Kanisha and Mariah got sent into a separate dimension and got turned into a guys

Diyaloglar / Senaryolar 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

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Episode 1

(The episode opens with the date ‘October 3rd 2040’ with clouds up in the sky)

(The screen switches to a sixteen-year-old girl with long dark brown hair, wearing a black dress is writing in her dining room)

(Her name is Mariah)

(The door creaks)

Kanisha: Mariah, you won't believe what happened to me today.

(The voice is revealed to be a girl who has smooth black hair, wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes holding two grocery bags)

Narrator: That girl is me, Kanisha Walker, a sixteen-year-old girl.

Mariah (in a trance) (writing): What happened?

(I walked up to Mariah, seeing she's working on her comic)

(Mariah looks up and covers her comic with her right hand)

Kanisha (as she put the groceries on the table): Mariah, was that your new comic? Man, I spoiled it for myself

Mariah: It's okay (blushes) I was going to show you anyway

(Kanisha smiled, then started to push a chair aside)

Kanisha (sitting beside Mariah): What's it about?

Mariah (with a smile): Before I can tell you that, what was your story you were about to tell me?

Kanisha: Oh yeah! So, I was at this antique shop getting this necklace(The flashback shows Kanisha entering an antique shop)

The owner: Welcome

Kanisha: Where are the necklaces

(The owner shows the display of necklaces)

Kanisha (narrating): When I saw this drunk man that thought he was in a restaurant and kept asking for a chicken salad.

(The flashback shows a drunk man entering the shop)

Drunk man (holding his hand): I want a chicken salad

The owner: Sir, this isn’t a restaurant

Drunk man: I said I want a chicken salad, not complaining

The owner: Sir, I’m trying to tell you it’s not a restaurant

Drunk Man: I said I want a chicken salad.

The drunk man (takes a wood sword): Begone, demon track down the restaurant owner

Kanisha (narrating): The owner kept telling him, he's in the wrong place, but the man wouldn't listen and took the wooden wand and says, "begone"

Kanisha: Excuse me, sir he said this isn’t a restaurant.

The drunk man (points the sword towards Kanisha): You want to challenge me?

Kanisha: Fine

(The drunk man tries to attack Kanisha)

(Kanisha moves fast and flips the man down)

(The man passed out)

(The owner speed dials)

Kanisha: You better stay down

Kanisha (narrating): As an apology, the owner gave me this necklace.

(The flashback shows The owner gives the necklaces to Kanisha)

Kanisha: Thank you

The owner: Of course, I am sorry.

(The flashback ends)

(In the present, Mariah and I laughed in the dining room)

Mariah (looking at the necklace in her hand): So, what's the necklace supposed to do?

Kanisha: It's supposed to make your dreams come true.

Mariah: How about we make a wish of entering this world?

(Mariah shows her comic)

Kanisha (nodded): Great idea.

(A bright light takes us away)

(The screen shows a necklace around Kanisha and Mariah as they fell into an orange realm and screams)

(The screen switches to them in a bedroom with a closet, carpet, a bunch of picture frames, a queen-size bed, and a wooden door)

(Kanisha shaked Mariah, who was asleep)

Mariah (opens her eyes): Kanisha, is that you?

Kanisha: Duh! Who else would it be?

(Mariah reached into her pocket, but no mirror, so she pushed Kanisha by the closet, which had a big mirror in it)

(Kanisha saw right in front of her through the mirror is a halo above her head, light black hair instead of her dark hair, a face she didn't recognize, and she is wearing a white suit)

(As Kanisha look closer, Kanisha noticed she is not a girl, but a boy)

(Kanisha makes her look at Mariah, who looks shorter, has a black suit, her hair hasn't changed, she has two antennas with arrows at the end, a long tail that looks like the antennas, she resembles what you call a devil from TV)

(Mariah is a boy too)

(Mariah points to the necklace around her neck and Kanisha's)

Kanisha (looks at the necklace): Of course, it must be magic. Wait, magic doesn't exist, (Looks at Mariah) does it?

Mariah (freaks out): How else do you explain this?

Kanisha (nervous): It's a horrible dream

(Mariah grabbed a glass vase that was holding some flowers, put the flowers on the table, and threw it out the window)

(It breaks once it hits the ground, then

A voice: Hey! Who threw that?

(Kanisha and Mariah looks nervous)

Mariah: Nope, this isn't a dream otherwise that wouldn't have broke

Kanisha: You do realize that was probably expensive.

Mariah (her eyes looking darker): Yep, but I don't care, because we are stuck in a different.

Kanisha: Mariah, are you okay?" I asked, seeing a red aura around her.

Mariah (looks at Kanisha): I'm fine.

(Fire is spreading)

(Mariah and Kanisha sees the fire)

(Mariah jumps in Kanisha's arms)

Kanisha: We will get out of here, so calm down, breath

(Mariah takes deep breaths and the fire disappears)

Kanisha: Good job.

(The door opens revealing a woman who has long red hair, wearing a red dress, and red heels with a smile upon her face)

Mariah (holding onto Kanisha): Who are you?

The woman: Arima Shoma, nice to meet you, Kanisha and Mariah.

Kanisha (suspicious): How do you know about us?

Arima (sits on the bed): My dear, I own this lovely place, so I know anybody who enters.

Mariah (suspicious): Do you know why we were sent here?

Arima: It was because of the necklace upon your necks, Kanisha and Mariah. As for you returning, I'm afraid you won't be able to leave.

Kanisha (angry): Why? Why not?

Arima: The necklace is cursed, you may get to go where you want, but you can't return to where you were. Plus judging by your appearance it still switches genders.

Mariah (falls on the carpet): So, we're stuck here.

Kanisha (angrily): How do you know this, do all people land here who make a wish?

Arima: My, my, of course not, each person has a different person to guide them in the new world they got sent to. I am one of those people (points to Kanisha and Mariah) Because of that you two will be under my supervision, and thus I suggest you not to get yourselves killed or runaway.

Kanisha: You have extra rooms.

Ariama (smiles): But, of course this is a mansion and a mistress like me loves Company, so I prepared your rooms.

(Mariah walks out the room, and bumps into a man who has short spiky black hair, wearing a black suit, he catches her)

The man: Be careful, my little devil.

(Arima and I walk out of the room to see Mariah and the man)

Kanisha (purple aura around her): Let go of him

Mariah: Kanisha, it's not what you think, he just caught me, and he can let me go now.

(The man let's Mariah go, and lands by Kanisha and Arima)

Arima: Clay, what are you doing back so early?

Clay: I'm bored, since my job was finished early, because of the fire.

Mariah and Kanisha (concerned): Fire?

Arima: No one was hurt, were they?

Clay (bored): Who knows who cares. I have nothing to do.

Arima: Poor Clay, I have an idea. Your room is in the second hallway on the left, let's go Clay, I know what will cheer you up.

(Mariah and Kanisha walk where Arima pointed to, at two doors with our names on it, they see a boy around their age with brown hair, wearing a brown suit putting flowers in the vase)

(Mariah and Kanisha noticed this boy looking handsome and has a bright aura around him)

The boy: Okay, you can stop staring, I'm just arranging flowers.

(Mariah and Kanisha blushed from embarrassment)

Kanisha: Sorry, we didn't want to disturb you.

The boy (bows his head): I'm Chisu, the butler of this mansion, pleased to meet you.

Kanisha: I'm Kanisha and this is (Points to Mariah) Mariah.

Chisu: It seems the portal still switches gender, by the way while you're here you might want to refrain from revealing your true identities, so keep it a secret.

Kanisha: Understood.

Chisu: I hope you enjoy your stay here (walked away)

Kanisha (calm): I guess, we will be living here.

Mariah (about to cry): Why? Why are you so calm? We're stuck in a dimension where we know nobody and can't return and worst of all we have to hide ourselves why?

Kanisha: I'm calm because if I freaked out, you would never be calm.

Mariah (hugging Kanisha) (while crying): I don't need you to do that, I just need you to be with me and be honest.

Kanisha: (sighs) Alright.

(Mariah opens Kanisha's door, and sits on her bed)

Kanisha: You don't want to go into your own room?

Mariah: No, besides it feels weird being alone here, plus I can't get over this new body.

Kanisha: Yeah, I mean we have read manga like this, and watch anime, but I never imagined it would ever happen to us.

Mariah: So, true.

(A knock on the door)

A voice: Would you like some chocolate croissants with a drink?

(Kanisha and Mariah nodded at each other)

Mariah: Sure, bring it in.

(A man who has long spiky brown hair, wearing a black shirt, blue Jeans, a white hat, apron, pulls a cart in with a tray on the top with a bunch of chocolate croissants and two cups)

(The man smiles, walks over to us and kisses Kanisha's hand)

The man: Nice to meet you, I'm Toro, this mansion's personal chef.

Kanisha: Pleasure.

(Toro kisses Mariah's hand)

Mariah: Pleasure

(Toro's watch beeps, so he leaves the tray on the bed, pushes the cart out)

Toro: Hope you enjoy your stay here and the food.

Kanisha (waving goodbye): Thank you.

(Mariah starts drinking)

Kanisha: What kind of drink is this? (started drinking too)

(A mysterious figure walks by the room, hearing us and stops by the door)

Mariah: It's sweet.

Kanisha: Yeah, but tastes off

Mariah: Kind of, but not really.

(The episode ends with the mysterious figure smiles)

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