Cassie Crawford

Michelle is an ordinary vet doctor , with a lovable husband , charismatic daughter and stupendous son . However her routine life takes a turn with an abrupt encounter with her long lost past boyfriend. Things get more hideous when they should share the neighbourhood . Even more complicated when her daughter lana is strangely attracted to him . Do fate have it's twisted way of unraveling her past to her family ? However her past isn't exactly water under the bridge. *Cover photo not mine credit to the owners* *mature content*

Paranormal Erotik 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

#romance #love #teenage #slowburn #forbidden #darkpast #teenagedrama #graphicviolence # #maturecontent #18andup #morallygray #momexboyfriend
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"I may not live forever, but my stories will" - cassie crawford

Lana pipes

"I Can't believe you did that without talking to me. I thought we both should discuss it together first than blindly deciding it by all yourself". My mom screeched at my dad. Which is very rare by the way. Because she's always so pleasant and down to earth. I always felt my mother was my best friend than mother because she is one of those persons who are very righteous, concerned and most importantly loves her family unconditionally.

"I am extremely sorry Michelle honey, he seems to be a good guy and is willing to pay more than we have asked for rent," my dad said feeling a little uncomfortable. My dad never loved this family any less than my mom. They have always been there for me and ben. I have always felt privileged to be their daughter. When I grew up I wanna be like my mom and fall in love with a gallant man like my dad and have a happy family as we are now.

"Pay more than we offer? Doesn't seem so nice to me. Seems suspicious." Mom was irked at my dad's holder pipes.

"Maybe we should give him a try, considering our darling Holder pipes already gave him the keys," I said with a sigh.

My dad looks exactly like a cop and has all the features one should have. Tall and radiant but unlike my mom he has blackish hair where I and my mom share dark brown curly hair. But we share the blue colour of eyes which I and my mom and ben, considering everyone in this family have. My younger brother ben is more like my dad looking, whereas I resemble my mom very much.

"Yeah, whatever. That guy better is worth that whatsoever try, if he turns out to be dolt as I suspected I'll be kicking him out." My mom rasped.

My mom left for the hospital because she works as a vet doctor which is a cool job and my dad too followed his way to the police station as he is a cop. So no one's home except my bonehead 7-year-old younger brother ben. Which means time to call my boyfriend and have fun. I grabbed my phone and quickly called him.

"Paxton, are you free? Even if you're not, make yourself free and get your ass here ."

" Your perky today. Which means should I get it ?" Paxton sneered.

"If your late I'm gonna go out with my friends " I mocked.

"But you still haven't answered -

"Dammit it! Paxton do I have to tell you everything? and your answer to that question is yes " I exasperated.

"Fine babe. I'll be there in 15 ."

"Sometimes you make me question my choice of dating you. However, be quick " I hung up the phone.

Paxton and I are in the same school studying senior year. We started dating 6 months ago. And I still have no clue if he is the one I am gonna end up with having a serious life. Or just a passing cloud in adolescence. However, I like it to be in dilemma. At least for some time when I am getting served very well in bed. Despite our relationship, our sex life is good and worth the dilemma.

There's a knock on the door and I know that would be a blonde with hazel eyes waiting to fuck me. So I won't waste another minute and open the door. " Well you are not late that's a good thing " I Teased him. " Be late and miss a chance to fuck a doll like you ? never babe ". He knocked me. He followed me to the bedroom. I made sure that my brother is in his room and locked the door. "Don't nickname me," I said and pulled his pants.

Author's note

So guys this is my first book as a writer. I hope you like it. Please share your reviews it would mean a lot to me

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