noah-rowland Noah Rowland

2 investigators has to uncover the paranormal story of avoiding ghosts and making right decisions to survive, but... There is a TWIST You will have to use your knowledge to help these characters survive and make their ways successful. Will you help them survive? Or will you accidentally make them go in a dark turn?

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The house.

"Jim, it's time to uncover the most dangerous banshee in the world," I said. We parked our Truck at the front of the house. "This house is bobdingnagian in size!" Said Jim. I gotten my EMF reader out, and my torch, the rest of my stuff is in my Bag. I have a water gun filled with holy water in it, and smudge sticks to help clear negative energy.

"Alright, are you ready?" I questioned.

"Yup," answered Jim. We looked at rhe house, holes in the walls, a window with a light on, power off, 2 stories tall, and chipped paint.

"Why is the light on?" Questioned Jim.

"Maybe a ghost I don't know," I Answered.

We Unlocked the door and went inside. This house has been occupied by a banshee, others thinks there is more. This house has been Cursed by a person making a ritual in the dark basement below the house with a circle and a pentagram, and summoning the loudest ghost in the world, and apparently the curse was modified by a person making the ghost more powerful and much, much more dangerous. This story has been famous, and believed by alot of people. The visitors, teenagers ghost investigators or other people they end up. . . missing, and no one knows why, and this is why me and Jim are here to see what happened. . . to the most dangerous, paranormal place in the world.

I turned on the light I see crosses everywhere next to candles, on tables in paintings, and hanged up on walls. "Woah, this place, wait, why so many crosses? Questioned Jim.

"I don't know," I answered. We walked down the hallway, and starting to turn on all the lights considering this house is already terrifying enough. I got my bag out and opened my bag, and got my book out.

"Dude, you know what we should do?" I Questioned.

"No," Said Jim. We walked in the basement and saw a debit box in the middle of the red bloody pentagram. "WOAH, OKAY, LETS JUST GET OUT OF THIS AREA!," I said. We walked out. And went to the second story... we decided to get the Oujia board out and sat on the dining room chairs at rhe table. I placed the oujia board down. And put our 2 fingers on the planchet.

"Are you here with us?" I questioned while moving the planchet around in circles, and stopped. It slowly went to yes...

"That's a yes," I confirmed.

"How old are you?" Questioned Jim while dragging the planchet around in circles and stopped. It started to move to 2 to 3.

"He's twenty-three years old," established Jim.

"Are you the one who started the ritual?" I questioned. It slowly went to yes.

"Oh my God!" I said overreactedly.

"Whats your name?" I questioned whiling circling the board in circles and stopped...

It was spelling out,


"Oh my God okay," I said.

"Garry, why did you make the ritual?" I said.

It slowly spelled out.


"Oh, he didn't believe in Ghosts," I estimated.

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Noah Rowland A young author Who writes, horror, paranormal horror (ghost stories), Action, and fantasy. I am a fan of horror, but mostly ghost stories and the paranormal is just my place. Cant wait for all you amazing people to read my stories, and to see my insane progression over the years.

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