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The little orphaned girl's life before the adoption and after the adoption.

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The Little Orphaned Girl

The ittle orphaned girl had no parents. She needed to beg for alms to survive. The money given by ordinary passersby were used to buy herself food. She slept in the streets because she had no shelter.

The other week around, she reached the orphanage. A good woman welcomed her in the orphanage and she said, "You could stay here for as long as you want. I'll find you a couple that wanted to adopt you."

And so she stayed. The good woman gave her food and water and clothes to wear.

"Adopt? Does that mean I'm going to have parents again?"

"Yes. But they are not your biological parents. They are called your adoptive parents." the good woman explained.

One day, someone adopted the little orphaned girl. The couple who adopted her were rich.

The little orphaned girl need not to worry of how she could eat and drink water or how she could hide from the rain because she had no shelter. She lived happily with her adoptive parents.


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