this time the air was filled with a warm, pleasant scent. It smelled of pine trees and a faint trace of coffee beans. I lost myself to the smell and immediately felt relaxed.. It smelled amazing. Dare I say it made me a bit...aroused? A branch snapping broke me out of the warm daze I was in. The scent was stronger than ever and it was hard to focus on the source of the commotion. The smell wrapped itself around me, it was comforting and somehow loving. I whipped my head around and saw a large, black wolf with amber eyes saunter out into the clearing with me. I growled slightly, baring my canines. The opposing wolf did the same. But it soon became obvious that the stranger was the source of the mouth-watering scent. I cautiously took a step forward and was surprised when he did the same. My inner she-wolf was now screaming and howling in my head, as if trying to break free and get closer to him. I ignored her and refocused my attention on the aromatic stranger. He hunched over and I saw the hair start receding into his skin. He was shifting back! I was very much intrigued to see what he looked like. He sank to the ground and looked back up at me. Our eyes locked and I heard my wolf howl, nearly breaking the mental barrier. Only one word flashed in my mind. Mate. The stranger broke the silence with his deep, husky voice and started with "Are you my—"

The irritating buzzing from my alarm clock broke through my dream like a hot knife through butter. Severely annoyed, I chucked the damned thing across my room. When the annoying sound came to an abrupt halt, I smiled. Shifting my body around, I lifted myself from the warm bed and onto the cold, hardwood floor. I headed towards the bathroom, that delicious smell still lingering in my nostrils. Stepping in front of the mirror, I yanked the hair tie out and let my long, thick hair fall from its perch on my head. It was about waist-length, pitch-black and softer than silk. Unfortunately, I had it tied up in a ponytail most of the time. Being more aware of your surroundings was more important than having perfect hair in my line of work anyway. Though the other females in my pack would disagree. I gazed at my reflection, piercing blue eyes staring back at me. I had my mother's eyes. I don't know how my father can look at me sometimes. He says I look just like her but it's been so long that I can barely remember what she looked like.

I blinked out of my memories and started changing. I pulled on a black, lacy thong and a matching bra. I turned around to check myself out in the mirror. The black thong fit wonderfully and accentuated my bottom perfectly. I faced forward again and focused on my breasts. I just couldn't help but run my hands over them. Hitting a sensitive spot on my nipple, my legs caved in together. The jolt of pleasure ran all the way from my hand to my folds. I couldn't help but do it again this time more vigorously. As my nipples hardened, they got more sensitive. And the more I rubbed them, the more my legs rubbed together. The pleasure caused a low moan to escape my lips. Removing my bra and panties, I pinched one of my nipples sending an electric pulse of pleasure down my spine. I slid to the floor and squeezed my tit as the pleasure continued. Running my hand down my body, I gasped when it reached my warm slit. I was soaked down there. I started palming myself, grinding my hips against my own hand. I rubbed my clit with the heel of my hand and let out a small squeak, as to not make too much noise. I started rubbing her harder and harder. My juices were splashing around by now and I was getting close to climaxing. As I was about to finish, a knock on my bedroom door interrupted. The high I was riding before, dissipating.

"Siren! It's time for breakfast!" A rough voice called out. I groaned. Beta Aaron always interrupted me when I was busy. I knew it was because he could smell my arousal. Every unmated male in this pack house could. Except for the ones underaged of course. But I didn't care. They knew better than to touch me. I was not interested in flings and quick fucks. Plus, I was their General. Only a truly brain-dead wolf would try to seduce their commander. That didn't mean they wouldn't try and catch me while I was... preoccupied though.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm coming," I called out to him. Muttering under my breath, "rather, I would be if someone didn't interrupt me." I pulled myself off the floor and tossed my—now wet— panties into the laundry basket. I picked out another set out panties and settled for the unmatched set. I pulled a black tank top over my head and black tactical pants over my butt. Tucking my shirt into my pants, I grabbed my hair brush and ran out of my room. Throwing my hair in a ponytail, I threw the brush on a random end table and hurried down the stairs. I pulled two side bangs down from the ponytail to frame my face.

I rounded the corner at the bottom of the stairs and the smell of pancakes, bacon and eggs greeted me. My stomach growled and my mouth watered as I walked into the kitchen. However, the sight in front of me made me stop dead in my tracks.

"What the fuck is he doing here?" I hissed, my voice dripping with malice. My father shot me a pointed look as if to say Language! But I didn't care. The monster who turned my entire life upside down was sitting in my kitchen, in my home, on my territory. "Why wasn't I notified of this monster trespassing on pack land? And come to think of it, why couldn't I sense him on our land? Rage and fury burned inside my chest. "And why the fuck is he still breathing." I was seething at that point. I stepped towards the knife block, gripping the largest one from the collection . Watching the color drain out of his face as I stalked toward him with the knife was as satisfying as I imagined it would be. My efforts were put to a fast stop as my father stepped in front of him, blocking my path.

"Siren! Stop it! You need to cool your shit! Alpha Richard did not kill your sister. He did not kidnap your mother. He found them." My heart dropped into my stomach and the room spun clockwise.


My chest heaved as I attempted to catch my breath. Blazestone warriors were hot on my tail, their stench burning into my nostrils. I leapt over a branch, sliding to the side. I pulled the branch back and let it snap back in place as the warriors approached me. Listening to the sounds of swears and groans, I darted off again. So close, maybe I can mind link the Alpha.

Alpha, I'm almost to the border.

Roger that Cyprus.

As I neared the border, the familiar scent of my pack greeted me. A variety of wolves flanked me. The smaller, faster ones in the front and the larger, muscular ones behind. Leaping over a log, I started my shift. My canines extended and black fur sprouted from my body. I hit the forest floor with a heavy thud. Regaining my balance, I took off again and caught up with the leaders of our group. The smell of home was strong now, as the border came into sight. The Blazestone-Shimmerstone border was marked by a fiery, red colored rock and a tree with the same color bark.

Crashing through the underbrush, I skid to a halt. Alpha Richard was awaiting me. His Luna was close behind him, two scrawny, bruised figures were glued to her sides. The smell of rot and filth burned my nostrils, but that didn't really matter to me right then and there.

"Mission completed. Fantastic job Cyprus. Go on and wash up now. We have to figure out how to return these guys to Moonstone without them killing us on site." I gave him a swift, firm, nod and headed off. On the way back, my heart dropped in my chest. All of this hard work, and there is still a chance that they won't believe us. Although I can't say that I blame them.


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