Kai May

A mother and daughter move into a house but something's off. The family born with abilities not normal to humans have to find a way to fix this. Might be hard but it has to be done to stop the curse, or would you call I a haunting?

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I wake up at 5:00am as always because my mother has this saying "Healthy life or no life." Or "I gave you life so you take care of it!" Sometimes I feel like a puppet. Anyways my mom has been a single mom since I was three. My so called father took off with another woman because he was "bored" well that's what my mother said. Even if that's the truth she is a very hard worker, she runs her own modeling agency, but with that comes sacrifices like moving away from your hometown and family. Like today, we are moving to New York! Even though my mother is really well known we are moving to a lesser known town called Norwich. My mother did not want to move to the big city because I am only 13, and she wants me to stay safe and out of public's eye. Wich I can kinda get but dont at the same time. We managed to find a nice house withots of space but something's off. I just need to find what it is.

"Kim what are you doing?"

"Nothing Liz, Just journaling!"

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