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Inell and Brittni are made for each other, or so they thought. With a long lasted relationship, they go through heartbreaks and pain like no other when there is cheating, separation and blackmailing. They are really for each other, or, will things change?

LGBT+ 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil. © emwhite

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1 all the reason to split


It was one of those normal days for me. It was night while I had already gotten late from work. I was in a bit of hurry. On top of it, the traffic. Inell was going to kill me.

Traffic jam was very common. It was almost always and I hated it. It had been causing me bad luck over bad luck. It was the second reason why I always got late from work. The first reason was the workload I had to solely handle.

As I waited for the lights on the road, a woman knocked at my window. I rolled down the window and saw her. She was sweaty and anxious in the cold night. She was beautiful with her pouty lips, even with her hairs messy - brown. Her eyes were naturally full of lashes. Her arms were smeared with blood. It terrified me.

'Help, please!' she begged, 'a girl was ran over and the person drove off.'

I nodded, quickly getting out of the car. We went to get the girl. She was so tiny and hardly breathing, poor her.

'Help me take her to the hospital,' she asked.

I ran down to her. We both carried her and took her to the nearby hospital.

Outside the emergency room, I stood impatiently, glancing at my watch as we waited. I was supposed to be home before eight. Then, it was almost ten. I couldn't believe what just happened. I knew that I was late but Inell would understand.

The doctors came out with a bed. They carried the girl on it and quickly rushed her in the room for treatment. The woman I helped watched the girl being taken away so scarily.

'Calm down,' I tried to calm her, 'she will be fine.'

She said, 'yes, I am just not good with these kind of situations.'

'Neither am I, trust me.'

She smiled; I was glad that she cheered. She hugged me for comfort. It surprised me. But then I put my arms around her.

'Hey,' I said to her in the hug.

She broke from the hug and rubbed her face from the tears. I put my hands around her hairs.

'Take it easy,' I joked to lighten her, 'if I lose my strength, there will be two of us and no one to take care of us.'

'Yeah, right,' she chuckled lightly. 'I am very strong by the way. You are the first person to see this side of mine.'

'Then I will consider myself special. Thanks for the honor.'

'You are special.'

I blushed, honestly. I don't know, maybe, I was happy to hear someone calling me special like that or there was something more. I could not tell. But I needed to go home.

I told her, 'anyway, it is gotten very late. I have to go otherwise I would stay.'

'It's okay. You were very helpful.'

'I will come in the morning.'

'Alright. Have a safe journey.'

'Take care of yourself.'

I drove from there. And I didn't just drive, I rushed. I had been very late.


I had dressed up for the day, waiting for Brittni. Normally, she would come home around eight. That time, she had promised that she was going to try coming home sooner. But it turned out even worse than normal. I had waited for her for more than two hours.

And that time I had decided that I was not even going to call her. She always had excuses of coming late and that day was going to be nothing different. That day... was supposed to be different.

I was really pissed off. I took off the nice yellow dress I worn for her and washed off the makeup. I didn't want to go out anymore. I sat on the living room sofa and put on Netflix on the TV.

The door opened. Brittni had finally come. She came over to me with her guilt-ridden face. She placed a kiss on my cheek with arms around me.

'Sorry,' she was saying coaxingly, 'I'm so sorry, Inell.'

I didn't give out a feedback. She kissed my lips then looked me at the face. I was not interested in conversing with her.

'Nells, please,' she whined, 'I can explain.'

But I was so annoyed. I took her arms and pulled them away from me.

'That's what I don't want,' I said. 'I don't want you to explain.'

'I know I'm late. But we can still make it happen.'

'Why does this always happen? Today was supposed to be different.'

'Yes, Nells. But I met with an accident. There was a traffic jam.'


I stood up angrily. I just felt that she was making it all up.

'How can traffic jam always be the reason of you not giving me time?' I accused her with my vulnerability. 'Even on our anniversary.'

She got up, looking me in the eyes. She knew how seriously enraged I was. I had never reacted like that before. I could see her fear.

She was so sad and scared as she said, 'I was at the hospital. A girl met with an accident; I had to help her.'

'Don't cook up any story.'

'But I'm not lying. Believe me, Nells. I would not do this to you on our anniversary. Even I want to spend time with you. I know that I am not being able to give my time to you. I am working on it.'

'I don't see it working.'

'And it's my fault.'

She put her arms around me. Even though I was angry, I wanted her to just be close to me like that and feel her warmth.

'Today is special,' she said, 'I messed up but we can still spend time like we planned. Sorry.'


She became instantly happy. Enthusiastically, she kissed me.

'Thank you,' she mirthfully said.

A bell rang. Brittni let go of me as she said, 'that's our dinner.'

She went to the door and came back with a pizza and a chocolate cake box. I delighted in an instant with a dim smile.

I told her, 'this looks pre planned.'

'I placed an order while I was leaving the hospital,' she told me, 'sorry we could not go to our favorite restaurant. But we got food from there.'

'I see.'

Brittni did not see me smile widely so knew that I was still not overjoyed.

'Nells...' she enticingly called my name. 'Okay, tomorrow, my whole evening will be for you. Cheer up now.'

'You promise?'

'I promise. Hundred percent.'

I nodded then. She spread the mat on the floor. She put food and coke. Then she came to take my hands and dragged me to sit on the mat with her. She was making an effort.

While we sat to begin our third anniversary celebration, Brittni's phone rang. She took it.

'I am so glad you answered my call, Britts,' Dana spoke on the other side of the line, 'I was so worried I would not get through you right now. You're probably having your time with Nells.'

'What happened?' Brittni asked.

'I cannot find my engagement ring. I think it was with you.'

'Yes, I have it.'

'Thanks goodness, I thought I was mistaken and I misplaced it somewhere.'

'Indeed you were mistaken. You forgot it on your desk. I saw it and kept it for you. I will give it back to you tomorrow.'

'Thank you. What would I do without you?'

'You need to get used to it. You are leaving after your wedding.'

'I almost forgot. Please, re-invite everyone. The engagement is no longer two days later; it is tomorrow.'

'Tomorrow? You did not forget that.'

'Yeah... mom— my mom-in-law. She has to travel and she does not want to miss her son's engagement so we changed the date.'

'Why didn't you tell me?'

'It's decided right now.'

'Your mother-in-law is a bit...'

'Don't say anything against my mom.'


'She likes you.'

'She is always too pompous.'

'She is lovely. Don't say that about her.'

'Okay, fine. I will see you tomorrow.'

'See you. Say my hello to Nells. Don't forget to invite everyone.'

The call finally ended.

'It was Dana,' Brittni told me, 'she says hi.'

'Thank you.'

'Can you believe it, her engagement is postponed for tomorrow evening? Now I have to leave everything and deal with her engagement preparations. It is going to be a long day tomorrow.'

'Our tomorrow's plan is also cancelled.'

'Oh, no!... Nells, sorry. I f**ked this up.'

'It's okay. Let's just eat and go to sleep. I'm getting sleepy.'

But it wasn't okay. Brittni knew that I was not okay. She looked at me helplessly.

The next day, I woke up and was getting ready. While I was in the washroom brushing my teeth, as I was rinsing my mouth, Brittni came behind me, hugging me.

'Good morning,' she wished me with a kiss.

'Someone's happy this morning,' I said. I was happy too.

'Anyone having you as a girlfriend would be.'

I was just finishing to rinse my mouth. I began brushing my teeth again.

While brushing teeth, I was saying, 'why would anyone want me to be her girlfriend?'

'Because you are the best,' Brittni replied coquettingly, 'best in everything. Best in cooking, with cuddles, at kissing.'

I grabbed her nightie neckline as she said that, pulling her towards me. 'Really?' I said. Teasingly brushing her hand on my chest, she seductively looked into my eyes, wanting to kiss me.

'I'm still brushing teeth,' I said, stopping her from kissing me.

She pushed me off, pretending to be miffed.

'Worst in brushing teeth,' she complained, 'who brushes for over ten minutes?'

'I do.'

I fit the toothbrush back in my mouth.

She told me, 'it is not good for you teeth.'

'I know,' I said back.

Brittni let me be. She was not going to be able to change my obstinacy. I rinsed my mouth properly then the brush, Brittni brushing her teeth.

When she came downstairs, I had already made breakfast. She was relishing my food.

'Too delicious,' she bellowed uncontrollably, 'how do you do this?'

Winking, I replied, 'expertly. Just like the way I do you.'

Down the table, I put my foot between her legs. She was wearing jeans. Teasingly, I was moving the foot at her thighs. She was enjoying the tease. I got up and walked up to her then I sat on her lap.

'You are hot,' I enticingly uttered.

I moved into her mouth. Fully groping her salty lips, I kissed her.

'The salt is a bit tangy,' I said.

'Yeah, but it tastes better in your lips.'

She kissed me. We tasted each other a bit longer. Just in between our passion doing, she stopped.

'I have to go,' she blurted out.

'You still have at least fifteen minutes,' I reasoned with her.

'Remember, Dana wants me to do the invitations? I already sent most of them and I have to check out the RSVPs. I also have to go to the hospital. I will have to leave earlier.

Furiously, I stared in the air. I felt so deprived. I nodded then huffed out, getting away from her.

'Okay, go do your duty,' I snapped out the words.

'After all this, we will spend time together. I promise,' she appealed regretfully.

'Yeah,' I said dissatisfyingly, 'okay. I will wait.'

'Don't be angry.'

'You are getting late. Don't waste more time.'

She kissed my cheek and rushed out. I took our plates to the kitchen, throwing them in the cutout sink. Once again, she had left me alone.


Inell sometimes used to become possessive about me. She just wanted me around her. I was too busy. I was not able to get out time for her. I just wanted to change that. I was going to end it soon enough so we both could spend more time together. I also wanted to spend time with her.

I arrived at the hospital. Ged, the woman whom I had helped the other night had not gone home. She had slept on the hospital bench. Her hairs were unkempt but she still looked gorgeous. She looked so calm in sleep. I touched her shoulder. She turned her neck and looked up, opening her eyes.

'Oh, hey,' she greeted me with a smile, 'good morning.'

She got up and sat. I sat on the bench with her.

'Good morning,' I said. 'How are you? You did not go home.'

'I had to stay, just in case.'

'Is the girl doing good?'

'Yes. Her parents have still not yet come. I will have to go to the police station.'

We went in the room to see the girl. She was awake.

I said to her, 'hi.'

'Hi,' she said back.

'How do you feel?' Ged asked her, 'are you alright?'

'Good,' the girl replied.

'What is your name?'


'Do you know your address? We have to inform mom and dad that you are here. They must be looking for you.'

'I don't live with them; they are out of town. I live alone.'

Ged looked at me worriedly. We were both shocked to hear that.

'You... live alone?' she concernedly asked the girl, 'do you know your parent's contact?'


Ged noted the numbers and phoned the parents. I went closer to Patch. Ged went aside to speak when the phone was answered. The girl turned to me.

'They don't normally leave me like that,' she told me, 'mom is away, not in this country. She was caught about to commit suicide so dad had to run to her.'

'How... He didn't take you with him.'

'He had to rush.'


My face was blank. I could only say sorry. That was such a bad thing happening to such a young girl. She was just a kid.

She kept talking, 'dad thinks that I'm with my teacher. I didn't want to go with him. I will just increase their problems. Mom wanted to end her life because she thinks that dad had been paying less attention to her since I entered their lives. She has been suffering for nine years.'

'Why do you think that?'

'I heard them fighting. Mrs. Nowell says that mom has met with an accident but I just know it is not true.'

'You are a lovely kid,' I told her, 'your mom and dad are lucky to have you.'

It made me wonder, though. What if Inell does something drastic because I was not giving her my time? No... she was a lot more sensible. It got me really worried thinking about it that it was all visible on my face for even a nine year old kid to notice.

'Do not think so much,' she told me, 'I don't think your girlfriend will ever do something like that. She looks caring.'

'Yes,' I quickly agreed, 'she will never...'

Then, I realized that she was referring to Ged. She was talking about Ged?

'No, I sheepishly told the kid, 'she is not my girlfriend.'

'Oh, sorry,' Patch said.

'You think we look like a couple?' Ged puzzled excitedly.

She had finished talking to the phone. I looked at her. She was blushing. It made me feel embarrassed.

Patch replied, 'yes, you look good together.'

'Um, I guess she cannot be wrong,' I glided in to cheer the girl. Ged giggled.

Then, she told Patch, 'dad will come soon, by afternoon's flight.'

'Mom, is she out?' Patch asked.

'Sorry,' Ged said, 'mom is taking a bit longer. She will also join you soon.'


I added to her, 'she will come back, cheer up. Take care.'

I was ready to leave. 'Bye,' Patch told me

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