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Characters #1 - The detective

Tony, a 35-year-old detective, is convinced that his father, Jay Wilson, was murdered.

He is a Brazilian Christian. He is obsessed with Gangnam style.

Physically, Tony is in very good shape. He is of average height with cocoa skin, black hair, and green eyes. He has a Psy tattoo on his lower back.

He grew up in an upper-class neighborhood. Never having met his parents, he was raised in a series of foster homes.

He is currently stable. His most recent romance was with a carpenter named Hannah Flora Ross, who was 4 years older than him. They broke up because Hannah couldn't deal with Tony's obsession with Jaydon's death.

Tony's best friend is a business student named Duncan Ball. They get along well most of the time. He also hangs out with Annette Atherton and Drew Jacobs. They like to take care of dogs together.

Basic information

Name: Tony Roger Wilson

Nickname: Giving Tony

Nickname Reason: Descriptive

Date of birth: Sunday, July 12, 1987 (age 35)

Cancer sign

Nationality: Brazilian

Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

Social class: Upper class

Christian religion

Education: Master's/PhD

Vision Policies: Right

Single Relationship Status

Career: detective

Physical characteristics

Average height

Shape: medium

Construction: well-built

Hair color: black

Green eyes

Face shape: long

Glasses/lenses: glasses

Distinguishing Marks: A Psy Tattoo on the Lower Back

Other words that can be used: average, regular, moderate, muscular, normal, average, well-built


Positive traits: generous, generous

Transversal characteristics: violent, violent

Morals: sometimes

Stable: sometimes

Loyal: a lot

Generous: a lot

Extroverted: nothing

Compassionate: very

IQ: 113

Hobbies: meditation, chess, plank, dog grooming, escapology racing, painting, interviewing suspects, searching, theater, praying

Bad Habits: Obsessed With The Murder Of Jaydon Brian Wilson

Obsessions: Gangnam style

Diet comes with meat

Favorite foods: milk chocolate buttons, oranges


Tony's early years grew up in an affluent neighborhood. Never having met his parents, he was raised in a series of foster homes.

Formative years Tony got his first job as an administrative assistant at the age of 18.

Tony went to university and graduated, then stayed on for a graduate qualification.

Most traumatic childhood experience: his mother left when he was one year old.


Anisha Tillie Peterson

(Lifetime: 1979 - present)

Relationship: Mother

Occupational Legal Department

43 years

Relationship: Non-existent.

Jaydon Brian Wilson

(Service life: 1951 - 2014)

Relationship: Father

Occupation Novelist

Age Died in 2014 at the age of 63. (It would have been 71.)

Cause of death: stroke

Relationship: Tony is confirmed that Jaydon was murdered


1987 Age 0 Tony Wilson is born

1988 1-year-old mother Anisha Tillie Peterson leaves

1091 Age 4 Father Jaydon Brian Wilson leaves

2004 Age 17 Father, Jaydon Brian Wilson dies at age 63 (stroke)

2005 18 years Meets with Ruth Esther Thompson.

Start working at Skyrocket as an admin assistant

2007 Age 20 Relationship with Ruth Esther Thompson ends (Ruth felt Tony was too materialistic).

2008, 21 years old, resigned from administrative assistant charge at Skyrocket

Starts working at Reynholm Industries as a junior manager

2009 Age 22 Reunites with Hannah Flora Ross.

2011 24 years relationship with Hannah Flora ends

Resignation of Junior Manager Position at Reynholm Industries

Working as a detective

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