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While she decides her lunch, Eva goes to the fruit stall to buy lemons. On the way, her thoughts about dating Milena or Felipe remerge and a decision has to be made. Published in Revista Paranhana Literário. November. ed. p. 67. 2021.

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Eva wanted to break her mirror by morning, but instead she decided to buy lemons for lunch. She put a striped pink and blue dress, in those lovely shades that were in trend. She cleaned her feet before putting on her flowery ballet flats and went out through the back door of her house. While she went down the hill on the Tristão Monteiro St, she admired the yard of Mrs. Rosa, with a jaboticaba tree packed with fruits which made her mouth water. Milena would like to eat jaboticabas this afternoon, I think I’ll buy some for her. What would go well with jaboticabas? I could buy some popcorn too, while the supermarket is still open… Is it open? I don’t remember looking at the time… Oh yes, I need to warn Felipe I won’t be available for dinner. I like when Milena fixes my hair all messy, but those nails… sometimes it hurts. And why did she say she can’t take my Almodóvar movies anymore? Felipe watched all of them with me and didn’t complain when we got to the end. I can’t take his morning breath. Seems like I gave him spoiled food and rotted in his stomach through the night. He’s always complaining of my seasonings. Wow! Odete painted her house again. This khaki color fits better with the white fencing. Why does she make so many renovations in this house? Am I gonna get old like that too? Paranoid with my house? It doesn’t make sense. I’d like to be an elegant old lady. One of those who walk with a knitted bag, ready to offer a shawl to a naked shoulder. I like Milena’s shoulders. I can smell the sunblock on her neck. The sand granules on her bronzed back. Milena and Felipe would be a great couple. Shame is that Felipe is too thick-headed. And I keep meddling, besides that. I don’t know if I'm not great at advice. Milena wouldn’t look at me with the same eyes she does for Felipe. That lazy, laid under the sun gaze of a cat. She has a kind of feline smile, with her rosy cheeks opening up and showing her yellowy, sharp teeth. Her name is almost a meow too, am I able to pronounce her name like a meow? How silly. “Hii, Eva! Here!”

“Oh, hi, Auntie! I didn't see you there at the window… How were Gabi’s tests?”

“I’m going to be a grandma! I’m so happy! Are you going anywhere?”

“To the supermarket… or to the fruit stand, actually…”

“The supermarket is already closed, it’s already noon. If you’re lucky, you still can get the fruit stand open.”

“I gotta run, then! Thanks, Auntie! Besides, your roses are beautiful.”

“I’ll get you a seedling later.” Grandmother! Can’t believe even Gabi got pregnant. And how Auntie was happy about it. Would I like to be a grandmother? An elegant old lady with her little grandson in her arms? Well, I’d have to make my own mother a grandma first for that to happen. But what about me? Would I be a good mother? If even as a daughter I don’t get to please no one… My mom pisses me off. That mocking tone insinuating I’m a lost cause for being fired once. Even more now that Gabi got pregnant! Didn’t have enough comparing us when we were kids, now I have to listen to that even as an adult? But if I was a mother… Would it be with Milena or Felipe? What a nice melon smell. But I think the strawberries have already spoiled. Felipe knows how to make a refreshing melon and mint juice, almost mother-like recipe. Not sure if I accept his dating proposal. I guess if we got together, mom would be prouder, and she could dream of being a grandmother. And she would get happy. Where are the lemons? Everything is so expensive now. When is the price going to fall? If I visited Mrs. Rosa, would she give me some jaboticabas for some juice? Or to eat it while watching the sunset with Milena. Now, she would definitely not be a great mother. Not with those nails. She’d scratch the whole baby. She’d make a great partner though. Should I confess to her this afternoon? I don’t know how she would react.

“Excuse me, sir. Where are the lemons?”

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