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there was a time that the world was in war and the queen used all her magic to save the world but when she finished she had vanished but she had left a golden tree to protect us all but she didn't find the tree very easy so it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands but that was a long time ago, Hello i am Maria but i call my self duda and today is my first day of 9th grade i am so exated i changed school so i will have to do some new friends but that's ok i am great at meting new people so i am ok!

ohh i should get going i am gonna be late for my first day in my new school i can't wait !

when i arived i was so shy everyone was so much taller than me some people said that i was so small that my parents couldn't even see me but in fact they were the girrafs here because i am normal sized.

but when i was about to explode a boy came in my ear and said:

- Calm down and come with me.

i was shocked but there was no way that i wouldn't follow him but i was so curious so i started to ask questions but all he said was:

-shut it!

i was so offended he used words that were so exact but then he asked me :

- Did you alredy dream thinking that it was just a dream?

i said what do you mean of course i did but witch dream are you talking about?


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