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Jenny, a 14 year old girl is trying to finish Middle school when she comes across her past memory that would change everything. she also learns the stages of love, struggle, life and closure that would slowly build character into her throughout the end of middle school and the start of high school. (I will publish new chapters every Saturday)

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The Regular Procedure

Walking from one side of the building to another was a regular thing for me. For most of my classes I had to do that.

The school lunch is pretty shitty. All that's basically there is soggy cheese pizzas, plain burgers and boritos. don't even get me started on the students.

It's not surprising that students fight over ex's or name brand shoes or any of that bullshit. That type of shit happens in Middle school.

It's just the regular procedure.

You'd wake up really early, head to school, get picked on, walk in the restroom and see a toilet with shit in it, get picked on again, get the shittiest lunch food ever, and maybe just maybe if your lucky you could have beef with some student and get into a fight.

Oh and you think that's bad? just wait until getting into high school.

Who am I you ask? I wasn't really like any other student. I wasn't popular. I wasn't athletic. I wasn't a band student and I sure as hell wasnt a cheerleader. I was just a regular 14 year old choir student.

Well, I guess you could say in a few months I would be a Freshman student like I am today.

My name is Jenny by the way.

There wasn't anything really special about me. I was just a regular dumb 8th grader. I was a C+ student at best.

I didnt really have a lot of friends but I didnt really have any enemies either. I'd get teased sometimes but I didn't really have any beef with any students.

My popularity wasn't really high but that's kind of a good thing for me. I didnt really like alot of attention at the time.

The students with the highest school popularity were the popular girls or athletic boys. I didn't like being popular. I didn't like being athletic.

I liked drawing and sketching. Its kind of a hobby of mine. Art isn't really popular in school but it was something I loved to do.

I also like singing. That's why I've always been in choir. I'm currently practicing singing Daniel Caesar and Giveon songs.

Its weird that the only way to become one of those popular students is to make fun of others. Most popular students just love to fuck with people.

Why couldn't students be popular by simply being themselves?

But even if it came to that, I wouldnt even care.

One day I was walking to my first period class when I heard some students gossip about a new girl. I didn't hear much of the conversation but they said that she had purple hair.

I didn't see the new girl until the next day. I was in my win time classroom when the girl walked in. It took a few seconds for me to realize who the new girl was. She looked so familiar..

She walked up to me and said..

"J-Jenny? is that you?"

and thats how it all began

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