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What I'm gonna do to you

It means I want all of you.

From the tip of your head to the tip of your toes.

I want to feast and indulge on your body, and taste all you have to offer.

I will tie you up and drive you crazy as my tongue explores every bit of what makes you a woman. Stare in your eyes as you release in my mouth.

It tastes so, satisfying. It turns me on, more so then before.

I continue; as your body goes crazy, I continue. As I whisper in her ear "Oh, one is not enough", while pulling her hair back.

Her Nipples are nice and hard as she tries to stop the sweat from going in her eyes as she is still tied up. Vulnerable. Sensual.

She's going to let me do anything and everything I want. She begs me to put it in as I feel her pulsing. I tell her,"If you cum again, I will".

She starts to pulse more. She screams out,"IM CUMMING!" As I keep going I reach up with one hand applying pressure to her neck, also feeling the same pulse in my mouth.

She goes crazy.

I'm enjoying this.

Keep cumming beautiful. I'm not gonna miss a drop.

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