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A one-short erotic romance about a throuple. A MMF pairing who find love and comfort in a hard time. Heat rating: Medium with lots of fluff.

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Another Kind of Love- One Shot Story

Things really weren’t supposed to turn out this way.

Those words had been resounding in Sierra’s head for months now.

Sierra, Sam, and James had moved into their farmhouse only a few days ago, but today was the first real day that she was exploring the large open spaces of the building and the surrounding property.

They had been living in Sam’s old apartment for the duration of the move, and her husbands had insisted that she do nothing but rest while they dealt with moving the furniture.

Sierra had felt her heart swell at the sight of it all, and once again, that one sentence echoed in her head.

Things really weren’t supposed to turn out this way.

She had to sit down suddenly as memories of the past year flooded through her mind, as though a violent external force had gripped the back of her shirt and yanked her away from the beautiful farmhouse and back in time.

Sierra shuddered at the thought of confronting her past, but she knew she would have to at some point.


One year earlier:

“It looks like we have twins here! Congratulations!" Sierra’s obstetrician smiled broadly, handing her a box of tissues mechanically as she must have done hundreds of times now.

Sierra had started crying right away, the hot tears spilling over her plump cheeks and splashing onto her distended belly.

She placed both her hands on her stomach then, looking down at it, mesmerized by the stretch marks and dozens of freckles that had appeared in the month before she found out she was pregnant.

“Baby?’ Sam’s voice was soft and concerned. ‘Are you okay?” He placed an arm around her shoulder, pulling her into his chest, and she turned, burying her wet face into his soft shirt.

She knew her husband was happy and relieved that the baby- well babies- were fine.

Their matching wedding bands glinted in the fluorescent lights of the doctor’s office, and she sighed with happiness and exhaustion.

The doctor had tactfully left the office as Sam pulled away and kissed her forehead.

“Are you okay?” He asked again.

She nodded, sitting up and wiping her eyes.

“Yes. I was just so scared when I thought something was wrong with the baby. You know, my first one…”

Sam nodded as her voice trailed off and pulled her into another fierce hug.

Sierra’s first marriage had been disastrous and abusive. She had lived a life of fear and despair but getting pregnant had been the one shining light in her life. The moment she found out that she was pregnant, she had resolved to leave her husband.

She had moved out and found a divorce lawyer in a matter of days.

Sierra had been living in an apartment in a different city and working on her thesis for her Master’s degree when she had fallen on ice. She had been close to her third trimester and had already been warned by her doctor that her pregnancy was high risk as the fetus wasn’t developing on time.

But she had held out hope.

The fall on the ice was devastating.

With this pregnancy, even the slightest abnormality made Sierra panic, and when she found blood in her underwear the night before, she called her doctor before she even woke up Sam.

It seemed that she was getting a second chance. With twins.

“We should probably get going.” She murmured and Sam nodded, helping her up and getting her bag and jacket.

She had met Sam two years earlier, and their connection had been instant. He proposed after six months, and they had been married for almost one year of bliss.

“Are you okay?” She asked, leaning against her husband. Sierra felt him relax against her, exhaling deeply.

“Of course I am baby. I am here with you and our babies. I think I’m just trying to figure out where we’re going to put them.”

They both laughed out loud then, and Sam’s hand found hers as they walked out of the private clinic into the parking lot.

Sierra and Sam had met at a work conference. It had taken her almost three years to heal from losing her baby- both physically and mentally. But eventually she found a way to move on. She was awarded her Master’s degree in Anthropology and Archaeology, and it was in that old, dusty world that she found the love of her life.

Sam was a paleontologist and had just returned from Africa- where his father was from- when they met at the conference.

He had just strapped her into the passenger seat when his phone buzzed several times. She watched as he scrolled through what must have been dozens of messages, his forehead furrowed.

“What is it darling?”

He shook his head, and her heart jumped slightly when he looked up. His beautiful brown eyes were filled with misery and pain.

“My ex-boyfriend just messaged me to let me know his father passed away. And he left me half their farmhouse. After James and I started dating, he was like a second father to me.”

“I am so sorry.’ she reached for him. ‘Do you want to go visit him? I’ll come with you, but only if you want me to. I don’t want things to be awkward.”

“No. James and I are fine. We can swing around there now.”

Her husband and his ex-boyfriend were emotional, and all Sierra felt was a deep sadness for the two men. She knew that James needed someone to cling to right then and she couldn’t begrudge him that, especially if her husband could help.

While James sobbed in Sam’s arms, she put on the kettle and started cleaning up the kitchen. She had started a pot of rice when Sam came to find her.

“Come meet him.” She nodded at her husband.

James was a hugger and he pulled her towards him, nestling his face in her neck. He was tall and thick, built like a linebacker, with shoulders to match. Sierra was dwarfed by his size, and she didn’t mind it. She could tell why Sam had been attracted to him.

She was very attracted to James too.

Sierra cleared her throat and stepped away, and the three quickly fell into conversation.

It became apparent very quickly that there was still a spark between James and Sam, and Sierra couldn’t deny that she wanted James on top of her, pinning her down while he was inside her as Sam suckled on her large, pink nipples.

She pressed her legs together, pursing her lips and forcing the images out of her mind. She knew that neither James or Sam were straight, and both men had dated a variety of genders throughout the course of their lives.

“So you’ve only ever been in a relationship with one man? At a time I mean?” James asked slightly later in the night. Sam was lounging on the couch, with Sierra nestled in his arms. She had taken her shoes and tights off, and only wore her dress and panties.

Sam and James had both loosened their collars and kicked off their shoes, and had been sharing a bottle of red wine, while Sierra sipped on a virgin daiquiri.

“Yeah, I mean,’ she took another long sip from her glass. ‘It’s kind of hard to even have a three-way when you live in fucking Alabama. And it’s something I’ve always been interested in, but maybe I’m too old now. And I'm too fat.”

Both Sam and James laughed out loud, and Sierra felt herself get wet at the thought of both of them fucking her. She had to control herself, stop herself from shuddering at the imagined pleasure of their lips and hands all over her body- and each others.

“I guess there’s always you James.’ the words spilled from her purely by accident, but both men stopped laughing.

‘It’s just a thought.” Sierra tried laughing it off, shrugging and looking down at her glass.

“Well, I’ll never say no to a beautiful woman and man,’ James said, shattering the strained silence.

‘It is entirely up to you Sam.”

Sierra looked up at Sam then, and he cocked his head, as though to confirm that she really wanted what she was asking them. She smiled slightly and nodded quickly.

Sam leaned down and kissed her. It was soft and full and deep, and James must have taken the glass from her hand as she reached for her husband. Her legs had fallen open naturally, and she felt two large, warm hands on her thighs.

When Sam pulled away, Sierra turned to James, and she was conscious of how different he was. Sam’s kiss had been gentle and soft and sent sparks of pleasure crawling down her spine.

When James kissed her, it was hot and fast, his short beard scratching her chin and cheeks. Her pussy became wet almost immediately, and her moans turned to whimpers.

Sam got onto the floor next to James, reaching for his ex-lovers’ pants, and Sierra shivered at the bulge straining against the buttons and zip. James groaned as Sam pulled his hard cock out, before spreading Sierra’s legs even further and reaching for her hot, dripping slit.

That first night was not the last night the three of them slept together, and they were fucking almost until Sierra gave birth.

James practically moved into their cramped apartment after she gave birth, and their salacious activities paused while Sierra healed from the birth and tried to get the twins- Andy and Lily- through their first three months.

The lack of sex had thrown something else into harsh relief for all three of them. They were perfect together and equally perfect for each other. James and Sam still retained their old chemistry and deep connection, while Sierra found it easy to fall in love with James.

She had been the one to suggest that they just remain together, in one relationship, after doing some research on committed ‘throuples’. James and Sam had both given it some thought, but both agreed almost immediately.

Sierra had been uncertain within the new relationship dynamic at first but realized quickly enough that she simply had to trust the two men she loved most in the world.

They also decided to move to James’s father’s farmhouse- the one he had left to both men- in Washington DC. It was a slightly more liberal area than staid and conservative Texas where they had been living.

They couldn’t legally marry one another, but Sam had insisted on bringing James into their family in a more ceremonial way, and right before they left for Washington, they had a small ceremony.


Present Day:

The farmhouse was beautiful, and Sierra felt at home almost immediately. It was when she rounded the corner, walking through an arch that led to the twins’ bedrooms that her mouth dropped open.

She knew that this was the secret reason why James and Sam had wanted to keep her out of the preparations.

A painted mural spanned all four walls of the bedroom and told the story of their lives.

Two small figures- the twins- sat cross legged on the grass, playing with a small black and white dog, while James, Sierra, and Sam sat on the porch.

“Hey!” It was James’s voice, and she turned when she saw him walking up towards her, shirtless and unbuckling his pants belt.

“Where are the kids?” She asked, rushing to him.

“At my mother’s. Sam’s right outside.”

Sierra jumped into his arms, and he carried her out into the hallway where they met Sam who pulled his pants off and kicked them aside. His hard member curved upwards, and Sierra’s mouth started watering.

Things really weren’t supposed to turn out this way, but Sierra was really fucking glad that her life looked different from what she had always envisioned.

She wouldn’t trade this life for anything.

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