noah-rowland Noah Rowland

Jack will have to survive against a creature or ghost, will he survive the toughest, most challenging moments of he's life? Or will he's head be ripped off? Who is chasing him? Is it even a ghost? Or a Creature? Or a demon? Find out...

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#horror #ghost
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I ran through the Forest, trees passing by, and something chasing me into the depths of the forest... from seeing whatever that thing is, I ran as fast as I can, having adrenaline rushes feeling like an athlete that's running, and trying to make first place. Chills and goosebumps covering me like a blanket. Running, and quick footsteps behind me.

Puffing and panting like a dog. This place is a massacre,I thought while running. I called for help. "HELP!!" I yelled while running in the forest further. "HELP!" I yelled repeatedly. I saw a house in the distance I went In the house and occupied it, and locked all the doors, and turned off all the lights, I hear banging by the door. . . I quickly hid behind a table that has no legs. Like a kitchen table. BANG, BANG! BANG!! It kicked the door down. . . Oh my God, stay calm, stay calm, I thought while making quiet breaths I inhaled, I exhaled, I inhaled and exhaled, and stayed quiet, not a muscle moving. I see glowing eyes in the darkness of the house.

Moving, and looking around, it was hard to see what it looks like,

but all that I see is glowing eyes. It was walking towards me passing the table that I'm hiding behind. It started going upstairs.

THUMP, THUMP! THUMP!! I waited... Let's go, I thought. I took a break for it and ran quietly. . . it didn't hear me, before early celebrations I must run. I will remember this day, I ran deeper into the forest, no flashlight or either wise, it will find me... again.




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Noah Rowland An award-winning expert young horror writer that's been writing for 6 years possesses and imagination that’s woven with threads of horror and suspense. An imagination that teleports my readers into the unique realms of true horror.

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