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Stories of my life experience through the way I view it. I hope you enjoy reading My stories. Written by Me

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Dear God

Dear God I I feel like the whole world against me turn their back on me nobody sees me nobody hears nobody see the light nobody hears the cries. they just see the negativity. Dear God I have nothing much that's mine. dear God please don't let me down I can't scream & can't cry no one listens they just walk on by. Dear god someday people will see the mistake they may have not hearing me. Dear God People make a joke out of me and laugh at me and control me and boss mean point your. Dear God no one really understands that in all of this grand scheme someday there will be a plan no one understands no one sees everybody just points and says look at her she's an idiot you see dear God please save me From people who don't understand my disability and judgment So they laugh and they point and they make fun and they snicker One day you see it will all change for me I'll have something that I'll call my own someone someone to love someone wsomeone who cares I won't have to live in fear and go in nowhere. Dear God You don't know the pain in the heartbreak in the tears the snickers and the points people do at me the posting People put things on Instagram on Snapchat and all that they make fun they snicker they didn't laugh when I have a seizure they think it's hilarious.Dear God please pray that someday the world will heal it's way. People think it's hilarious to pretend to be my friend and to use me manipulate me to lie to me to not care about me Dear God I'm not strong enough to fight this battle anymore I have no one on my side no 1 by my side. Dear God I care so much for people but I wish people would care for me no one sees how invisible I really wanna be. Dear God Someday you see that this depression and anxiety and epilepsy and seizures there is we'll all go away. and I won't be a burden on society anymore or people anymore or so dear God please fix me because no because nobody wants me now. Dear God I love everybody in society and everybody else but they don't love me for some reason they love to hate me and I just don't get it people don't include me people make fun of me people order me around. It's like no matter how hard I try I will truly never be good enough for anyone.

Written by Sarah Adams

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