Sofia Black

When Imani BlackBird thinks she’s getting the girl she always wanted she finds out she’s the daughter of the goddess Persephone but what is she gonna do when the daughters of Aphrodite are all over her woman will she burst into flames or remain calm and be the bigger person?

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The beginning

"This is so stupid." I said to myself as I looked at myself in the mirror in my black and red school uniform. Im more on the thick thighs, small waist, average chest size kinda girl, I hate it. I always looked at beautiful slim girls in magazines and in movies. "Whatever, lets get this day over with.." I slipped on my black boots, put on my backpack, grabbed an apple from the table and started walking to school.

I lived in New York and went to RoseMary highschool, it was my senior year. I walked into my school building and started walking toward my friend Jasmine and then thats when I saw her, the girl of my dreams..

the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. Angel Valentine. She was slim her ass was perfectly shaped and she had beautiful storm gray eyes and long wavy blonde hair.

Thoughts of feeling every inch of her body on mine caused me to lean back on a locker and rub my legs together. I soon snapped out of it knowing she dosent even know I exist.

I then heard my name being called by a voice I could recognize from a mile away it was Jasmine "Imani!!! Get your head out of the clouds and just go talk to her! You're so hot, Angel would have to be insane not to want you."

I adjusted my uniform skirt "Yeah, whatever.." I started walking towards my next class "Bye Jasmine I gotta get to math." I sighed nervously knowing im in the same math class as angel.

I walked into my classroom and sat down with the seat next to me empty. My teacher wasnt there yet so I just sat there staring at the ceiling when I felt somebody sit ontop of the desk next to me. "Hey there, havent seen you around before.. are you new?" I looked up at the girl with the soft voice speaking to me.

It was angel, I quickly crossed one of my legs over the other and started shifting myself up and down staring at her small waist. "Im uh.. M-my name is Im-Imani.." I responded.

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