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Three leaders unite to confront forces that have long suppressed their people, but how will they act?

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Revolutionary Road

It was time to speak out. They were tired of fighting for something that never stopped belonging to them. A place in the world. But somehow, the others wanted to throw them into an abyss off the planet.

The Master Magician prepared her Wizards for the revolt, or as they liked to call it, for the Path of Revolution. Wizards had always been subject to inhumane exclusion for centuries. They were forced to be guinea pigs for tortures that meant a "Healing Process" for whoever did them. They never got that far. They only left the poor Wizards even more trapped in the harsh consequences that the Evil of the world brought to their minds. But one woman was able to see the Magic that those Wizards carried, and helped them see it and become stronger in it, too. They could create beautiful, reflective, calm realities, full of color and life. Nise, also believed she was a Magician, she believed everyone could be, but few could navigate deeply in that Magic amidst the ocean that expands us. The Spirit.

The Wizards had their allies on this journey. The Queen of the Blues was one of them. She would walk the Path of Revolution, for she and her people were as much victims of Evil as the Wizards. They were plucked from their bands of the world to serve others tirelessly without question or demand for their right to a reward. They were stripped of their culture, their language, their faith, because they were considered savages and impure. The hatred for their customs and their blue-black color, like the night sky, only grew. It was inevitable not to find someone who wanted to crush them with vile words, exclusion and violence.

Another ally who would attend was the Empress of the Them. Sworn enemies of the Them. Well, that's what they called them. But They never wanted that title, they never wanted to put themselves on an opposite side and bigger than theirs. All they wanted was the recognition that the world was also their home. But wars, disputes were what attracted Them the most, and well, standing around waiting for the slaughter, they were not going to stay. They could be warriors like Them too.

The leaders of the Way and theirs were heading toward the place where they would chant their truths, while the opposition prepared to meet them, for they feared a hateful confrontation. They always did. They did not see that bloodshed was much more their style than that of their "enemies". However, what they witnessed that day, were individuals singing and carrying flowers in their hands, while they carried spears and shields. For they did not see, they never saw, that the threat of destruction they so feared was always themselves.

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Story inspired by the song "Crown" by Camila Cabello and Grey.

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Lyne Gomes Amante de livros, sorvete e girassois^^ Uma jovem nordestina de cidade pequena que sonha grande. Um tanto estranha, atrapalhada, insegura e esperançosa, e é nas palavras que ela lida melhor com tudo isso. 🎩🫖 •●.°

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