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Theodore Marsh lives in HoneyBurrow a small human village of farmers. He lived his life in a pattern always repeating when one day something changed. A half-orc boy moved next door and he’s anything but a monster.

Romantizm Sadece 18 yaş üstü için.

#romance #fantasy #erotic #gay #human #lgbt #smut #slowburn #orc # #half-orc
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Beauty’s Beggining |Prolouge|

I wake up and rub my puffy eyes as I adjust to the light. Judging by the sun its around 6 and I need to get on my chores. Even if I'm the oldest of four doesn't mean I should have to do everything.Being the oldest of my family does have its perks though. I, Thedore Marsh, get my own room. I begin with starting my breakfast and making some toast for the kids and mum. I wake her up with breakfast in bed and kiss her on the forehead before I go outside. I Water the garden, feed the chicken, milk old scaley our cow and chop enough wood for the day. This is how I start basically everyday but, now i get to my favorite part, going to the lake. I run past the mill and the baker, hop over old man Gherkin's fence and run through the trail. Then I finally get to it, Turtle Shell lake. I sit on the shore drawing the trees and the turtle duck family that passes me by. I then turn to my imagination sketching dragons and orcs and wonderous creatures. That's when I heard an odd noise, a carraige. The only time a carraige comes out this far is when theres mail, which is only on fridays, or when some noble man died. Last time I checked the last king died in his palace and his young son was in power. So I decide its my duty to check it out. I jog towards the noise and as I approach the carraige I slow down hiding behind tree line. Thats when I see who it is, one man looking middle aged and a half orc that looks no older than me. I have to assume he's his son as their laughing about. They loom to be moving to my town, HoneyBurrow. I shrug it off as a lot of farmers hear about HoneyBurrows fertile ground and move in. So I head back to the lake and climb the old red wood looking over it. I find the hammick I've had set up since I was little and lay down for a wee nap.

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