Kell’s tale is about Kell is set off an adventure with friends to help somebody by getting something

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The message

September 4th 2050.

It's been three days, since myaleka and myleka met their new friends.

Myaleka and Myleka and their friends are all sleeping in Kell's room, and as morning came, Kell notice the sun reflecting on his eyes, a letter attached to an arrow above his head.

"What's this?" asked Kell in his head, not wanting to wake everybody up.

But, Myleka wakes up.

"Oh no! Did your mind reading powers wake you up?" asked Kell, sounding like he was actually talking.

"Nope, but my sleep magic was able to make your voice come", said Myleka, sleepily.

Kell crawls out of his bed, and says "Is it permanent?"

Myleka nodded.

Kell hugs Myleka, and says "Thank you".

"You never told us how you lost your voice", said Myleka.

"It's a traumatic past", replied Kell.

"I would love to hear that story", said Dot.

"It would be be fascinating", said Devin.

"What's the letter for?" asked Comiclover23.

Kell takes the letter off the arrow, and says "I'm about to find out".

Kell takes a deep breath, and says "Dear prince, I would really appreciate it if you could help me in the Himalayas. There's a rare artifact, that is messing the transformowolves powers, and I need the help of the Wolfkins, which is you. Love, Emerald".

"Whos Emerald?" asked Dot.

"A girl that wanted to date me", said Kell.

Myleka burns a pillow to dust, puts on a nervous smile, and says "Oops!"

"Myleka, don't misunderstand, we haven't seen each other in years, plus I didn't like her like that", Kell insisted.

"I'm fine", said Myleka.

Myaleka taps Myleka, and says "Get off me".

Myleka jumps off Myaleka, and says "Sorry, I didn't notice you were there".

"Some sister", Myaleka complained.

"Hymn", said Myleka.

"So, are you going?" Marcus asks Kell.

"No way! It's obviously a trick", said Kell.

After Kell says that Myleka starts levitating with her hands and her eyes are glowing, making a white aura appear taking the form of a diamond cave.

"That's the harp of a thousand hearts", said Kell.

"The What?" asked Everybody except Myleka and Kell.

"You looked up Wolfkin history", Kell guessed.

"Yeah, it was odd, but interesting", said Myleka.

"Yo! Lovebirds, that's great, but what does it mean?" askedMyaleka, still wrapped in her covers, but standing up.

"We must find the harp of a thousand hearts, which is a treasure to my family", said Kell.

"Why's it called the harp of a thousand heart, when we all saw it's a cave?" asked Percy.

"Easy, legend says it plays a beautiful melody that tells stories of people who fell in love no matter what age", said Kell.

"Any timeline. How?" asked Ka Mary.

"Yep", said Myleka.

"But, if we go there it would be dangerous", said Kell.

"How dangerous?" asked Devin.

"You have to go to the cave with no negative energy at all, if you think one negative thought you will get killed by the guardian of the cave, and be stuck with the other lost souls", Kell explained.

"For a place of love, that's a strong defense", said Myaleka.

"If we're going to go there, we should call our parents and tell them", said Jack.

"No, we only need two parents for this mission, one of them being the most positive person we know", Comiclover23 tells everybody dramatically.

"Myaleka? Myleka?" asked Comiclover23, holding out his hand.

Myleka hands her phone, and Myaleka sents up her teleportation app.

Comiclover23 goes to Myaleka's connect, the phone rings, and he activates the teleportation app.

After that, Kaima appears with her hair curly and in a bun, wearing a polka dot dress, and heels to match; she is playing a game on her phone.

Beside Kaima is Ben who's combing his hair, wearing a black outfit and black shoes.

Wolfie has his wings stretched out.

Kaima puts her phone away, takes Ben's comb, turns to the children; and says "Hello children, who's ready for a trip".

"You really do know everything that will happen", May gasped.

"I know, it's a drag", said Kaima.

"Where are we going?" asked Wolfie and Ben.

"The harp of a thousand hearts", said Kaima.

"It's true, I thought it was a myth", said Wolfie.

"The what?" asked Ben.

"Honestly Ben, you worked at the FBI agency for who knows how many years, and yet you don't have the time to look into a history book, even though we used to make monthly trips to the library", Kaima pointed out.

Ben laughs, holds out a book that he got out of his pocket, and says

"Maybe she doesn't know everything".

"You mean that you bought it last Monday at 1:00, while I was practicing my lines in the room", Kaima smirked.

Ben puts the book away.

"Enough of that, let's go to the cave", said Kaima, with a smile. "And remember stay positive".

Out of a portal comes Jasmine, a woman who has long straight hair, wearing a blue dress, sun hat, bracelets, and blue heels with a suitcase.

"My. My. What a bunch of beautiful children", Jasmine smiled.

Jasmine runs to Myaleka and Myleka, then smiles.

"Do you remember me?" asked Jasmine.

"Aunt Jasmine", answered Myleka.

"Correct, it's been so long, since I've seen your beautiful faces", said Jasmine, then she gives a kiss to Myaleka and Myleka on their cheeks.

"It's good to meet you, Ms. Jasmine", said May, holding out her hand.

"Hold it right there", said Jasmine, then gets out her camera.

"I can fix you guys and girls right up", said Jasmine.

Jasmine knock on her suitcase, the suitcase opens showing a whole closet filled with clothes from the summer.

Behind the closet is Kina.

Kina and Jasmine hug Kaima.

Jasmine checks out each kid and Kina gives them a outfit.

"Thank you", said Kaima.

"Your welcome", said Kina and Jasmine.

"Need any help, just call", said Jasmine winked.

"We'll try to visit more often", replied Kina.

"Okay, you better keep your promise", said Kaima.

They separate entering different portals.

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